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Fri July 5 2019 09:34:42

Seller Unable to Pay eBay Fees with PayPal

By: Reader

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Dear Ina,
It appears that one-time payments through PayPal to pay your eBay seller fees has changed. It's a new payment screen and you no longer have the option when selecting PayPal to choose how you want to pay your one-time payment. 

In the past you could have used any of the payment options you had on file. Today when I went to make a one-time payment, it automatically came out of my bank account. 

I called PayPal first and they said it wasn't on their end, but they had been dealing with complaints over it, the past couple days. 

The PayPal rep told me she wasn't sure but, this is most likely being done as a way to faze out PayPal from monthly seller fees. Basically leaving the only option for payment via PayPal from your PayPal balance or bank account. 

Called eBay and the rep checked his own PayPal account and was able to see that you no longer have the preferred payment method option. Which was a surprise to him. You can still pay with a credit card but not through Paypal for the one time payment. 

A little notice would have been nice, but since their employees aren't even left in the loop on it, I guess it's too much to ask.

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Perminate Link for Seller Unable to Pay eBay Fees with PayPal   Seller Unable to Pay eBay Fees with PayPal

by: Windkissed This user has validated their user name.
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Thu Jul 11 09:03:44 2019

They had better not be trying to take mine out of my bank account credit card, it is always at its limit.  I can't pay that down because of another business venture I'm still in hock for that where I was lied to.   I hope my future ebay transactions are good.  I would like to clear at least $1000 a month on ebay in the future.

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