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Fri Jan 2 2015 16:30:01

Blood Boiling Tale of an eBay Seller

By: Reader

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Dear Ina,
I have been a top rated seller with well over 3,000 feedback at 100% for almost 12 years now on eBay. However, I have just now experienced the "sting" of a fraudulent buyer under eBay's new so-called "We want the buyer to have a happy experience in every situation" and if they express displeasure or negativity, that means that you, as the seller are at matter what and no questions asked of the buyer!"

I recently had an eBay buyer first ask me to send her close up photos of the hallmarks on my necklace. I did so, plus I added the photo, for my own protection, to my listing. After she received it, she then asked me if I would accept a price that was 25% less ($120 less) than my fixed Buy it Now listing that did not allow for any offers whatsoever.

When I told her no, she came back begging for me to at least knock off $60 from my price. Again I said no.

Just as I was heading over to block this person, she hit my BIN price and had to pay immediately. Due to her previous behavior, I had grave misgivings about sending out my necklace but was forced to do so else I be considered to be a "non-selling seller" with a strike against my account.

My misgivings proved to be "dead on" because one day after she received my like brand new necklace, its pouch, and cleaning cloth, she requested to return it for a full refund with me paying shipping both ways. My listings clearly state that I do not accept returns...but the next thing I knew, without me checking off anything or replying, it appeared on my computer screen that I had "agreed to accept the return"!

You can well imagine that I freaked out seeing this appear suddenly through no action of my own!

I immediately called eBay who claimed that there must be some sort of "glitch" occurring because they said maybe someone came over and used my computer to "accept the return"...which I find extremely disturbingly interesting since no one uses or has access to my computer and I have also learned from 3 other seller friends that they too have had this suddenly happen through no control or actions of their own also!

I also was hit with a "DEFECT" by eBay because the Buyer expressed that she wished to return...and that eBay states the defect remains on my account no matter what...even if I told her she could keep the necklace AND that I would refund her $495!!

eBay told me that while they could not do anything about the "accepted return glitch" that they would email the buyer within 24 hours and copy me on this to explain that no, I did not agree to the return...blah blah blah!

Of course, no such email ever occurred as they had promised! I took it upon myself to email the buyer and to reiterate that no I would not accept a return and that the necklace she had received was in perfect condition with no defects. She had claimed that while the necklace was beautiful….she found that the "clasp was tricky" and said that sometimes she felt it worked fine but other times she felt it slipped open.

She later reversed herself and stated that the clasp was too HARD to open and that she had to push really hard to get the clasp to release...just the dead opposite of what she claimed at first. When I still refused the return, she threatened me with filing against me in BOTH eBay and Paypal at the same exact time.

I told her that was her choice but that she would have to choose one or the other because she couldn't have two claims for the same purchase with two different venues. After waiting about 3 hours, she evidently decided not to file against me but instead, knowing that I was leaving the state for my Christmas vacation, she wrote saying: "I will take very good care of the necklace. It will be put back in wrappers and left that way until this is resolved. As you know, I am a Seller on ebay also, and my customers satisfaction is always key. Have a great vacation over the Holidays. Best,"

She then, without my knowledge or consent, printed out a return label and sent back A necklace (certainly not MY necklace!). The first I found out about this was when I received an email while on vacation that a return had been sent with a tracking number. I, of course, freaked out because this was 180 degrees from what she had emailed me.

I called eBay and spoke to an agent who told me that he would open a case for me and then put that same case on a 5 day "hold" while he requested that the buyer provide proof of her claim that my necklace was defective. Yesterday was the final day for her to provide said proof...but now, eBay's Resolution Department has once again totally reversed themselves by saying that the eBay Resolution Specialist who opened the case and put it on hold, had no right to do so and that unless the buyer claims "counterfeit" that eBay does not care whatsoever what or why the buyer wishes to return the item...all eBay cares about is that the buyer has a "HAPPY buying experience" and if they feel unhappy or sad, no matter is the seller's fault because eBay wishes to "Drive more buyers to the website"!

The idiot with whom I spoke even stated that it was us, as Sellers who demanded these changes this past August. She also said that this will hold true now for all buyers wishing to return our items any time within 6 months from the date that they purchase...for any reason or no reason at all! Again...eBay and PayPal just want the little darlings to be our expense!

