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Mon June 18 2012 14:04:24

How to Get on the Front Page of

By: Ina Steiner

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It's not easy to get the attention of Amazon founder and CEO Jeff Bezos, and it's pretty difficult to get your product on the home page of But Jessica Park managed to do both today.

Park is an author who "hit road block after road block" trying to get her book "Flat-Out Love" published. After many rejections, she turned to Amazon and self-published the book.

It was her blog post entitled, "How Amazon Saved My Life," that caught the attention of Amazon and won her and the book the exposure of a lifetime. Bezos wrote a letter to Amazon customers and placed it on the Amazon homepage, front and center.

Of course, Bezos didn't profile Park's book just because he liked it. At a time when publishers, bookstores, authors and retailers are criticizing Amazon for turning the publishing world upside down, Park's blog post praises Amazon.

In his letter to readers, Bezos gives Kindle Direct Publishing credit for Park's success, saying it "empowers serious authors to reach readers, build a following, make a living, and to do it on their own terms."

In her post on Indie Reader, Park had written:

"Say what you want about (Amazon), but it's because of them that I can continue writing. It's unclear to me how a big publisher thinks that I could live on their typical payouts, and why they think I should drop to my knees in gratitude for their deigning to even publish my book in the first place when I'll do all the work myself. I'm not going to be grateful for that nonsense, but I am going to be grateful as hell to Amazon."

So if you want a shot at getting the attention of Jeff Bezos, the lesson appears to be, write one heck of a testimonial for Amazon!

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Perminate Link for How to Get on the Front Page of   How to Get on the Front Page of

by: Solveig This user has validated their user name.
Web Site

Wed Jun 20 03:16:03 2012

My question is what has one got to do to get on the the front page of Etsy? It is rampant on e-commerce sites like amazon, ebay, etsy, etc. On etsy, you see the same merchants, over and over and over selling their tacky little gee-gaws, all because they probably have a good friend(s) at etsy admin. At least my product has a use and can be bought by anyone.  

Perminate Link for How to Get on the Front Page of   How to Get on the Front Page of

by: Slipper This user has validated their user name.
Web Site

Wed Jun 27 02:42:32 2012

Hi, thank you for your add, very helpful. In addition to the question of Solveig I was wondering if you have any tips to come on the frontpage of the Fancy. Many thanks.

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