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Fri Nov 29 2013 13:39:40

Do Your Email Headlines Tempt Holiday Shoppers?

By: Ina Steiner

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On Thanksgiving day, I received an email from fashion marketplace Poshmark with the subject line, "Too much turkey? Shopping can be your cardio." Thinking of recipients reading the headline after having eaten their Thanksgiving dinners, it struck me as a clever way to get the attention of would-be shoppers.

I decided to a take a closer look at other promotional emails to see if other retailers and marketplaces were using creative headlines to try and get recipients to open their emails. Here are some subject lines of holiday shopping emails I've received since Thursday:

Amazon: Ina Steiner: Black Friday Deals Are Here. That was clever to use my name in the subject line to get my attention, and from the headline, I know what's inside.

Bonanza: An early gift from Bonanza. This piqued my interest - what shopper wouldn't open to see what gift awaited inside? It also sent out an email with the subject line, What are Gifts without Marshmallows? Intriguing. Unlike many other retailers, Bonanza did not include "Black Friday" in its email subject lines.

Delcampe: Delcampe wishes you a Happy Thanksgiving!
This collectibles marketplace (stamps, postcards, coins, etc.) kept the commercialism very low key, presenting reasons why it was thankful on Thanksgiving Day, and then presenting a link to its website and Thanksgiving category.

eBay Fashion: A Black Friday peek: Boots and bling. Could be effective for those in the market for footwear or jewelry, and shoppers do love a "sneak peek." Interestingly I received no emails from individual eBay merchants  provided through the eBay, despite being subscribed to a number of them.

Etsy: You Inspire Great Things. This was sent Monday, and I see no signs of having received anything since - no Black Friday emails from Etsy?

Abt Electronics: Check Out Our Great Black Friday Deals. Another "Black Friday" headline, though fairly generic.

Bob's Stores: Start Shopping Online Now for Early Bird Deals! Many retailers were sending emails before Thanksgiving.

MetroKitchen: Black Friday Sale! Up to 60% off All-Clad, Wusthof, Scanpan & More! They got my attention with the 60%-off offer, and happened to include a brand I like in the subject line.

Staples: Shop in store or online. 2 coupons for Black Friday! Retailer gives coupons no matter if you shop in person or online.

YawkeyWayStore: Happy Thanksgiving! Celebrate with a Great Discount! Nothing particularly exciting in the headline, but this is a specialty store (Red Sox sportswear), so if I had any Red Sox fans on my shopping list, I might be tempted just by having received the email.

Many merchants used the words Black Friday in their email subject lines this week to attract holiday shoppers. I expect the same to happen with "Cyber Monday" beginning tomorrow through Monday.

Did you receive any emails with interesting subject lines? What subject lines did you use in your promotional emails this week?

And if you don't have an email marketing list, why not?! Your colleagues do - here is a link to Sellers Choice awards for email marketing services, and here are just a couple of articles on email marketing we've published this year alone:

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