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Fri May 22 2015 16:17:17

Is Amazon Running More Tests of Listing Offer Page?

By: Reader

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Dear Ina,
I do not know what Amazon has done to the pages but when you view a page, it now says AVAILABLE FROM THESE SELLERS, and the orange box to the right that would put the item in your shopping cart is now a box to view other sellers instead.

This is time consuming and confusing to many buyers. I have been selling online for 16 years and this change is not to the good of Amazon or the sellers.

Most people shop in a hurry and most are not computer savvy. This causes too many steps for a buyer to make a purchase and will cause many who are already nervous about buying online to just abandon the idea and shop local.

The page looks to me how the page would look on a sold-out item, with no button to add it to your shopping cart.

My sales have dropped drastically and we have had no sales at all in the past 14 hours and this has not happened in over 12 years.

I sure hope Amazon changes back soon.

Note from the Editor: Amazon has been testing the design of listing offer pages - sellers also noticed changes in the book category in early May. It unknown if this current design is part of that testing.

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Perminate Link for Is Amazon Running More Tests of Listing Offer Page   Is Amazon Running More Tests of Listing Offer Page

by: TomH This user has validated their user name.

Fri May 22 21:54:36 2015

I can not point to specific pages at the moment, but I agree with the OP, Amazon is definitely testing different offer/item pages. In recent purchases in diverse categories I was presented with at least three different page type views. Not a comfort and not quickly recognized what needed to be done.

Not a one of the new views I was presented with was as good as the tried and true one we are mostly accustomed to using.  

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