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Mon Sept 21 2015 11:42:08

eBay Hides Bidder Identity in Mobile Update

By: Reader

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Dear Ina,
What is going on now with eBay? I was forced to update to their new app and now there is no bidder user information at all at the auctions end. I mean absolutely nothing at all.

For the past few years eBay had already made it nearly impossible to see how many legitimate bids had been placed after the auction was over by using fake user id's, but now even those have been removed apart from the so called final amounts placed on the item.

I feel it is quite feasible now given the advanced technology already freely available and the fact that eBay already tracks which of their members are already watching certain items and also who has previously placed maximum bids, for them to use that technology themselves to increase the bidding, resulting in higher end value fees, and there is nothing a member can do about it or prove that it is being done.

There very fact that every scrap of information is now removed means you no longer need human shill bidders. It can be done via the eBay computer at source. 

Isn't there any legislation to protect the consumer now against the possibility of this? Personally I think this practice is appalling.

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eBay Hides Bidder Identity in Mobile Update   eBay Hides Bidder Identity in Mobile Update

by: P.Dorf This user has validated their user name.

Mon Sep 21 16:50:33 2015

I thought something similar when they abolished feedback for buyers - suddenly there were 1000(0)s of dormant/0 feedback accounts showing up.

eBay Hides Bidder Identity in Mobile Update   eBay Hides Bidder Identity in Mobile Update

by: epuise This user has validated their user name.

Tue Sep 22 10:54:37 2015

When there is no transparency, one is faced w/ the question: What are you hiding... and why ?

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