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Tue Jan 4 2022 08:39:28

New Way to Guarantee Scans of USPS Packages

By: Reader

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Dear Ina,
I don't know if this is widely known by your readers or not, but I just learned about a new feature that is available to anyone who uses prepaid USPS labels last week. If your local post office has one of the Kiosks where you can print out labels, you can also use it to scan your prepaid labels. 

I was waiting in line to drop off a large package with a prepaid label when a lady came in with a bag full of small packages with prepaid labels. She proceeded to scan them and drop them into the hopper. I was truly impressed. 

It is quite simple to use and you can print out the same receipt the clerks would give you. 

I was told by someone who works for the USPS that it has been available for about 4 months now. However, if there have been any stories about it I obviously missed them totally. 

I have now used it for every USPS package I have shipped and I am sold on this new feature. 

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Perminate Link for New Way to Guarantee Scans of USPS Packages   New Way to Guarantee Scans of USPS Packages

by: railady This user has validated their user name.

Sat Jan 8 13:28:57 2022

@ getalife - I agree with you, except there is always a way around something. I refuse to use Self Checkout (anywhere) unless I'm absolutely forced, but thinking about it, a scammer might bring the real package and a dummy package . Scan the real one and keep it, throw the dummy into the box. With no supervision clever scammers always figure out ways to cheat.    

Perminate Link for New Way to Guarantee Scans of USPS Packages   New Way to Guarantee Scans of USPS Packages

by: ByeByeEbay This user has validated their user name.

Mon Jan 24 19:38:43 2022

If I drop in a blue bin, I drop near the time when it should be picked up. So during the day.  

Sometimes, carriers will scan if you do a pickup at your house or business. But getting a mail carrier or the post office to scan usually involves drama and often they will say NO. Reasons given, only for packages purchased at the counter or insurance purchased at the counter.  Reasons by mail carrier, I don't know how, we aren't supposed to do it or it will be scanned at the sorting facility. With the USPS packages just randomly appear and they will disappear but I have had a Fedex Package disappear.  USPS is only good for small light weight items where shipping costs are much less.

With regards to insurance, USPS will pay, they don't make it easy, you will have file, appeal and appeal again.  When they do pay, your shipping costs are included in the maximum paid. So if you have 50 in insurance and shipping is 10. The most you can collect for item is 40 plus 10 for shipping to reach the 50.  

I self insure my packages as the cost of insurance is a waste.  After having a residential  UPS  package was "stolen" I will now do a signature for higher value items, going to a residence.

To track your packages it is best to get them directly from UPS, FEDEX or USPS and not the merchant you bought from as it can take up to ten hours for the merchant to notify you.  In a best case it is about 30 minutes, but do you want your package out in the rain, sun or potentially being stolen.

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