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Tue Mar 29 2016 16:48:45

eBay Seller Blames Inventory Nightmare on New Seller Hub

By: Reader

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Dear Ina,
Are sellers really going to be punished for errors caused by eBay bugs?

We have been hitting a serious bug in the new eBay Seller Hub "Create Listing" tool since January. When revising multi-variation listings the listing will randomize the sku, upc and QUANTITY, after you click "Update and Save". 

Since this glitch doesn't happen until the form is saved and closed, the seller has no idea that their carefully counted quantities have just been randomized through their variations. This has resulted in several "Out of Stock" orders that will now result in the loss of our "Top Rated Plus" performance rating on April 20th. 

Another irritating but less detrimental bug we have also noticed, is when revising multi-variation listings our variation photos are overwritten by the main image when we click "Update and Save". We have no way of knowing that the photos have been overwritten. 

We have contacted eBay technical support since January and have been given lots of excuses "this has not been reported by other users", "you must be using a third-party listing agent" (which is not true), "that must be a corrupted listing, create a new listing and problem will be fixed" (not true, we hit this bug on brand new listings created fresh that same day).

After months of going back and forth with eBay Technical support today I was given a real reason for the bugs. These are all related to the new Seller Hub listing tool. They have not worked out all the bugs yet. 

I finally got a competent CS agent who was able to revert me back to the old listing tool. She admitted that the new Seller Hub listing tool has a lot of bugs yet to be worked out. She said this is the reason they are not requiring everyone to switch until the end of the year. Wish I would have known this 2 months ago before all my quantities were mixed up. 

Now we are in a massive manual inventory count of our 30,000 + items. It also will not stop eBay from removing our Top Rated Plus performance rating. Seems slimy to punish sellers for eBay bugs. I thought you may be interested in this.

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eBay Seller Blames Inventory Nightmare on New Sell   eBay Seller Blames Inventory Nightmare on New Sell

This user has validated their user name. by: Marie

Tue Mar 29 19:39:59 2016

What a mess!  Dang I'm glad I didn't sign up for the Beta version of the Seller Hub when they invited me.  Recently they invited me again, but I didn't respond to that invitation either.  History has shown me that it can cause me far more work than I'm willing to do.

And you are right, Ebay will still damage your account because of their errors.  I've had it happen.  Not recently, but historically.

Have you written to  ?  While he isn't as good at helping as he once was, he does sometimes get good information to share.  Its worth a try.

While I don't use the Beta seller hub, I've had a random problem with my inventory counts on Ebay for about a year now.  Every so often, for whatever reason they have, Ebay will increase my inventory of something.  I've gone through my inventory completely at least twice to correct all the problems created by them, yet it keeps happening.  Now on fewer of my listings, but I had one last week that was out of wack when I had just corrected my levels in February.  

I've reported this to Ebay too and they do nothing.  They have told me no one else have reported the problem as well.

eBay Seller Blames Inventory Nightmare on New Sell   eBay Seller Blames Inventory Nightmare on New Sell

This user has validated their user name. by: Rexford

Wed Mar 30 16:31:50 2016

Ditto what Marie said, except for the Griff reference.  If it ain't broke don't "fix" it.

eBay Seller Blames Inventory Nightmare on New Sell   eBay Seller Blames Inventory Nightmare on New Sell

by: printersmithcom2 This user has validated their user name.

Thu Mar 31 00:19:14 2016

I would NEVER use any ''tool'' put out by ebay for this very reason.  If your business is complex enough to be doing multi-variation ads, I strongly recommend Wonder Lister.  We refused to do variations before Wonder Lister because it was such a nightmare.  Finally we've found one which does them perfectly and gives you absolute full control over the data 100% of the time.  You can get a free trial and $5 per month after that.  WonderLister will import all your data perfectly from Ebay, in its present form, and then you can get control of this situation, drag & drop photos around, and edit your SKU / Qty in mere seconds.

Of course with any Tool you may see the occasional bug.  But my experience with those guys is they will fix it in less than 24 hours, rather than taking 24 days / weeks as with other providers.  

Working with Ecommerce data in web forms is just such a problem.  We stopped doing it about 10 years ago.  Once we got past 50 products we started looking hard for a tool.  Back in those days Blackthorne was the only game in town, but now its gone.  We have demo'ed virtually everything in existence over the years from all the free ones up to the $300-$500 per month ones.  

If you ever need to capture your product data for any other site, you cannot use Ebay made tools.  Your data will always be ''locked in'' if Ebay is the author and you cannot export it.  

eBay Seller Blames Inventory Nightmare on New Sell   eBay Seller Blames Inventory Nightmare on New Sell

by: Moonwishes This user has validated their user name.
Web Site

Thu Mar 31 08:59:15 2016

We never used that sort of program when we did sell on ebay, but they can still mess things up. I keep my inventory in boxes all over the house. I noticed that I never had to get into one particular box but since I sell sewing patterns I just figured that none of the patterns in that box had appealed to anyone. That is until I dropped ebay and moved to eCRATER. I used TurboLister so I could coordinate what I had on ebay to my database as I was listing on eCRATER. I got to that box that I never sold out of and discovered that the listings for pretty much everything in the box had disappeared and I have no idea when. We are talking close to 150 items! Did ebay care? Of course not and that was in 2009 before the days of JD but in the chaos Meg was reigning down. There are reasons to leave that venue. I'm still glad I did and I know I have more money in my pocket for having moved than if I had stayed (which would have bankrupted me).

What the OP experienced is par for the course at ebay.

eBay Seller Blames Inventory Nightmare on New Sell   eBay Seller Blames Inventory Nightmare on New Sell

by: a_c_green This user has validated their user name.

