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Apr 30, 2013
all above is true...get real pricing first and definitely read all reviews online both from past clients and employees....for the real picture
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Jan 26, 2013
Its not $45 any more. Just the CSE module is $950.00 per month. Go Data Feed at $149 is better in every single aspect. CA sales people will sell you into a contract that you CAN NOT get out of even if their advice proves to be faulty.
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Nov 20, 2011
MarketWorks was purchased by ChannelAdvisors and MW is what I've used for almost 7 years now. I like the product, though sometimes it is a bit quirky. It is the best tool available for keeping track of your inventory and launching listings. I've looked at other software- I like this one the best. In real life I'm a QA Manager.
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Aug 22, 2011
Very poor to do business with, would not recommend, bait and switch billing procedures.

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