This eBay representative, supposedly a Supervisor in the eBay Resolution Department, told me that now eBay does not require the buyer to prove ANYTHING...just to return our items for a full refund and that their new policy since August, "trumps" our individual "no returns" policies.

She further stated that IF I do not refund the buyer, I will have a "Strike" recorded against my account as eBay having to settle the buyer's claim without resolution on my part! When I asked "What if the buyer returns something entirely different, or worse, sends back an empty box? What then?"

I was told "We are not responsible to cover the cost of Sellers' items...that is just a cost you must consider for doing business. You can report the buyer and we will 'watch' to see if the buyer makes a habit of doing this to sellers, but no, on an individual basis? If you get back a broken item or items are missing? Too bad…we will not cover you - you will just be out your item as your own cost of doing business!" This is a clear and out and out signal to invite buyers to be thieves and liars!

Sure enough, when we got home from vacation, my husband went to our post office and got the box that my buyer had sent back. When I opened it, I found, wadded up in tape and gooey bubble wrap, a totally different necklace that has almost obliterated hallmarks and wear...far different than the like brand new one I had sent out to this buyer.

I also found that the buyer had not included the designer brand new pouch nor the brand new designer cleaning cloth that had been sent with the perfect, as brand new, necklace that I had mailed out! I hit the roof and called eBay about this total miscarriage of justice that is out and out fraud and theft!

I also emailed the buyer telling her that the necklace I received back, not only has nothing wrong with the clasp (because it's certainly not mine!) and that it is not the necklace I sent to her nor were the accessories I sent to her, sent back to me.

She did acknowledge that she didn't send the accessories because she said she neglected to send them due to eBay's instructions to her but that the necklace she sent back is the same one I sent to her! I find this to be incredulous since I have extremely clear photos of my necklace in my listing along with close ups of the necklace's hallmarks on the clasp!

The necklace she sent back is a far older version with hallmarks worn off and a different configuration of the clasp! The necklace she sent back also weighs 3 grams less than the one in my listing. The ONLY way she could have "neglected" to send back my pouch and cleaning cloth was that she left MY necklace in its pouch etc. and grabbed her old worn out necklace out of her drawer to wad up in a ball of bubble wrap and tape!

Out and out Fraud and Theft has been committed...but, as usual, eBay doesn't care and there is no protection for us as sellers - blatantly stated by eBay's supervisors!

I then called my local law enforcement who advised me that along with my report of fraud and theft to them, a report sent to the buyer's local law enforcement, and other internet fraud protection agencies, that I need to include a written letter of complaint sent to eBay, included with my claims to the police. I called eBay asking for complaint forms (they said they don't have any!) and to whom to send my written letter of complaint as advised by my law enforcement personnel.

As usual, I got "danced around the hokey pokey" for well over an hour with various eBay agents telling me that they do not know of any sort of complaint procedures...until I finally forced a supervisor to provide me with the eBay "Legal Counsel" address on Hamilton Avenue, in San Jose, CA.

You can better believe that I will be also addressing my written complaint of fraud to both the current CEO Donohoe and the new upcoming CEO too...not that anyone will care...but I will provide this information to all agencies and law enforcement personnel, along with any potential court venues possible.

Just call me "another seasoned seller" who will be leaving eBay!

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Readers Comments

Blood Boiling Tale of an eBay Seller   Blood Boiling Tale of an eBay Seller

by: ajeweler This user has validated their user name.

Fri Jan 2 17:08:33 2015

this is exactly why I left ebay months ago, I have had this happen to me several times, most of the times I have hired private legal council, great expense, however, it sometimes works to have a lawyer send a small claims letter, to the thieves I have got a few items back, but ebay teaches these thief's and their new policy of no seller protection, hours on hold I finally gave up took loss.

I can suggest to you that you file icc3 at ICC3.Gov in addition go file a small claims action in the state you live in , it is considered larceny over 300$ in some states and the police may help, also file with the post office for mail fraud

I certainly feel for you I have been there myself

ebay means
Employees Band Annihilate You

Blood Boiling Tale of an eBay Seller   Blood Boiling Tale of an eBay Seller

This user has validated their user name. by: Anonymous Annie

Fri Jan 2 17:51:53 2015

What a nightmare! So sorry this happened to you, OP.

