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Apr 21, 2012
I have been using CORESense for the past 3 years and use it to run two websites and my retail store and my experience has been very good. I used to manage everything with different software applications and now I can do it with one solution. Their implementation was very knowledgeable and helpful getting things up and running and ongoing support is fantastic. I can actually call and speak to someone in the United States when I have a problem. You don’t get that from many software vendors today. I have not experienced any down time nor major software issues. Like any tool this powerful you need to take the time to learn how it works and if you do you will be rewarded greatly. In talking with other users most folks who complain or claim to have had issues didn’t bother to learn the system and didn’t work closely with the vendor. CORESense has always been responsive to any requests/issues, etc. I would recommend them to anyone serious about growing their business.
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Apr 4, 2012
CORESense is a great tool for multi-channel retailers.
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Apr 4, 2012
With the size of the investment we made to transition to CORESense in the first place (implementation alone was more than $20,000), we expected better, but our experience with CORESense was, at best, unfortunate. Glitches and errors. Order errors, purchasing errors, math calculation errors, etc., etc.

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