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Sun Sept 12 2010 19:24:03

Nasty Gal Vintage Leaves eBay and Thrives

By: Ina Steiner

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To the Editor:
A positive story for once, you CAN leave eBay even with a vintage clothes business and not only survive, but THRIVE.

Just saw a story about a seller named Sophia Amoruso who looked literally everywhere for cool clothing and ran a huge business on eBay but left mainly because she didn't like the no seller negative feedback rule. (you don't usually see sellers leave just for that, right?) She said "I just got tired of their rules, mostly the one where they started telling us what we could write in feedback, and in my listings." (Here's a link to the video.)

So I Google it, and here is the link to her store: Nasty Gal Vintage - Ha, gone. Started in 2006. Then look at all her other links.

This is (apparently) how you do it, folks, get a following, leave, and don't look back. PS Getting a following involves at minimum having an "e-mail me is okay" list. And learn the new marketing.

This gal does NOT have a college degree. When she started she was unemployed. She said she did all kinds of odd things but never worked anywhere for more than a year.

Of course this will never happen again, since eBay is no longer interested in new startups, only in finding established retailers who want to spend a ton of money on their site.

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Perminate Link for Nasty Gal Vintage Leaves eBay and Thrives   Nasty Gal Vintage Leaves eBay and Thrives

by: Pat

Tue Sep 14 08:08:58 2010

She's got a sharp web site. It's nice to see someone break away from eBay and do well for themselves.

It's not unusual for the pack that's been left behind to snipe at someone's success. Especially when you're dealing with the trolls at eBay who spend their days reporting competing sellers. So glad to have ebay in my rear view mirror!

Perminate Link for Nasty Gal Vintage Leaves eBay and Thrives   Nasty Gal Vintage Leaves eBay and Thrives

by: nancy

Wed Sep 15 11:46:30 2010

Let's clear something up right now.

This had nothing to do with AB.

The story aired on MSNBC.

And on top of that, this person is hiring employees.

How many OP have done this?

I do not sell vintage clothing and so didn't know anything about the shilling allegations.  I sent the story to Ina to INSPIRE other sellers that life after eBay is so possible.

Maybe I should add, even if you get suspended? (???)

Who cares anymore from 2008?

The point was LOOK AT HER MARKETING, pay attention to how many places are blogging her stuff, and look at her getting on MSNBC

If you all spent less time back-biting and arguing and posting on ebay boards, and more time studying OTHER very successful off ebay ventures, this whole post would have been unnecessary.

The past is called the past because it's stuff that already happened and can never be changed. All this stuff you worry about on eBay will likely not change either; traffic is down, sales are in the toilet.

Spend all your free time (you should have alot more now than in 2008, right?) preparing to leave.

When Alibaba buys eBay you might want to leave anyways, no?

Or maybe not. How about as an alternative, start making friends at Alibaba, so they will hire you.

Perminate Link for Nasty Gal Vintage Leaves eBay and Thrives   Nasty Gal Vintage Leaves eBay and Thrives

by: jessica

Wed Sep 15 19:24:19 2010

I can tell about another even more successful seller who left eBay when they put the screws on him. Bruce Hershenson is one of the top if not the top sellers of rare movie material in the US. He was on eBay for many years and I am pretty sure he was their top seller of movie memorabilia. One day eBay took offense at a pretty funny satirical comment he made in one of his listings making fun of eBay fees. They claimed he engaged in shill bidding which was a lie and especially ironic since a number of the actual dealers with shill bidders were never disciplined by eBay despite clear evidence sent in from a number of buyers. Anyway Bruce left eBay shortly thereafter and started his own web site which is hugely successful and considered to go to site for people collecting stills and posters in particular. Ironically had eBay not messed up and pissed him off he probably would have stayed for a few more years though I am sure he would have left eventually. Typical of eBay to run off their most successful and highly regarded movie material dealer. On the other hand Bruce only sells by auction and charges a significant but fair price for is really extraordinary shipping ( I think  he single handily keeps some cardboard manufacture in business). Amazingly it actually costs money to carefully pack and ship valuable paper items.
I notice in buying from Bruce that most of his customers followed him from eBay and we are VERY happy not to have to deal with eBay. We get to have direct contact with someone who is knowledgeable and has great customer service. Nothing like eBay.

Perminate Link for Nasty Gal Vintage Leaves eBay and Thrives   Nasty Gal Vintage Leaves eBay and Thrives

by: anita

Fri Dec 10 22:03:38 2010

The issue isn't whether Nasty Gal's success leaves others feeling jealous.

The issue is how many people she had to step on in order to get her business to the level it is now.

How can you guys not realize this? Is that your idea of an inspiring success story? Really?

Nasty Gal intentionally misled customers by buying brand new flapper costumes with a buying id. Then on her selling id she re-sold the same dresses, claiming they were rare vintage 80s items.

She was also buying brand new little boys leather jackets, then re-selling them as 80s vintage womens cropped jackets. She did these things many many times. It's a pity her customers who shelled out hundreds for the items didn't know better.

As if that isn't bad enough, her and a handful of other sellers were shill bidding on each others auctions to jack prices up far beyond what the items were actually worth. This is why all that 80s and 90s crap they were peddling was going for hundreds of dollars. It's the same crap you can buy at a thrift store. Or even a real vintage store for less than 30 bucks!

Scroll down and read the 2nd page of comments. Nasty Gal blatantly admits she was in cahoots with Indie Cult Vintage for a while, who's a notorious shill bidder (former tax attorney who got disbarred, nuff said). And while Nasty Gal suggests she stopped conspiring with Indie Cult, it's pretty obvious she kept up the shill bidding with other unethical sellers.

I hate to say it, but all the heavily hyped vintage dealers that used to be on EBay were all in cahoots with one another. Lullie, Spanish Moss, Timeless Vixen, Indie Cult, Nasty Gal. If you pay close attention to their blogs and myspace pages you'll note all these gals are friends. Makes ya wonder doesnt it?

Bloggers and members of the press, please do your research on businesses before promoting them. Giving unethical businesses press just makes you look discredible.

Perminate Link for Nasty Gal Vintage Leaves eBay and Thrives   Nasty Gal Vintage Leaves eBay and Thrives

by: anita

Fri Dec 10 22:07:29 2010

More details about Nasty Gals scams found here :

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