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Oct 4, 2011
CC didn't bother to tell me that they WOULD NOT send emails to 250 clients on my list - just didn't send them. You can not use any of the following - info, sales, admin, etc. it MUST be a name. And you get to pay for this. I now use PHPList and do it myself.
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Aug 22, 2011
Outstanding. Professional. Helpful. Well worth the money. Has increased my online sales by 20% in first 6 months of use....what else matters?
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Aug 21, 2011
I am a current (2 yr.) subscriber. The service is extremely reliable, and CC is very conscientious about keeping CAN-SPAM Act rules & regs. The templates are highly customizable, with options to schedule releases for a series of emails, tutorials, or information delivery in advance. The only issue I have with this service is that the landing page menu is minimal, so I must utilize the Help section constantly to locate the function I want. Fortunately, the Help section is comprehensive.

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