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Mon June 9 2014 11:07:42

New eBay Defect Rating System Counts Buyer Mistakes

By: Reader

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Dear Ina,
I have been going back and forth with my "dedicated" eBay sales rep over the new ODR (order defect rate) system implementing. At first I was trying to see if they would remove unwarranted defects from my account which they will not no matter how obvious they are.

"eBay is allowing a 2% buffer for errors" is what I was told so I quickly did the math. 8 out of the newest 20 defects were all mistakes by the buyer or eBay having an awful system. This equates to 40% and the reasons that I tried removing are:

One customer opened 2 claims "I am sorry but I gave you guys the wrong address can you please re ship to the new one."

This was 2 defective orders eBay would not remove.

We would normally go out of the way to pay out of pocket to re-ship for the customer but now with the new system we have no incentive - we might as well tell the customer, sorry you messed up and can't reverse the defect, contact eBay for help.

That one is the most absurd but the rest of the 7 included "hey can I get a tracking update" ... Or, "all I wanted to do was email you but when I followed the contact seller directions on eBay it steered me towards opening a case sorry."

We have 58 out of 60 "item not arrived" claims showing as delivered ahead of schedule. eBay's system would be fine if they just counted actual defects and non-arrivals and not anyone who wants to email us.

My 2.2% defect rate (going to lose TRS) would be down to under .50% if the unjustified defects where cleared up. They need to make changes immediately.

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Perminate Link for New eBay Defect Rating System Counts Buyer Mistake   New eBay Defect Rating System Counts Buyer Mistake

by: jaydee This user has validated their user name.

Sat Jun 21 08:10:38 2014

I just don't get the logic that is behind this defect policy?

Sure it is one thing to claw back the TRS 20% discount, but this is disgraceful and no customer / seller will put up with it, we have been on a steady coarse to eliminate ebay, but for us this will certainly speed things up.

Being penalized for a good deed done for a customer in need is just wrong,  

Perminate Link for New eBay Defect Rating System Counts Buyer Mistake   New eBay Defect Rating System Counts Buyer Mistake

This user has validated their user name. by: bitbybit

Sat Jun 21 15:35:50 2014

Due to lack of sales, I am projected for next seller service report on July 20 to drop from Top Rated Seller Plus to Standard. Once the defects come in August I will be finished.

Jaydee - no kind deed on ebay goes unpunished

I have two defects from Oct-Dec 2013. One from a scamming buyer seeking a partial refund by opening a case. Item was in perfect condition but buyer made things up. I gave partial refund not wanting my 100% feedback to be ruined. The other was an insured item damaged by USPS where buyer received full refund with no case opened. Ebay is counting this as a defect as "item out of stock or sold to someone else".

Seems ebay is just using everything they can to create defects for sellers and making the defects fit in any category. Did seller breathe wrong? Count it as a defect. Did seller do everything right in November 2013 but ebay is now saying it is wrong? Count it as a defect. Any neutral feedback? It will now be considered negative.

August will be a sellers nightmare. Ebay is beyond ruthless.  

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