I'm a former eBay seller, and I still sell at my own website. To me, the phrase ''the-cost-of-doing-business'' applies only to things like *REASONABLE* risks, and *NORMAL* costs, and *EXPECTED* expenses.

Unfortunately, in their zeal to attract and cultivate thieves and shoplifters, eBay has tried to co-opt this common and logical-sounding phrase by redefining it to mean something ENTIRELY DIFFERENT.

Apparently, eBay thinks that by corrupting this well-known axiom, they can make UNACCEPTABLE RISKS and UNACCEPTABLE COSTS appear to be the ''norm''.

Well... I guess, in a way that's true. These unacceptable risks and costs ARE the norm... at eBay! But only at eBay.

They're certainly not acceptable anywhere else.

It's true that sellers will probably have the misfortune of encountering this type of seller off-eBay. Dishonest buyers exist everywhere.

But based on my experience, and the experiences of others who have stories that are similar to the OP's... this type of thing happens with alarming regularity at eBay.

It looks like eBay *IS* telling the truth on this issue. It really IS the ''cost of doing business'' on eBay.

Blood Boiling Tale of an eBay Seller   Blood Boiling Tale of an eBay Seller

This user has validated their user name. by: Basset

Fri Jan 2 17:52:47 2015

Two things:

We have an iphone 4S to sell. Just the POTENTIAL of what the OP describes keeps us from selling it on eBay.

Promo emails are being sent by eBay for Rolex Watches.
(as if I'm in the market for them, lol)

Coincidentally, our area just had a major jewelry store heist of Rolex watches. Bet law enforcement is poring over those eBay listings. Beware of bargain Rolexes.

BTW, as expensive as they are, they should put GPS in those watches!

Blood Boiling Tale of an eBay Seller   Blood Boiling Tale of an eBay Seller

This user has validated their user name. by: Basset

Fri Jan 2 17:57:25 2015

Oops - make that a 5s, my typo but you get the point: eBay does NOT get the sale.  

Blood Boiling Tale of an eBay Seller   Blood Boiling Tale of an eBay Seller

by: gutspiller This user has validated their user name.

Fri Jan 2 18:01:37 2015

I left Ebay more than 6 months ago. Seems I'm not the only one. The number of items for sale in my category has fallen with +30%.

Luckely never had to deal with this kind of bullsh*t. But was completely fed up with Ebay giving all trafic and visibility to 1 (yes ONE) seller and leave all other sellers with some crumbles.

Sellers are leaving in droves. There will come a point where there aren't even enought buyers left to satisfy the needs of the few Ebay preferred sellers. When those sellers stay away Ebay will be in real problems. And I hope this day will come the day before yesterday. There isn't another company in this world that I hate as much as Ebay.

Blood Boiling Tale of an eBay Seller   Blood Boiling Tale of an eBay Seller

This user has validated their user name. by: Ming the Merciless

Fri Jan 2 18:58:05 2015

Pursue the law enforcement angle and don't forget the USPS Postal Inspector if this fraudulent necklace was returned via USPS.


Blood Boiling Tale of an eBay Seller   Blood Boiling Tale of an eBay Seller

This user has validated their user name. by: iheartjacksparrow

Fri Jan 2 19:35:37 2015

OP - Don't forget to file a complaint with the police department that handles the area your buyer lives in. You might also want to contact the district attorney for the buyer's city/county. Another thought would be to fill out a Small Claims Court Complaint, and include punitive damages for fraud up to the statutory limit in your area and mail that to the buyer and state this will be filed with the Court unless you get your necklace back. And I would certainly inform the buyer of all the other actions you are taking since the buyer may determine it's easier to return your necklace that face the scrutiny of law enforcement and lawsuits.

I'm sorry it took a $495 loss for you to realize that eBay is not the place for honest sellers such as yourself. Hopefully, anyone else who was thinking of leaving will read your story and move their sales to another venue before they get scammed, too.  

Blood Boiling Tale of an eBay Seller   Blood Boiling Tale of an eBay Seller

by: sasikat9 This user has validated their user name.

Fri Jan 2 20:10:14 2015

No matter what....If we get that queasy icky feeling about a buyer we don't walk we run to block it....If it has bid on something we refund and take the punishment which believe me is a joke compared to having to deal with the moron called customer service.

No two of those morons will ever say the same thing. They are dumber than horses in a fire.

