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Friday December 15, 2017
Reader Disappointed by eBay Daily Deals Purchases
Dear Ina, Over the past few months, I have run into quite a few issues with purchasing from the eB ...

Tuesday December 12, 2017
eBay Seller No Longer in Control of Returns
Dear Ina, eBay is now automatically approving returns without me knowing anything of morn ...

Sunday December 10, 2017
eBay Garbles Item Descriptions on Mobile Devices
An eBay seller says her listing descriptions are garbled on mobile devices and calls the site's ...

Wednesday December 6, 2017
Reader Claims eBay Tolerates Shill Bidding Practice
Dear Ina, Just notifying you of a new eBay scam. When the first bidder (#1) places a bid, bidder # ...

Friday December 1, 2017
What Percentage of eBay Sales Are Auctions?
Dear Ina, I wonder if you could do an update on the current percentage of eBay auctions versus Buy ...