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Thu Dec 11 2014 21:48:22

eBay's New Mobile App for iPad Called a Dud

By: Ina Steiner

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Dear Ina,
A wonderful eBay topic for you is the complete overhaul of the eBay iPad app (and possibly others) rolled out over the past day or two. The new app completely removes the normal user set up landing page where saved searches, categories, buying, selling and other information was prominently displayed and easy to use.  

The new update forces the eBay Homepage Collections and Daily Deals down the throats of users and layers in the other information so deeply it took me (a seasoned eBay app and desktop user) nearly an hour to do something that would have taken me 15 minutes previously.   

One question is why in the hell would eBay change the app so dramatically during the Holiday Season?  It seems as though the app was changed to remove any autonomy the eBay buyer has left.  

They simply want to force feed their daily deal garbage down people's throats.  By the way, who the hell is using eBay Collections anyway? No one! No one cares. Way too much work just to find and buy something.

Most interesting are the ratings for this new version of the app in the Apple App Store. At the time of writing this I believe 98% were 1 star with most reviewers stating this should be 0 stars. The comments are simply spot on and most coming from buyers. Many stating they are now going to delete the app as it is useless now.   

As a seller, once again I am furious that customers that had my store as a saved search in their eBay app no longer has that easy access that THEY SET UP. I can expect to see sales decrease even further.  

eBay is seriously the most mismanaged company I have ever seen.

Note from the Editor: See our coverage of the new eBay for iPad app, which eBay called one of its most important product launches in the last few years, in Friday's Newsflash newsletter.

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Perminate Link for eBay's New Mobile App for iPad Called a Dud   eBay's New Mobile App for iPad Called a Dud

by: Tiffee Jasso This user has validated their user name.

Mon Dec 15 02:12:12 2014

This could be the reason for  my experience on Ebay last week. I did not log in with my Ebay user name. Instead, I just did a search for a costume jewelry bracelet by a one of the new jewelry brands. Very frustrating is all I can say. Eighteen bracelets were all that Ebay had to offer and the prices began at $164 to over $800. No categories links were shown or given and therefore I was unable to do any more shopping for that particular designer and believe me I tried. So I put my mouse down and went to the mall. I got two bracelets there at less than $40 each.
When I got back I signed into EBay and did another search for the the designer and her bracelets just out of curiosity. This time I was shown several hundred bracelets and with prices starting at $9.99 for preowned, which is much more in line with what folks are willing to pay. But I now had all the bracelets I needed for gifts and they did not come from Ebay.
How many others prospective buyers are being shown little choice, high prices and no way to get to the regular jewelry categories or other categories for that matter?

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