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Tue June 30 2020 10:10:05

Challenges of Amazon Sell-One-Like-This Feature

By: Reader

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Dear Ina,

I think Amazon gives some 'exclusive privilege' (or at least they want to make you feel so) to branded and sponsored sellers. Something the third comment down (chicago 48) got partially correct.

Instead of having a 'sell one like this' link, you have to go to the 'add a product' drop down box to make a new listing. Amongst this reason (and so many others), I no longer list new items on Amazon.

This pooled listing method also keeps me away from Amazon as a buyer.

I once listed a beautiful vintage Racoon coat, complete with descriptive photos, dims, original owner photo wearing it, etc., etc.

I checked my listing a few months later, it was a green wool coat with a fur collar and a slightly lower Buy Box price.

Is this what Amazon wants their customers (buyers and sellers) to deal with? Ok, sure, but don't count me in.

Thank you,

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Perminate Link for Challenges of Amazon Sell-One-Like-This Feature   Challenges of Amazon Sell-One-Like-This Feature

by: mjr55 This user has validated their user name.

Wed Jul 1 01:52:19 2020

I mean, this is how Amazon does their listing.

I agree, it's a crappy method and I can't for the life of me understand how they have been 1/100 as successful as they have been with listing this way, or rather, giving ANY other seller the ability to change ANYTHING in the listing, pics, etc.....with Amazon nailing ALL sellers on that listing if one of them makes an incorrect change.

This is also THE popular way that Chinese sellers sabotage US changing their listing to crazy stuff, crazy pics, etc. and then reporting it or letting buyers get pissed off when they get their order and realize the description was way off. This is why I don't understand why Ebay ever wanted to follow Amazon's lead here and do a catalog with pooled listings.  

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