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Mon Oct 22 2012 17:17:05

Would you like to see Sellers Tools on EcommerceBytes?

By: David Steiner

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Is it my imagination, or are many of the tools disappearing that were seller-oriented? eBay Pulse, SellerDome, fee calculators, price research tools...half of my bookmarks bring back 404 errors. I can understand that many of these tools probably brought little to no revenue for their developers, but data has always been an online merchant's best friend, and I'm on a personal crusade to resurrect some of the most useful ones.
So here's my proposition - if you have a useful tool that no longer exists let us know about it! Starting in 2013 (maybe even earlier!) we're going to devote space, time and money to giving a home to sellers tools. We're not really interested in listing or inventory management tools - there are many good services to choose from. But analytics tools, pricing guidance, calculators are definitely on our radar.
Shout out to developers - we know you have tools on the backend of your sites. Air them out! Aside from developing tools ourselves, we'll be looking at creative ways to get your tools the audience they deserve!
For now, we want to hear from sellers. What types of tools would you like to see on EcommerceByes? We started a survey here:
We've shut comments off to this post, since there are plenty of places to comment within the survey. We'll look at the results very carefully, and use them to guide our decision-making over the next several months. This is your chance to tell us where we should invest our resources in the coming year!

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