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Thu Feb 16 2017 12:50:52

eBay Buyers and Sellers Lose with Missing Emails

By: Reader

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Dear Ina, 
For some time now I have NOT received any emails from eBay Australia advising me of new item listings for Searches I follow! 

Is this unusual, or a new eBay policy I've missed? It means I constantly have to manually search myself for those rare items I actually want to buy, but have not been automatically made aware that they have now become available, so I even miss the opportunity to consider a purchase, because I just don't have the time to manually do upwards of 100 searches a day. 

This is annoying both as a Buyer missing things I want to buy and as a Seller wondering if I'm missing sales, too! 

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Perminate Link for eBay Buyers and Sellers Lose with Missing Emails   eBay Buyers and Sellers Lose with Missing Emails

by: IFindBugs This user has validated their user name.

Fri Feb 17 10:40:47 2017

I am in the U.S. (U.S. eBay) and have been complaining about this problem, as a buyer, for about two years.  I have told eBay several times and I have commented about it on this website (and even suggested to the editor that she have somebody do an article on the subject).  I have told specific sellers that I can no longer get emails about their new listings (and suggested they contact eBay), but the sellers are usually lazy and leave it all to eBay.  Those sellers can't even trouble themselves to email me themselves even though I had been spending hundreds of dollars with them on a very regular basis.  If sellers don't care, eBay certainly won't care.

I don't have time to look through the thousands of new daily listings in my main category of interest.  So, I had set up searches, (both by seller and also by specific key words).  Up to about 2 years ago, I received a daily email for EVERY one of these searches.  However, The emails have mostly stopped coming.  I still get about 4-8 emails per day, but I have about 30 such searches that SHOULD result in emails almost every day from almost every one of those searches. (eBay says nothing about any maximum number of searches / emails.)

As a result of this, my spending on eBay has declined dramatically.  Whereas I was previously spending up to $500 PER WEEK with some sellers and sometimes up to $2000 PER WEEK total, this has gone down to maybe $200 total per week.  

It is frustrating, but it is not my job to do more than tell eBay that the problem exists.  I still have plenty of other ways to spend my money -- a lot of collectors in my subject-area simply send their material directly to me, so there is no shortage of ways to spend my money.

Note: YES, I have checked to see if the emails need ''renewing'' (it used to be annual), but now there is usually no way to do that. YES, I have tried deleting searches and creating new searches to restart the system, but the new searches don't result in my getting emails when I should.  The eBay page that lists all my searches says that I AM subscribed, following, etc., etc.

For reasons I do not understand, I do get some emails (as I mentioned), but nowhere near as many as I should.  

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