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Monday June 29, 2009
eBay UK Customer Service Is Greatly Improved
To the Editor: I am an Englishman living in France and receive your missive on a regular basis. the ...

Saturday June 27, 2009
Report of Gallery Glitch on eBay
To the Editor: For the past approx. 1.5 weeks, we have been trying to add gallery pictures (fre ...

Thursday June 25, 2009
What's Behind Uptick in eBay Sales?
To the Editor: I am a long-time reader of your blog, and have received many a benefit thereof. I fin ...

Wednesday June 24, 2009
eBay's New Search Search Slowing Buyers?
To the Editor: On June 10, 2009 Ebay retired Classic Search. Our sales immediately dropped from 20-3 ...

Sunday June 21, 2009
Small Sellers Feel Crunch on eBay
To the Editor: Just a comment on Auctiva. With their move to a fee based service, small sellers have ...

Friday June 12, 2009
eBay Competition Affecting Sellers
To the Editor: I am becoming concerned with eBay's performance over the last year, and maybe you hav ...

Tuesday June 9, 2009
Incorrect 'Free Shipping' Messaging
Dear Ina: So I go in to do feedback for a seller last night, and GUESS WHAT? It tells me right be ...

Monday June 8, 2009
eBay Sellers versus Large Corporations
To the Editor: (Auctiva, eBay Pawns in the Game.) I've always been a late bloomer and, true to form, ...

Tuesday June 2, 2009
eBay Sports Card Policy
To the Editor: eBay recently made a change to their sports card policy with no announcement. The fir ...