If you don't protect yourself from the slime on Fleecebay believe me they will make you wish that you had.

We have blocked and returned money to three people in the past 16 years and the only thing that happen was we received 1 Negative...

I would do it again if I though the the buyer was a piece of slime.

Blood Boiling Tale of an eBay Seller   Blood Boiling Tale of an eBay Seller

by: brokentoys19 This user has validated their user name.

Fri Jan 2 20:52:42 2015

So sorry to hear. Ouch!!! Not to take anything away, but it could get worse; you may find the exact same necklace for sale on thier seller account (under the same username or an alternate.) It's happened many times over.

Good luck at any attempts to get this rectified through any ebay or legal channels.

You may have to seek relief in ebay's extended ecosystem. Much like the buying of watchers, there's a booming cottage industry of bad buyer lists where you can give or sell the UserIDs, real names, addresses, phones number etc of the [alleged] bad buyers.  (Of course people can always submit competitors or any user ID they wish, since no one checks or verifies anything, and anything goes.) Search the web for bad buyers, blocked buyers and so forth until you find the "good ones", there is no shortage. Who knows? Maybe you can sell all your buyers' info and recoup some of your loss? There is nothing to stop you.

Don't worry that you have no idea who runs the sites, whether or not they are legitimate, if they are completely unqualified, unregulated and/or unlicensed to act in their capacities, or what they do with the data. If ID thieves or whomever get the info, who cares? It is ebay after all. Do unto others... errrm  .. I mean ebay believes in treating people the way they want to be treated. That fine madness, oops, I meant philosophy extends into the many new frontiers brought forth by brilliant ebay policies.

You could also Youtube search ebay sellers revenge, or study other long term ebay-centered stalking affairs for more ideas.

Youtube search ebay stalkers, or ebay's biggest troll if you dare look. There's really no limit to what you can do. Have barfbags at the ready.

(please note sarcasm in the last 3 paragraphs, although the bad buyer lists for profit, ebay sellers revenge, and ebay stalking wars are all quite real. They call it sleazebay for a reason.)

Blood Boiling Tale of an eBay Seller   Blood Boiling Tale of an eBay Seller

This user has validated their user name. by: LDS Brother

Fri Jan 2 20:56:10 2015

I feel for you OP

Currently I am trapped in the abusive no good rotten site called eBay !

Tell your friends, family, neighbors, people in line at the post office whom ask you about eBay not to buy or sell on this site !

I know that eBay needs the masses of small sellers for revenue, as the diamonds and the Chinese cannot generate the revenue eBay needs overall

So why they think the can treat us like shit is beyond me ?

And that is exactly what they do, they take my money for 2nd categories, and UK exposure I never get !

I worked my ass off 5 stars across board, Top Rated Plus, excellent feedback since I joined in the 1990's

And yet my views, sales, bids are evaporating faster than a spilled cup of water on the hot side walk in the hot days of summer !

What the hell is going on ?

Christmas sucked, post Christmas is even worse !

Best Match has got to go with Cassini !

We sellers have to find away to stop taking this bullshit ! I mean us sellers like me who unfortunately just can't quit !

Believe me God is my witness, if I could I would quit eBay immediately and never visit this site ever again, and do the most I could to discourage anyone and everyone I could from buying, and selling on eBay !

I do research, and I tell you all I am virtually certain Best Match is funneling the customers to the higher priced items, they hide the bargains from Top Rated Domestic sellers like me, to funnel to higher priced items for the bigger FVF

I got to hand it to Donahoe, the SOB crushed every strategy, every angle every thing a good seller had up their sleeve to make a buck, he took the ability all away !

My wages blow, I cannot find a way to boost my sales, the hack and Google were the final nail I am afraid in lots of sellers coffins !

Wenig, Cassini needs to go today !


Can't you morons running eBay see sellers did way better before Donahoe ?

The only ones that did good were Donahoe, Wenig, and the other self enriching @ss wipes in command !

Damn eBay is so dead, there is clearly a MAJOR PROBLEM, or eBay is really putting it to us sellers with manipulating sellers items and robbing sellers like me with UK exposure, and 2nd categories, charging me for a service I am not getting in exposure !

