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Thu Nov 16 2017 10:54:09

eBay Breaks Email Marketing as Seller Sales Slump

By: Reader

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The tool eBay sellers use to market to customers isn't working, according to a reader who is facing their worst holiday season in 18 years.

Dear Ina,
I know that the geniuses at eBay are doing everything in their power to prevent communication between sellers and buyers, but there is a new "glitch" at eBay right before the holidays that is beyond ridiculous.

Email marketing is not working. You prepare your letter to be sent to your store subscribers, they mark it as sent, but no letters go out. Of course, since you can only send email through email marketing once a week, you have to wait ... Read More

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Wed Nov 15 2017 19:19:50

eBay Changes Search to Divert Shoppers to Cheaper Rivals

By: Readers

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Two readers have concerns about a recent change to eBay search. Next to listings on the search results page, eBay now places links that divert shoppers to a different seller that offers a lower price.

Dear Ina,
Here is another thing that eBay is doing to their sellers that I think is impacting sales. As I sell mainly cosmetics, I recently came across this on the search page for many of my items. eBay is displaying the following for nail polish:

2 new & refurbished from $35.89

I have called eBay numerous times to ask why and how they can put something like this on a cosmetic as ... Read More

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Tue Nov 14 2017 10:49:25

eBay's New Seller Tool Interferes with Shopping Cart

By: Reader

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Dear Ina,
Just had an eBay buyer contact me to say he could not request a total while using the shopping cart. He said the request total button was greyed out. 

I had a look at the eBay community forum and others have discussed this very phenomenon. It seems that if I put an item on sale through the mark-down manager, it interferes with the shopping cart logic in this manner. 

There is no way that this can be intended functionality; it must be a glitch. I believe the complexity of their rules based-logic is having unintended consequences and I have to wonder what else is broken, ... Read More

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Sat Nov 11 2017 21:57:30

Problems with eBay Markdown Manager

By: Reader


Dear Ina,
eBay has not just rolled out the new Markdown Manager (MM) tool in Canada, they have done it in the US. Once again disrupting the way sellers do business in the important 4th quarter. 

eBay has done away with the separate MM tool and is now forcing markdowns through the promotion manager through a sale event. At first glance, this does not seem to be too big of an issue, but alas it is. Why? Once again eBay did not even try to understand how sellers used the two different tools. The biggest use of the two has now been taken away. 

The best use ... Read More

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Thu Nov 9 2017 19:40:01

Rep Tells Seller eBay Lacks Resources to Fight Fakes

By: Ina Steiner


Dear Ina,
In the process of getting my eBay listings prepped for my upcoming holiday sales I decided to take a look at my competition on eBay. Not so surprisingly, I found a whole bunch of people in my category trying to pass off fake name brand jewelry as authentic and others putting in a brand name in their listings to get their items to the top of the search for that particular brand(s).  

I proceeded to call eBay (twice) to alert them of the flagrant misuse of sellers (many from China) gaming the system with fake items and deceptive listings. I also told the ... Read More

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