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by Ina Steiner, Editor of
Thu Nov 9 2017 17:13:51

Amazon Sellers Panic over Change to Order Defect Rate

By: Ina Steiner

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Amazon changed the way it calculates claims against sellers, called the Order Defect Rate (ODR), putting seller accounts in jeopardy just as they are gearing up for the holiday shopping season.

Sellers say Amazon has retroactively started counting A to Z claims that were decided in seller's favor and started counting A to Z claims that had been withdrawn by the buyer. "Some people's ODR rates have doubled or tripled overnight," a reader told us. 

There's been no announcement by Amazon, they say. "It appears they sneakily changed their policy page,'s not looking to be a technical issue," the reader told us.

You can read more on this thread on the Amazon discussion boards - and there are many more, with sellers speculating on whether it's a policy change or a glitch. Amazon has yet to respond to our inquiry about the change.

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