If I did to people what Donahoe did, I would be so ashamed of myself I would go out with a hippie wig, wear and eye patch disguise, and fake 3 foot beard like Moses, and put some fake tattoos on, I could never knowingly show my face after screwing american sellers and their families like he did !

I am so frustrated, I think eventually if I can't find away out of this hanging on to a sinking ship the stress is literally going to kill me, blood pressure etc.

Every aspect of eBay spike my blood pressure !

Stupid ass unfair ways, to get me a defect !

Buyers from hell, that extort, ask for partial refunds, and then smear you with a defect if you don't comply !

Bullshit wait times to get some broken english speaking rep from 1/2 way around the world who cannot even help you after unacceptable wait times, then transfers to other douche bag reps for another 40 minute wait that tell you "I know I sell also" Yeah right ! And they can't help you

They basically in so many words say it is the Buyer's right to punish you any way they see fit on all the various areas, and that is measured so we can improve !

Improve ? Scammed and falsely punished from buyers remorse, or sneaky competitors and we are to digest the defect so we can improve how ?

Tell me Donahoe and Wenig ? Ho do we improve ?

Free Overnight Shipping ? 99% off our asking price ?

Lifetime Warranty ?

eBay is so dead for so many like me, from Cassini, to Manipulation and Throttling from eBay

We sellers may as well buy or own dang items !

I personally appear to be in a ghost Town, with the lowest best price, Top Rated Plus, Free Ship, someone pulled the plug on me at eBay

And as I said before I am not so sure eBay isn't so low down, they have some tracking cookies or something to shut off exposure to sellers who post their true experiences and disdain for eBay on forums etc.

Something is seriously wrong with eBay !!!!!

Unprecedented sales decline for me starting with the hack and Google demotion till current present time

What an evil company ! Meg begs us to quit our jobs and sell fulltime on eBay !

We Did, and then she thanks us by picking Donahoe to destroy us !

Now I don't care if Wenig wants to hurt us more or help us, the bi polar beatings from eBay's they need us, they hate us have got to stop, shut down eBay completely Pierre !

You let Donahoe screw us to much and to long, nobody can EVER repair those burnt bridges ever !

To you sellers who were blessed to be able to quit eBay, get your own site, find an income beside eBay I salute you and admire you !

It is my prayer I can be like you before Donahoes defects and financial stress from not showing my items literally kills me from stress

Blood Boiling Tale of an eBay Seller   Blood Boiling Tale of an eBay Seller

by: brokentoys19 This user has validated their user name.

Fri Jan 2 20:57:17 2015

oops! Everything from "You may have to seek relief in ebay's extended ecosystem.... on is intended as sarcasm, no matter how true.  

Blood Boiling Tale of an eBay Seller   Blood Boiling Tale of an eBay Seller

by: DingDong This user has validated their user name.

Fri Jan 2 21:04:49 2015

So sorry on this. Definitely file police report and all that has been mentioned about.

It's funny if this person is a seller. How would this seller like to loose $500 and be treated and deceived in the same manner.

I still sell on ebay, but I am little by little moving away from there.

Blood Boiling Tale of an eBay Seller   Blood Boiling Tale of an eBay Seller

by: Russ This user has validated their user name.

Fri Jan 2 21:26:55 2015

Horrible story...sorry for your misfortune but sadly,I am sure there are many, many other sellers experiencing near-identical's what's ''trending'' on eBay...

@Basset -- I, too, am in the area where the Rolex smash and grab occurred in broad daylight in a busy mall...bold, for sure.  $300,000.00 plus in loot!  These goons will probably be newbies on eBay and someone will file a SNAD claim...keep the watch and get a full refund all in the name of the best ''buyer experience'' eBay can provide.

Amazingly, regarding the video footage of the robbery and robbers, convenience stores have better cameras...unreal...

Blood Boiling Tale of an eBay Seller   Blood Boiling Tale of an eBay Seller

by: Massachusets Howler This user has validated their user name.

Fri Jan 2 23:58:26 2015

The old switcheroo.

Aided and abetted by ebay.

You will NEVER have to buy any breakable ever again- you can EASILY STEAL them with our help here at ebay!

Whenever 1 of my $300 Lalique wine glasses breaks, I just find an identical one on ebay and pay WHATEVER.

Then, after I get the perfect well-wrapped $300 wine glass I SCREAM AT THE SELLER that it broke and they NEVER make me send it back- try for a set of 4!

