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Tue Dec 4 2018 11:24:41

Problems with New USPS Collection Box

By: Reader

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Dear Ina,
I just have to complain about this to you and your readers: 

The Postal Service, in its usual contempt for the customer, has changed NYC mailboxes from a swinging door arrangement to a rigid slot.

The result for sellers like me, who brace most envelopes with hard cardboard, is that I can no longer mail those braced envelopes unless the post office nearby is open.  

Very annoying and inconvenient; likely going to be a nationwide change, with no apparent consultations with customers beforehand.

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Thu Nov 29 2018 21:29:23

eBay Webinterpret Promo Results in Seller Suspension

By: Reader

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Dear Ina,
I've been sent to eBay jail for 3 days for violating an eBay Germany policy. I signed up for eBay's/Webinterpret's take on international selling. In a few words, they take your USA listings and list them on eBay's international sites. 

Sounded like a good idea and it was free to the end of the year and then you could pay the fee and continue if it was a success.  

Well! Some things in English on the eBay USA site don't always meet with approval on the foreign sites. It seemed like a good idea, but different sites have different rules, and I got caught up ... Read More

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Wed Nov 28 2018 09:43:15

eBay Sends Dire Warning about Seller Performance

By: Reader

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Dear Ina,
I received this notice from eBay about my below standard level (2 quarters) and I want to know what does "subject to changes" mean.

Below Selling Level from Ebay

Here's what you need to know

Your seller level is Below Standard in US for the second cycle. You have two more cycles to show improvement before your selling account may be subject to changes

I am countering with the reason for slow/no sales is because of their glitchy site. And non-support for the small seller.  

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Tue Nov 27 2018 21:30:17

eBay Makes It Hard for Seller to View Auction Listings

By: Reader


Dear Ina,
I listed several items for sale today, some as "buy it now" and some in auction format. In My eBay selling summary, although the "All" option was chosen, only my "buy it now" listings appeared. When I changed the "all" option to "auction," I saw my auction listings. 

I know the reason eBay is hiding the auction listings. It is because after I list my auction items, eBay adds the "make an offer" option to my listing, which I carefully did NOT check when I listed the item. 

eBay wants to hide from the seller that they have illegally altered our auction listings. eBay is ... Read More

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Mon Nov 26 2018 16:33:20

Finance Geek Seeks Advice on Ecommerce Resources

By: Reader


Dear Ina,
I appreciate your emails and insightful articles. They've been a good source of info on a variety of topics. Quick question that hopefully you can assist with.  

I am relatively new to the e-commerce world and am a CPA and the controller for the company.  The majority of our sales is thru Amazon, but we also sell on eBay and other marketplaces.  

While I have years of experience in accounting and finance, the bulk of my experience is with non e-commerce companies. I am looking to broaden my knowledge about the e-commerce industry, operations, trends, and other items that can assist in my role for ... Read More

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