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eBay Tries New Programs to Promote Site

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eBay has introduced two new programs in an effort to get more people to the site. eBay is promoting themed parties in a grass-roots effort to attract new users, and it is testing a co-op advertising program for collectibles dealers.

The "Do It eBay" parties are a way for eBay users to show family and friends how to buy and sell on eBay, raise money for charity, or shop together from home. eBay will provide interested members with "party support materials" along with a gift for the host. The Party Central page on the eBay site offers suggestions on how to throw a party with recipes and planned activities. There are also invitations that can be printed out and sent to guests. An eBay discussion board allows members to share their party experiences and post photos: More information can be found at

eBay is testing a co-op advertising program that will reimburse sellers up to 25% of the cost of running a print advertisement. The program is open to PowerSellers in good standing who own an eBay Store. The eBay storeowner must have at least 10 items listed in the eBay Store and must sell primarily collectibles, coins, stamps, art, antiques or pottery and glass. The test began in October and runs through January 15, 2003. In order to qualify, the ad must appear in a print publication and must focus on collectibles. The ad must include the URL to the seller's eBay Store and must include the eBay Stores logo. eBay will reimburse sellers for 25% of the advertising costs, up to a maximum of $1,200, during the test period. Reimbursement is only for those costs associated with running the ad and does not include production costs or commissions. All test participants need to be pre-approved in writing by eBay prior to the ad being placed. More information on the co-op advertising program may be found at

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