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Sat Sept 4 2021 09:26:32

eBay GSP Practice Undercuts Seller's Pricing

By: Ina Steiner

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Dear Ina,
Good morning! I have a question neither eBay nor Pitney Bowes seems willing to answer. I'll try to make a long story short.

I sold a pocket knife to a guy in Spain through eBay's global shipping program. Pocket knives evidently can't go to Spain. So eBay notifies me, allows me to keep the money and then refunds the buyer.

The knife is then put back on eBay through a third party. They use my active ad, my pictures, my description..etc. They undercut my price on the remaining pocket knives from that listing.

My question to both companies was, how are these things sold? Is the third ... Read More

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Thu Sept 2 2021 11:24:04

Seller Asks PayPal to Call Off Bots Denying Her Loan

By: Reader

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Dear Ina, 
I applied for a 4th PayPal Working Capital loan and was very surprised to be denied after successfully paying back 3 previous loans and having a spotless record with PayPal for over 16 years, as acknowledged by numerous PayPal supervisors. 

I spent a day and a half on the phone with all kinds of PayPal employees to solve my denial problem and this is what I found out. 

PayPal Zettle solicited me via phone in early July of this year to use PayPal Zettle as a POS payment processor because they said they are phasing out PayPal Here, which I have used for 7 years. 

I agreed ... Read More

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Mon Aug 30 2021 21:03:23

Reader Warning: Opt Out of eBay Payments Arbitration Clause

By: Reader

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Dear Ina,
Make sure everyone knows once they sign up for eBay managed payments they have 30 days to opt out of the arbitration with the company processing the payments. 

The company is tied to the hip of eBay and maybe we can get enough to opt out and leave them open to a class action suit.

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Sun Aug 29 2021 11:27:03

Seller Says FTC Should Examine This eBay Practice

By: Reader


Dear Ina,
This is very important and needs to go public. I have found that eBay often has their "favorite" sellers. Meaning, certain sellers in most categories receive preferential treatment in search placement by eBay. This in turn means almost all sales go to a couple of sellers. 

In my opinion, this is borderline unfair trade practice and should be brought to the FTC's attention. At the very least, it's extremely unfair for all sellers on eBay and should be made public. What they are doing is deceptive and wrong.

I have brought this to eBay corporate's attention, and all they do is give a handful of ... Read More

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Wed Aug 25 2021 07:57:11

eBay Seller Suggests Workaround for New Page Displays

By: Reader


Dear Ina,
I reported the new page displays on eBay and they seem to be still tinkering with the content and layout. More info keeps disappearing.

BUT... there's a simple work around, at least for now. Just add anything to the search bar, maybe something like "-xyz" and click the magnifier. The resulting page display will have the old page format with all the missing information. 

Apparently that haven't gotten around to changing that page yet.

Note: this reader tip came in last month, we're not sure if it's still working

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