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Oct 20, 2013
As a power user, I find Blackthorne to be an excellent value for how we operate. Far better than SMP, Tried Auctiva and a previewed a couple other sites, but they are just too kludgy to work with - Needed something that runs on Desktop, not dependent on having internet access to track inventory, create listings, work with photos, and the biggest plus is how to store templates, pre-sets, etc. Its a huge time saver allowing us to focus more on getting orders shipped and customer service.
Dr Dan
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Apr 6, 2012
Like the Mother site, eBay, non-caring, amatuerish and boiler plate reading , contact persons. The absolute WORSE in e-selling!
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Dec 28, 2011
eBay is only for the buyers. It doesn't give a rat's behind about sellers.
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Aug 21, 2011
This site in general and this tool is about worthless to say the least. eBay continues to downgrade ALL their services (picture uploaders, listing functions, etc...) provided with their constant so called "improvments" (what a laugh), and all the while continues to RAISE fees and rates while downgarding services. Not the best business model to ensure cusomer loyalty continues site use for sure but they appear to be totally oblivious to what does and doesn't actually WORK for their users.

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