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Tue July 1 2014 10:44:03

Other Venues Where You're Having Success

By: Reader

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Dear Ina,
Would others who say they have such success on venues other than eBay please be kind enough to share the names of those websites? Some sellers do name some sites, but those who claim such success at other sites often do not name the sites where they have such wonderful success! Have some empathy for your fellow sellers, and share, please!

Others have spoken of using FBA at Amazon. That's great if you have the wherewithal to buy large quantities of inventory for FBA. For the small seller, while it might be possible, FBA is just not practical.

I have looked into a number of other venues over time and the reviews just turn me off the idea of signing up with them. I realize that the squeaky wheel gets the grease, and those people are often negative complainers, but let's hear some positive reviews of venues where you have been successful!

I agree that eBay is where the traffic is, and as a small seller, I am surprised - and glad - that eBay has pretty much left me alone - so far. But the defect thing (which I will have to live with - can't do anything about it - I'll just continue to give good customer service) and the 90-day returns thing (which I am not going to sign up for, resulting in the loss of exposure in search) could bring down my little business.

I am on Bonanza and Amazon, but don't make many sales on either venue. On Bonanza there is not that much traffic yet. On Amazon, my competitors are very big sellers who sell at low prices - one Amazon competitor sells retail at what I have to pay wholesale.

I have a shop on 11 Main, but they are still in beta and I have not had any sales yet. I am not whining, just explaining that the other venues I am on are just not working for me.

I would love to have my own website, but we're senior citizens and the money to get started is just not available. I don't think I am the only one in this boat!!!

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This user has validated their user name. by: Basset

Thu Jul 3 10:46:49 2014

Great subject, OP!

I like the look, idea, and ease of Bonanza and eCrater - BUT I would be homeless if I relied on the sales from them. Never that many and $0.00 in 2014 so far.

Some sales in the past, most from eCrater -  BUT that was before Google did the last (before Panda) adjustment. After that, no sales . In early 2013 I moved stuff from those venues back to one eBay account and just about everything sold - some almost immediately. At the end of 2013, inventory from one account back to eCrater and Bonanza. $0. Zip Zero. Crickets. Just moved some stuff BACK to an eBay account & already one item has sold, one has a bid. So, that is one person's experience.

I have not tried Etsy - Yetsy ; )

Because most of my online sales income comes from eBay, that is where I concentrate the majority of my energy. That does not keep me from being on other venues - in my case I just don't see a payoff at this time at the other venues that fit my categories.

WHAT you sell (category) and how much you have to sell is a big factor, in being ALLOWED to sell on a venue like Amazon, and in sales activity.

@Terry in Texas - I found your comment useful and thanks for naming names. I'm a GoDaddy girl myself (no, not THAT GoDaddy girl!) but have wondered about Shopify and Weebly since they have been advertising lately.

Some of us DO indeed need a level of help if we choose to do a website.  Another possible source (if you need assistance) is a trusted tech place that services your computers. I've found a great service and find the ''geeks''  there are trustworthy and some do stuff like websites part-time on the side at a reasonable rate.

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by: DonC This user has validated their user name.
Web Site

Thu Jul 3 12:00:29 2014

We have done well with a Yahoo store with  Constant Contact for email marketing.SEO Doctor is a handy tool for optimizing your pages for SEO.

Pros: A simple quick loading web store is easy to set up.

The check out is easy to set up and works well also.

Yahoo leaves you alone.In 8-9 years we have had ZERO problems with Yahoo ( No suspensions,holds on our money or listings taken down).

Cons: You have to generate your own traffic.

You have to pay for your website and URL.

Good luck!


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by: faywray This user has validated their user name.

Thu Jul 3 14:04:43 2014

I sold on Ebay for some years, but the endless changes of policy were maddening and the site is positively hostile to sellers on occasion. I decided to try Ruby Lane, and have had a great deal of success, within 3 years we have been able to go full time with my husband giving up his job to work with me. Might not be for everyone, as it does require perseverance to build up a business, but we have approx 3000 items currently in our store, and our cost of sales runs a very comfortable 8%.

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by: Dragonlord This user has validated their user name.

Thu Jul 3 18:57:14 2014

You did not mention what type of items you are selling in your comments.  If you have antiques and collectibles, you may want to try GoAntiques.  We have been selling with them since they started over 12 years ago.  A very affordable store program, complete control of your inventory, ability to feature items, very good promotion and advertising, and best of all good sales.  People are right when they say you need inventory in order to sell.  We have over 6,000 items listed and as mentioned earlier are lucky to get 20 to 30 sales a month.  However, these range from $5.00 to $1,000.00 on the average, so the number of sales is not as important as the total dollar value each month.  

We also have our own web site and link the two of them together so we can advertise specials on our site and have them linked to the GoAntiques site.  Tried Bonanza, Etsy, Webstore, Yahoo, Amazon, Facebook and others with no great success.  Minimal sales, not worth the time to set up the store and keep it running.  We do keep some running and mainly use it as advertising for many of our items by linking or listing our own site or the GoAntiques site in our item listings.  Can not tell how successful this is but we keep doing it just in case it helps find those extra customers and sends them to our site to buy.  It take a lot of work and effort but in the end it will be worth it as you get a better return on your investment than any bank or other investment.

Perminate Link for Other Venues Where You're Having Success   Other Venues Where You're Having Success

by: JTA This user has validated their user name.

Fri Jul 4 02:12:44 2014

Thank you for your letter! It's a topic I've brought up many times when posting a comment, but couldn't generate the replies you did. It was informative & much needed. I am a very small seller. I work 2 jobs & support 6 people. I sell collectibles - vintage & antique items - not the kind of stuff you always have a bunch of in your inventory & can order by the pallet. Often, time doesn't allow for more than 10 items listed. Not the kind of small shop to get a web site going with!

Yet, I retain my TRS & keep plugging away. There are times the criminal behavior and overall injustice at eBay gets me more upset than any other stressor in my life! So, I have searched & looked & tried - other venues. Etsy, eCrater, Bonanza, Ubid and a couple others that had such dismal results I can't even remember their names! A few may be good venues if you're looking to buy - but not for a seller.

I actually get very despondent..I'm worn out from fighting eBay for what's just & obviously right. They don't stand on a level platform, supporting the just & right.

But I'm even more despondent over what seems to be a losing battle in finding another source to supplement monthly income. It seems that at the end of the day..for smaller sellers for sure, eBay has the market wrapped around their little finger. There are 100's of other online auction start ups & not one has been able to give eBay a run for their money.

My ''favorite sellers'' list has about 25% listed as no ''longer a registered user''. Some of these were sellers with 800 FB to 10,000 FB! I was able to locate 3 of them. They opened up on Etsy & closed on Etsy. They are selling at swap meats & garage sales at the moment.

I hate to throw in the towel and declare eBay the winner..the one & only online market place where you have a shot at selling your wares.  I'm much too tenacious. But, dem's da facts!

The slow summer months may be a good time to seek out other places - I'm barely making a sale on eBay right now either.



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