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Revenge of the Wife - Lotus Esprit Turbo is Sold on eBay for 90 cents

By Mark O'Neill

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A British radio DJ is mourning the loss of his 25,000 pounds ($48,000) Lotus Esprit Turbo car after his outraged wife sold the car on eBay UK for the grand sum of 50 pence (90 US cents)

Hayley Shaw became outraged after hearing her husband, Tim Shaw, interview model Jodie Marsh on his radio show. She became furious with the flirting but when Tim went too far by joking on-air that he would leave his wife and children for Marsh, Hayley completely snapped. She put his very expensive car on eBay with a buy-now-price of 50 pence (90 cents).

In what will go down as one of the greatest acts of marital revenge in history, Mrs Shaw wrote in the auction description : “I need to get rid of this car immediately - ideally in the next 2-3 hours before my cheating husband gets home to find it gone and all his belongings in the street.”

She finished with : ”I am the registered owner and I have the log book. Please only buy if you can pick up tonight.”

Needless to say, the car was snapped up immediately by eBay user ID “goddamn7” and Mr Shaw came home to find the driveway empty. He is now the unwilling celebrity on news programmes and the butt of jokes everywhere.

The radio station, Kerrang 105.2, based in Birmingham, said Mr Shaw was taking a few days off to talk things over with his wife.

“I am sick of him disrespecting this family for the sake of his act," said Mrs Shaw to the press. "Maybe it was childish but I had had a few drinks that night and I just thought I would get him back the best way I could. The car is his pride and joy but the idiot put my name on the log book so I just sold it. I didn't care about the money, I just wanted to get him back," she added.

Oh, and to rub salt into the wounds, the buyer has left his positive feedback : “thank you Hayley the car is excellent thank your hubby for me”

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