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Tue Nov 15 2022 10:26:39

eBay Seller Seeks Help in Opting Out of Global Shipping Program

By: Reader

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Dear Ina,
I recently read your article on EcommerceBytes: "Beware Migration to New eBay Shipping Program" and wondered if you would be able to help me.  

We have received a VERO/Copyright issue stemming from GSP auto-enrolling us. Since January we have opted out no fewer that 10 times and eBay simply throws us back in, thus causing listings to appear in the USA and therefore causing a copyright breach.  

Is there any thing that eBay has published or a statement where they have explained this technical issue that you would be able to direct me to?

Sellers are getting the blame for something we have not ... Read More

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Sun Nov 13 2022 12:05:14

Did eBay Tweak Feedback to Encourage Returns?

By: Reader

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Dear Ina, 
I am a 20+ year seller with 100% feedback. I opened my email this morning to my dismay to see the 4th "return request" since Monday. I have had one item returned in the last year.  

Is anyone else running into this? I am not doing anything different. I sell large items, so this is going to eat me alive. 

I bought an item the other day and went to leave +++ to the seller. After I left it, there was a link to click if any problems. Did eBay change things as it now seems they are encouraging people to return items?  

If this keeps up, ... Read More

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Sat Nov 12 2022 10:22:09

eBay Suspends Seller, Demands He Upload Invoices for All Listings

By: Reader

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Dear Ina,
I have been selling on eBay since 1999 and have never had my account restricted or suspended until Friday. I have a store subscription and was working my way up to 1,000 active listings. I had 4XX active listings with $2X,000 in sales /6XX items sold in the past 90 days, zero cases, and zero negative feedback. 

I was too successful by eBay's standards so eBay removed all my listings. For my account history I have sold over 2X,000 items. 

eBay has a copy of my driver's license and has had my EIN for years. eBay wants to confirm my identity and wants invoices for ... Read More

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Mon Nov 7 2022 13:22:16

Is There a Way to Dig Out of eBay's 6 Percent Penalty Fee?

By: Reader


Dear Ina,
I've been selling on eBay since 2000. About a year ago I moved and was selling tons of stuff from the attic as a byproduct. 

My eBay inventory was in disarray and I mislocated a bunch of stuff I was selling. I had to cancel a handful of sales and I made the mistake of doing so in a straightforward manner. eBay contacted me to assert that volume of canceled sales was too high causing "below standard performance" and added the penalty of 6% on top of the final value fee for every transaction since then.

It seems my volume of return canceled ... Read More

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Fri Nov 4 2022 23:01:30

Why Isn't eBay Authenticator Responsible for Claims?

By: Reader


Dear Ina,
As I always appreciate reading in your forum about the various issues with eBay, I just encountered a new one (for me anyway) that sellers of certain items might want to be made aware of.

If you are a seller of items that fall into the "authentication" categories and it has to be sent to the authenticator, if USPS loses/misplaces/re-routes the package AFTER it leaves the authenticator, the seller is still, at least temporarily (so far), on the hook for it.

Recently sold an item that had to be sent to the authenticator. It was received by eBay, "authenticated", and sent on to the buyer ... Read More

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