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Mon Mar 13 2023 15:33:25

Seller Confused about Benefits of an eBay Starter Store

By: Reader

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Dear Ina,
I've been on eBay for a long time, but never had a store. I have one question I'm hoping you will answer for me: 

The STARTER store states that it gives 250 free listings per month, but nowhere does it go into detail if this means 250 free listings IN ADDITION TO the 250 free listings that are already given.

It is NOT easy to find answers to this specific question. 

Does it mean that, with the 250 ALREADY given to all sellers, I would then have 500 free listings total per month? Or are they already counting them? 

Thanks in advance,

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Fri Mar 10 2023 10:52:07

eBay Seller Says Some Saved Searches No Longer Update

By: Reader

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Dear Ina,
I'm experiencing a problem with my saved searches. I am generally close to the saved search limit of 200 as result of wanting to buy/sell "rare" things. 

I have noticed that some of my saved searches have stopped working. I don't get new auction alert e-mails, but if I go to the saved search page and "manually" run the search I see "new" items that meet my criteria.  

Any ideas?

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Wed Mar 8 2023 10:17:02

Seller Questions eBay Benchmarks Used to Apply Penalty Fees

By: Reader

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Dear Ina,
I am not sure how all other Australian sellers of new and pre-owned clothing are going, but it appears that all my peers are, simply put, perfect sellers.

Currently our peer group % is ZERO and our return rate over the past 12 months 13 / 1,154 = 1.13% (compared to the general real world average of 20-25%).

Consequently, although all our SNAD's (Significantly Not As Described claims) were resolved without eBay's intervention, we have automatically gone in to the 'Very High' category and are currently paying a FVF + penalty.

I am just curious as to what my peers are seeing in service metrics ... Read More

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Sat Mar 4 2023 22:33:46

Wasteful Spending Is Not Isolated to Tech Firms

By: Reader


Dear Ina,
Regarding the March 2nd EcommerceBytes Editorial, "Would you pay $5,000 for a chair for your office? On Saturday, the New York Times wrote about tech companies' left-behind office furniture as they "cut costs and move to remote work."

Tech companies aren't the only ones wasting money. I work in a very large high rise building. A rather large and well known financial services company moved out recently. They occupied a total of 5 floors. When moving out, they hired a company to crush the majority of desk, hutches, bookcases, chairs, etc.. and take it to the dump.

I can only guess at the cost / ... Read More

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Thu Mar 2 2023 11:46:14

eBay Removes Sales History from Listing Pages

By: Reader


Dear Ina,
I'm sure this will be of interest to your readers - I couldn't find it reported on your site. It appears eBay has removed sales history from listing pages. 

Previously, you could click on the sold number and see date sold and price. Now the sold quantity is no longer hyperlinked. 

I thought this might have been a site issue as I couldn't find any announcement, but it has now been unavailable for about 3 days. 

If this is a real change it will be detrimental to both buyers and sellers as it is a very useful research tool. The remaining completed sold search on its own ... Read More

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