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GoWholesale Launches Blogs for Small Business

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goWholesale launched a network of blogs relevant to the issues of small business. Small-business owners, entrepreneurs, retailers, wholesalers, journalists, and other industry experts can also use goWholesale's services to create their own blog.

"There are well over 4 million blogs in existence, and finding blogs that are not only relevant to a specific topic, but also provide good information, can require a great deal of effort and time," said Asad Haroon, General Manager of goWholesale. "Our unique offering not only helps small business owners find quality information quickly, but it also helps bloggers seeking loyal and targeted readers to gain exposure with a pre-qualified audience."

Users can now search a variety of blogs to find information and ideas on industry trends, starting and marketing a business, using computers and Web technology to enhance a business, and get business advice from industry experts and peers. The goWholesale editorial team has searched, reviewed and aggregated hundreds of blogs and also provides a tool for users to suggest a favorite blog. The result is a comprehensive yet selective list of blogs in searchable categories including Small Business, Online Auction, Retailing, Marketing, Technology and Web Hosting, and Import/Export.

As the leading vertical search engine for the small business community, goWholesale allows small business owners to source products and business services; advertise through pay per click or free classifieds; participate in the Community Forum; search recent news; and learn from experiences and perspectives of peers through blogs.

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