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Fri Mar 3 2017 14:45:37

Warning for Sellers Using eBay Calculated Shipping

By: Reader

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Dear Ina,
URGENT: For the last two weeks or longer, sellers who use calculated shipping are losing sales because eBay is displaying incorrect shipping amounts when a buyer sorts by lowest or high cost w/ shipping.

Example: Search "Frontgate Mattress Size" and you will see the shipping displayed as $79-129,  click into the listing and it will show the correct amount of $23-49.   

If a buyer searches and sorts that item will show up bottom of the list because the shipping amount displayed it super high. Nobody looks at the item, no sales. 

Second related issue is when a buyer makes an offer and the seller accepts. The invoice that eBay sends them has the wrong shipping cost. It's often only a few dollars higher, but on larger items it's much higher. 

I'm being accused of changing the price on the invoice but it's an eBay's issue. 

I fix the invoice, but the customer is left with a bad taste in their mouths thinking I was trying to rip them off.

I can see this happening on most accounts that I can see are using calculated shipping, and eBay is acting like they don't even know about the problem. 

Sales down the past few's because you don't offer free shipping or fate rate shipping.  If you use calculated shipping your items are showing up at the bottom of the search because your total price is being display incorrectly by eBay.

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Perminate Link for Warning for Sellers Using eBay Calculated Shipping   Warning for Sellers Using eBay Calculated Shipping

This user has validated their user name. by: Marie

Fri Mar 3 15:19:18 2017


YES, this is a very bad thing to be happening and when you sell heavier or bulky items it is magnified.

Ebay has known for years that the calculated shipping function frequently malfunctions.  Sometimes it is more than it should be and other times it is less.

I have never understood why after all these years this program continues to have these kinds of issues.  And it doesn't happen to all sellers using the calculated shipping at the same time.  So while you are experiencing this SERIOUS issues, there are other seller that aren't.  

Maybe the new shipping settings announced in the Spring Seller Update can assist you in moving away from calculated shipping.  Have you taken a look at it?

Perminate Link for Warning for Sellers Using eBay Calculated Shipping   Warning for Sellers Using eBay Calculated Shipping

by: Snapped This user has validated their user name.

Sun Mar 5 14:51:56 2017

When I used to eBay, I found calculated shipping to be wildly innacurate, as early as 2008.  

And that was before eBay (NOT the buyers)' turned ship cost into an 'issue' - even before any DSR nonsense.  Which made any reliance on calc shipping even MORE of a risk.

And to no surprise, eBay couldn't care less when we tried to comment on the inherent discrepancies ensuing.  Their eventual lazy solution was to encourage 'free' shipping.

Which on the surface seems somewhat a reasonable work-around, however, we sold on consignment, so had no 'cost basis' upon which to define a profitable 'free' shipment, compoundng the challenge as eBay evolved to practically COMPEL falsely advertised shipping 'included' as being 'free'.

So...we'd have to do our best to define a flat rate, which had it's own clallenge considering we'd of course never know where the shipment would go (we were East Coast located).

Eventually, our best compromise was to set a 'worse case' flat rate, with pledge to 'refund' anything above actual cost via invoice.  

Of course, eBay was fine with that, especially after instituting their 'shipping tax' in conjunction with immediate payments made before we could invoice.  Of course, no refund to US on the refund to the buyer for those cases.

In other worde, we - and more importantly the buyers - were fine unless/until eBay A) tried to 'help' via innacurate calculated shipping, leading to the higher potential for OP noted scenarios, and B) extracted non-value added VAT via FVF on (over)paid shipping costs.

Of course we could still do the 'free' which isn't free thing, at the risk of even MORE lost profit, alternately passing that cost ro the consignor in form of reduced payout, and loss of goodwill.  Neither of which was skin to eBay naturally.

Just another straw.

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by: Windkissed This user has validated their user name.
Web Site

Mon Mar 6 09:53:57 2017

This is a good article.  Buyers have to realize that the calculated shipping amount is an estimate.  Sometimes the seller losing money that way and sometimes it comes up as an overage.  I try to give a future discount on any item from my store when an overage of at least 2 or 3 dollars comes up, which comes to about 20% off any item purchased in the future which does promote future sales.  I don't like to heat anyone and I'm sure the buyers don't like it either.  That is one good thing about ebay, most of the smaller sellers are very honest people.

Perminate Link for Warning for Sellers Using eBay Calculated Shipping   Warning for Sellers Using eBay Calculated Shipping

by: a_c_green This user has validated their user name.

Mon Mar 6 10:51:07 2017

Agreed; listing 262867269961 shows Shipping of $126.69 as viewed in Seach results, although when I click on the listing itself, it shows $53.71 for FedEx Ground to my location. I tried other ZIPs for other parts of the country, but couldn't get the Shipping price much higher (certainly nowhere close to $126.69).

I'm wondering whether the key here is the choice of FedEx for Shipping. I've heard that it's a bit flaky, whereas I have not seen any similar weirdness for USPS shipping.

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