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 AuctionBytes.com Free Newsletter Addresses Online Auction Questions

March 24, 2000, Natick, Mass. AuctionBytes.com's email newsletter is now available and is free to all online auction users, including members of eBay, Yahoo Auctions and Amazon.com Auctions.

AuctionBytes-Update (ISSN: 1528-6703) brings together the large community of collectors, bargain-hunters and Web-entrepreneurs by focusing on issues unique to the online auction user. AuctionBytes-Update advises readers on how to become more efficient buying and selling online, with reviews of auction management software and online payment services like PayPal and BidPay, expert advice on shipping and packaging items, and advice on dealing with deadbeats.

AuctionBytes-Update also helps collectors with articles on how to estimate the value of antiques and collectibles, reviews of print and online resources and pricing guides, and advice on collecting as an investment strategy.

A recent issue ( http://www.auctionbytes.com/Email_Newsletter/Email_Archives/22000e.html) included the following articles of interest to online auction buyers and sellers:

A review of AuctionSubmit, software that organizes online auctions;

A review of PayPal, an online payment service that can be used to pay for auction purchases;

An article entitled "A First Foray into Selling at Shows";

An article about postage scales, including a price comparison from various retailers and Web sites;

"Ask Bill The Postman" column that answers reader questions about packaging and shipping auction items;

"Collector's Corner" column, where experts share their knowledge of collectibles and antiques;

Up-to-date news about policies and features of online auction sites.

"Companies are springing up to offer products and services that cater to the online auction user. We review these offerings to save our readers time," according to Ina Steiner, editor of AuctionBytes-Update.

All past issues are available for free on the AuctionBytes.com Web site. Users can sign up to receive a free subscription to AuctionBytes-Update at http://www.auctionbytes.com and receive this newsletter twice monthly via email.


About Steiner Associates

Steiner Associates is a privately held company in Natick, Massachusetts. Steiner Associates was founded in 1988 and produces corporate training and marketing videos and publishes the AuctionBytes.com Web site and AuctionBytes-Update , a free twice-monthly email newsletter.

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