Thu Mar 31 10:57:12 2016

I think I was on the receiving end of that bug, as a buyer, last winter. I was trying to locate an obscure part for my old snowblower, and was happy to find a seller on eBay who had 6 of them.

I did think at the time that it was slightly odd to find 6 when every other place, including the original manufacturer, had none, but I ordered anyway, only to be promptly refunded with an apologetic note saying that they were actually out of stock. I bit my tongue and did not leave any feedback, but I did have some dark thoughts about how anyone could possibly misplace all 6 of their parts in stock. (These were big side panels, almost two feet long, not hard to miss.) In reading the article above, though, it sounds to me like that seller might had gotten stung by the bug described here.

eBay Seller Blames Inventory Nightmare on New Sell   eBay Seller Blames Inventory Nightmare on New Sell

by: sickandtired This user has validated their user name.

Fri Apr 1 13:50:39 2016

I have had issues periodically over the last 3 years with ebay messing with my inventory.

I have had many dings for having to refund buyers because I don't have the item they bought and paid for before I had a chance to even go to the bin to get it.

My problems take 3 forms - firstly, an item will reappear in my store that was already sold. I did not relist it and many of my things are quantity of 1 to begin with and I never list anything with variations, but many do have multiple quantities. Obviously an ebay glitch auto-relisting sold items.

The second kind of screw up is that the quantity  remaining of items with multiples is not always accurate after I have had a few sales of that item.  Again I have had very unhappy customers who have bought the 4 remaining plates or whatever and I have to tell them I only have 1 or 2 or 3 left.

I have hundreds of store listings with multiple quantities so I do not have the time to verify every ebay listing for these.  Every once in a while I do try to reinventory a pattern and see if my listings are in line with my count.  Even if I fix errors, that doesn't mean  it won't go out of whack again.

Lastly, I too have items that I have listed as GTC simply disappear.  I have the print out of the original listing in  my file so I know I did it, but it is just gone from the site.

I'm totally paranoid at the moment to relist items like this I find  because I recently been smashed by ebay with a 30 day suspension of listing privileges for a duplicate listing. Was not a duplicate in my mind, but ebay would not budge...but that is a matter for a different discussion.  

eBay Seller Blames Inventory Nightmare on New Sell   eBay Seller Blames Inventory Nightmare on New Sell

by: ladivafashion This user has validated their user name.

Sat Apr 2 16:57:44 2016

I have had the same thing happen twice with the same multi-variation listing. I had 3 sizes available, S M & XL. During the 1st 30 days I sold the XL. When I relisted, I changed the title and measurements to just S & M, and took XL out of the variations drop down menu. During the next 30 day cycle I had a customer purchase a XL! I always check the drop-down to make sure the right sizes are there when I relist, so I just figured that I must not have been careful enough. I got a defect for not filling the order. During the next 30 day cycle same process, double-double checked the drop down to make sure the correct sizes were there, just S & M. Last night I got another sale...for an XL! I could not convince the buyer to purchase something else, and now have my 2nd defect. A member of a Facebook group directed me to this post.  I don't participate in the Seller Hub (I'm not even sure what it is).  I called Ebay, and their response is that this is not a known bug, they do not have a ticket on it, so they have no proof that this is truly an issue.  Sounds like that is not true.  I have been urging people who have had this issue to go to this link on the Technical Board to report it:

eBay Seller Blames Inventory Nightmare on New Sell   eBay Seller Blames Inventory Nightmare on New Sell

by: Kory Luke This user has validated their user name.

Tue Apr 12 14:37:29 2016

I am the seller that wrote this article.  

To clear up a few things:

1. There was no ''third-party'' tool I was using.  Only the button in ''Seller Hub'' for ''Create Listing''.  This entire experience is simply from using the eBay website directly with no additional steps or software.

Warning: This can happen to anyone using the Beta Seller Hub.  

Since they have reverted us back to the original interface, we have not had any further problems....that we know of.

eBay Seller Blames Inventory Nightmare on New Sell   eBay Seller Blames Inventory Nightmare on New Sell

by: Kory Luke This user has validated their user name.

Wed Apr 20 20:18:02 2016

@ladivafashion the glitch you are experiencing sounds exactly like the one that was affecting us. We reported it over 4 times to eBay between Jan - April 2016. Each time I was told that it is not a known bug. I provided screen videos of the glitch as well as screenshots but was ignored by ebay. It is obvious that they are either extremely ignorant about the value of customer telemetry testing or they are just lying.  Today we lost our Top Rated Plus seal after having achieved and kept it for 4 years. All due to eBays own software glitches messing up our inventory. We have now lost our 20% discount on our fees which will hurt the most. We are now shopping for a more trustworthy marketplace to operate our store through. I will let you know what we find.

eBay Seller Blames Inventory Nightmare on New Sell   eBay Seller Blames Inventory Nightmare on New Sell

by: spitfire This user has validated their user name.

Mon Jul 31 09:43:09 2017

Thank you Kory!!! For the last couple of months I thought I was crazy. Everything you said has been happening to me including hiring an outsider to help me straighten out my inventory. I have made at least 6 calls to eBay tech support and was almost embarrassed to tell them what i was experiencing. This glitch is not something you can catch in action. they always say NO ONE else has reported this issue. I have begged for help because I have a ton of inventory I trust them with on their site. I sell things I don't have and have things that has been taken off randomly. I have been a Top rated seller since I have had my store and that is getting ready to change. OK, now we know it's them what do we do? i am calling them today and reading this article to someone, anyone and let them know that this is a real problem. Let's hope enough people will do the same and at least save our reputation. If I didn't have so much inventory I would shut this nightmare down today! But it helps tremendously knowing it's not me and other people are experience this as well. Thanks Kory and Google! Let's hope all this will work out. :-)  :-(

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