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Tue June 10 2014 06:28:52

Amazon Seller in Need of Webstore Developer

By: Reader

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Dear Ina,
I read your interview with Amazon's Webstore developer. I am writing to ask if you know of any resource I can hire to develop our Amazon Webstore?

I already sell on Amazon (16 products), and the Amazon software is so very good that it structures the product listings automatically, but it is the overall design that challenges me.

The Amazon suggested resources start at around $3000 for the store setup and I am looking to do a much smaller project - a one-page store for about $1000 or so.

If you know of any resource that might be good fit for me, please reply back.
Thank you,
Mary Jo

Ed. - Let us know how you find and vet ecommerce service providers!

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Perminate Link for Amazon Seller in Need of Webstore Developer   Amazon Seller in Need of Webstore Developer

This user has validated their user name. by: Rexford

Wed Jun 11 06:29:01 2014

I for one would love to see a resource for this.  Does anyone know of a list of college students or tech savvy qualified individuals who can take on projects like this?

It would seem to me, that with  eBay sales hurting everyone so badly that there must be some sellers out there who have this expertise and might be willing to offer a hand and simultaneously pick up some extra cash.

We ourselves are finishing up another Volusion store and we could get it online much quicker if we hired some help doing some of the back-end work.

Perminate Link for Amazon Seller in Need of Webstore Developer   Amazon Seller in Need of Webstore Developer

by: reyncloud This user has validated their user name.

Thu Jun 12 22:15:53 2014

I agree - the format just didn't appeal to me at all and I eventually just ended the Webstore for that reason.  Wish I'd thought of it before, but I just did a quick search on  Looks like you can find some freelancers there for a very reasonable price.  Here's a link to the search results.

Perminate Link for Amazon Seller in Need of Webstore Developer   Amazon Seller in Need of Webstore Developer

by: Cassie This user has validated their user name.

Sat Jun 14 19:06:06 2014

You can use odesk or etc...or even inquire at local colleges if they have student hire program. Not all but some colleges have student hire programs to help them finance their education expenses and some even match the best students for your needs. As a business risk reduction ensure you have content control such as copy right of the design/ and programming template if you need to hire another to update but find your former developer has graduated and working in corporate greener pastures.

Honest recommend all try a few IT classes with a local community colleges get better understanding as horror story a developer freelancer has well linked a remote access to someones store front as a residual passive income..

The best is seeking licensed small business independent contractor through your local SBA/Chamber of commerce or even local Employment Agency - most are better than temp or fly-by-night freelancer and have more options such as contractual agreements that include upgrades, maintenance services plus work service guarantees for set-time the best they're local so usually a phone call to service away - and do check if they're bonded and insured it may mean more bank but you can negotiate such things as retainer service agreements if flexible and there god forbid system crash or services back-up your store front to get running especially Black Friday or Cyber Monday --ensure they're avail ahead-of-time was very satisfied and lucky. I did 2000 $$$$ my historic bestever all-time weekend, still drool, dream & pray for the return  :D

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