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Thu Nov 2 2017 20:43:38

eBay Resumes Sending Seller Marketing Emails

By: Reader

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Dear Ina,
You may (probably not) recall that I had previously said (and long ago submitted a report through your bug system) that eBay's daily emails of results from saved searches, saved sellers, favorites (the names changed over time) stopped working - I think in the spring of 2014 (or maybe 2015).

They suddenly started working again about 3 days ago.

For the last 2+ years, I only received a few (5-8) such daily emails even though on any given day there were probably 20+ that I was eligible to receive. If I added a new one, I received NOTHING from it (ever).

You might think that the reason was that there was a cap on the number a person could receive. However, what I received was always the same ones and never based on factors like how many items. So, while a seller I had saved was posting 20-100 items per week (and back a couple years ago, I would buy many items from that seller every week), I would never receive an email from that seller. However, I would receive an email listing one single item of low value from some other saved search or seller.

It was not that the searches had expired after 365 days - I renewed them. I also tried deleting them and re-adding them. No positive results, ever.

And I do know how to use the interface. The system was confirming that I was subscribed to daily emails from these saved sellers/searches. And there WERE probably at least 20 emails that I should have been receiving on the average day.

Then, all of a sudden the daily emails started working again and I am receiving about 10-15 per day (probably hitting a maximum quantity).

The impact on sellers, of this 2+ year outage, has to have been extremely serious. Just speaking for myself as a buyer, I don't have time to go and run manual searches (even from the saved sellers/searches page) every day. So, my buying dropped 90%. 

There was one seller with whom I was spending between $400 and $1000 per month (on auctions) - that dropped to zero. I had informed the seller (who I know well professionally) of the situation and suggested to him that he email me directly to let me know when he put on new material, but that did not fit in his work flow, so he did not inform me and my buying stopped. There is no shortage of other ways that I can spend my money!

By the way, these days, if sellers directly informed past buyers of new postings - even if explicitly requested to do so - that would probably violate some eBay rule.

I told you and I think you published something on it. I posted in your bug list. I contacted eBay at least 5 times through their email contact system. I contacted at least 10 sellers. And yet it took 2+ years for eBay to fix it.

The needed improvements that now needs to be implemented are:

a) eBay should CLEARLY alert buyers that there is a maximum of X number of emails that they will receive and so buyers should be selective and prioritize what they include in their listing of desired daily emails. (eBay could even charge a fee (!!!) to buyers who want to receive more emails - this is a profession for me, I make money by buying and to me it would be worth paying a fee to receive all the daily seller/search results I have selected.)

b) eBay could implement a priority sorting system by which the buyers can prioritize which daily emails are more important than others. Thus if a buyer has done 40 saved searches/sellers, but if the maximum number of emails is 15, eBay would send emails each day in the priority order indicated by the buyer IF that search/seller has results. At least that way some searches/sellers daily emailed results farther down the priority list would get sent to the buyer when there are no results from higher priority items.

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Readers Comments

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by: Chicago48 This user has validated their user name.

Mon Nov 6 04:43:01 2017

What????  Huh?????  

Perminate Link for eBay Resumes Sending Seller Marketing Emails   eBay Resumes Sending Seller Marketing Emails

by: C.Page This user has validated their user name.

Mon Nov 6 06:57:40 2017

Well I know that as a BUYER, if eBay started charging me for saved searches, I wouldn't be using saved search anymore!

Perminate Link for eBay Resumes Sending Seller Marketing Emails   eBay Resumes Sending Seller Marketing Emails

This user has validated their user name. by: Don Wagner

Mon Nov 6 07:28:45 2017

I could have written this exact same comment. Emails from eBay regarding Saved Searches and Sellers I Follow suddenly ceased about two years ago. Then, last week, I suddenly started getting  50 emails a day. I'm guessing it's one of those things they decided long ago not to look into, and then some lowly employee spotted the coding error while looking into something else and just fixed it as a renegade act of 'doing the right thing'..

Perminate Link for eBay Resumes Sending Seller Marketing Emails   eBay Resumes Sending Seller Marketing Emails

by: IFindBugs This user has validated their user name.

Mon Nov 6 10:30:39 2017

I am the original poster of this subject.

My comment that I would be willing to pay eBay a fee for saved search/seller results was specificailly in regard to receiving ''more'' [than their pre-set limit if there is one] emails.  

I don't know the number of daily emails the average user might actually want to (or does now) receive, but I suspect that it is in the 10-20 range. However, I can easily see a circumstance where I might want to receive 100-200 PER DAY.  Again, this is a source of profit for me and I recognize that if lots of people were receiving much higher volumes of emails somebody (users, eBay, somebody) has to pay for the resources and bandwidth that sending out ADDITIONAL MILLIONS of emails a day would cost.

I am not willing to pay to receive 10 or 20 emails, but I would be willing to pay for 100 or 200.  I view it as taking responsibility.

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