ANY KIND of glassware or breakable- stock your whole house- on ebay!

(Free Shipping too)!

This is now the customer.

Blood Boiling Tale of an eBay Seller   Blood Boiling Tale of an eBay Seller

This user has validated their user name. by: Rexford

Sat Jan 3 07:46:28 2015

Hey Wenig? Where is the seller protection? Why is eBay aiding and abetting fraud? We hear tales like this over and over. And the slap in the face is the defect that the seller will get on top of this.

OP, I feel your pain. This could happen to any of us.  I hope that you do contact a postal inspector.

And PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE share this buyer's ID with us.  She is a thief and she should be blocked and shamed.

Blood Boiling Tale of an eBay Seller   Blood Boiling Tale of an eBay Seller

by: ajeweler This user has validated their user name.

Sat Jan 3 10:06:02 2015

@ Rexford
seller protection???? what are you speaking about?? they did away with that months ago, the only seller protection now is
1) if it is marked delivered and the buyer opens a case it will close however you will still get defect

2 if it is shipped to international ship center and buyer claims non receipt you will get case closed and still may or may not get defect depending on agent

even insurance will not cover you as the carrier  wants the buyer to hold item and packing materials, e bay directs buyer to return for refund, plus return shipping on seller, at this point it is no longer covered by insurance, and again you will receive a defect


ebay means
Employees Band Annihilate You  

Blood Boiling Tale of an eBay Seller   Blood Boiling Tale of an eBay Seller

by: WhatsUp2656 This user has validated their user name.

Sat Jan 3 10:32:48 2015

A comment on the discussion boards the other day by an eBay cheerleader was:  ''sorry, but ebay is a large corporation that runs a money making business, they are not a government.  They provide a venue. They don't have to have freedom of speech or have to follow good business practices [whatever those are] that some professors say they should.'' I think we should flood the FBI, picking a date to do the complaints on the same day. This is so illegal and they brag they are immune. In so many issues they brag they cannot be touched. We need help with all of this and where does one turn? I'm out of there, but I am working towards justice.  I did see an article written by the FBI where they are begging for new hires for ''cybercrimes.'' Well for eBay they will need a village. This has to stop.


Blood Boiling Tale of an eBay Seller   Blood Boiling Tale of an eBay Seller

by: I Must be Crazy This user has validated their user name.

Sat Jan 3 13:07:48 2015

What an unfortunate scenario. I hope this seller will file criminal complaints with every agency that has jurisdiction over such matters. I would recommend she file a small claims action against this buyer. I would also hope that Ebay can be named as a party to these crimes. These issues will become absolutely out of control once word spreads among corrupt buyers on how to play the Ebay system to their advantage. I sell used auto parts so the exposure, while existent, isn't so bad as selling new expensive items. I have been ripped off but have been able to just let it go because of the margins built into my products. Ebay is is on a downward trajectory. By offering an unlimited 6 month return policy, they seem to think they will maintain some sort of competitive edge. That would be fine if it were on their dime and they were dealing with their customers. As we sellers know very well, the buyers ARE NOT EBAY CUSTOMERS. These are OUR customers and it is OUR businesses that feel the impact of policies created by people who have never had to generate a nickel for themselves! Like any seasoned seller, this seller knows her products and her market. She could also tell when something didn't seem right. We can all sense when we are being taken for a ride. This is not innate, but acquired through experience. The same experience that is leaving Ebay by the thousands for other venues. Once the sellers leave, buyers will follow.  

Blood Boiling Tale of an eBay Seller   Blood Boiling Tale of an eBay Seller

by: RCL This user has validated their user name.

Sat Jan 3 13:53:02 2015

She will probably be barred from selling at eBay.

Blood Boiling Tale of an eBay Seller   Blood Boiling Tale of an eBay Seller

This user has validated their user name. by: Ming the Merciless

Sat Jan 3 14:44:55 2015

Lets be very clear about the primary ebay executives responsible for this and similar travesties.


This is one example of Burke's concept of 'seller protection.'


He has canned Burke and tacitly approves of buyers who steal because he's also stealing from sellers.


How much money has he seretly stolen from ebay and from sellers? We'll probably never know because his hand picked yes men and women on ebay's BoD will cover it up.

OP, PLEASE find a way to post this buyer's user ID.

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