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Hot Items on eBay (July 17 - 23, 2005)

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Terapeak has compiled a list of the hottest 20 search terms on eBay in the hottest categories, along with key pieces of data about each item, including average selling price and success rate. Terapeak is an eBay certified service provider that provides eBay marketplace data and research services.

To compile the hot-items list, Terapeak took the current 2,500 top searches from eBay Keywords (, a list of highly popular terms that people search for on eBay, and tested it against all 22,000 eBay categories. There were 2.5 million search-term to category matches, which where then cut down to the 20 matches shown below that had a minimum of 500 Successful Listings (listings that ended with a sale) and an 80% sell-through rate.

Terapeak's Hot-Item list, presented below, provides the following information: search term; category number; revenue; average price; number of listings; number of successful listings (some contain multiple items); number of bids; total number of items sold; success rate (also called sell-through rate). Data is from the week of July 17 - 23, 2005.

Some search terms are listed more than once because they appear in more than one category on eBay. A list of eBay categories with category numbers can be found at

Search TermCategory NumberRevenueAverage PriceNumber ListingsNumber Successful Listings*Number BidsTotal Number Items SoldSuccess Rate
Free Shipping82228$4,717 $9.71 495489235248998%
Coupons82228$15,534.34 $9.03 177817108616172096%
etopps11235$11,117.74 $6.49 181117146416171495%
etopps25563$4,387.77 $7.99 577549236254995%
etopps25559$5,894.74 $8.96 695658235465895%
etopps11235$11,269.63 $6.20 193218176562181794%
Silver34067$4,413.50 $6.49 732680364968093%
Sealed67838$137,615.22 $227.09 6245711246860692%
Harry Potter29792$39,857.44 $41.30 1030915586396589%
Quacker Factory3029$7,510 $22.22 378338187733889%
Potter29792$39,889.44 $41.04 1046922587297288%
Auto98019$86,533.21 $75.77 131011389138114287%
Vintage50281$18,675.43 $33.53 641557346355787%
Hot2611$1,842.91 $3.02 712610250961086%
Memory103409$64,933.33 $56.91 8827607491114186%
Can37628$32,068.83 $48.52 727615486166185%
Card31411$264,813.96 $77.48 3583303722491341885%
Creative Memories71229$11,477.43 $18.25 698590390262985%
Glass Beads34067$4,768.51 $6.01 882753326179485%
Harry29792$40,015.42 $40.67 1101934590098485%

  • Some listings contain multiple items.

Source: Terapeak

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