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Wed Sept 28 2022 19:46:45

A Special Message for EcommerceBytes Readers

By: Ina Steiner

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It's the evening of September 28. David and I are getting ready to drive to the Moakley Federal Courthouse in Boston tomorrow to tell a judge how we were impacted by two men who confessed this year to cyberstalking and surveilling us in 2019.

The presiding Judge will also hear from prosecutors and the two defendants themselves - the 6th and 7th former eBay employees charged in the case thus far - before she announces their sentences. Having been at the hearing of the first defendant sentenced last year, we know it's an emotional and somber time for every person in the room.

We will make at least two more trips into Boston this fall to tell a judge how four other defendants upended our lives and impacted our business before he sentences them.

When the US Attorney announced the arrests of the two high-level eBay security executives on June 15, 2020, he did not name the victims, but people quickly figured out that I am "Victim 1" and David is "Victim 2." It still feels surreal and painful to write those words.

Five of the seven people the government charged in 2020 pled guilty, but these two defendants were scheduled to go to trial on May 31, 2022. During the lengthy discovery phase of the criminal case, made longer due to Covid, we learned more about the defendants and their unindicted coconspirators and much more about how eBay responded to the government's investigation.

If you've been an EcommerceBytes reader for any length of time, you can imagine that under normal circumstances I would be reporting on it extensively. After all, we've been covering ecommerce and online marketplaces for over 20 years. But through no fault of my own, I was part of the story and found myself a "victim witness" who might have to testify.

It's been particularly difficult to watch others write about the case and fail to address corporate responsibility. 

While we were spared the ordeal of the May trial, we were deprived of the information that would have come out during the proceedings. We believe everyone who played a role should be held accountable.

Last year David and I brought a civil RICO case against those we believe were responsible for the criminal campaign, including former eBay CEO Devin Wenig, CCO Steve Wymer, and eBay itself. While it was a difficult decision, we firmly believe it was the right thing to do.

We still have many questions, the answers to which would help us heal and possibly regain some trust we've lost. We can only continue to try to do what feels right and what is best for us, our families, friends and neighbors, and readers.

In June 2020, so many of you reached out with messages of support. Even a year later when David and I went back and re-read them, it was emotional. Many of you offered prayers and told us how much our efforts have helped you over the years. At a very vulnerable time, your support meant so much to us and continues to do so. At some point in the future, we hope to be able to share much more about the ordeal.

I hope you'll continue to send your positive energy, particularly this week. 

As always, thanks for reading.

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This user has validated their user name. by: toolguy

Fri Sep 30 11:18:34 2022


You can see a recent picture of David & Ina on Google.

@pace306, I think Ed Koon has you beat when it comes to poking eBay!

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by: pace306 This user has validated their user name.

Fri Sep 30 12:00:18 2022

Snapped :)

My comment wasnt about the "quality" of this blog, nor was it to diminish its importance (just FYI).

This blog is really the ONLY one like it, any where on the net. The Steiners have given everyone (even myself) lots of rope (should we want to hang ourselves with it) and unless you attack someone personally - every viewpoint is accommodated - super rare in today's world.

They COULD have taken the easy way out "so to speak". They could have taken money from eBay to be shown in a positive light and filter out any criticisms - but never went down that road.

As usual, I applaud your analysis and reason as to what happened - my only point was that Wall Street "didnt care" what any of us wrote here. If you google eBays stock and read the comments on the stock blogs that do the analysis - they claim that Jaime et al are "the second coming". eBay is "so BRILLIANT" for concentrating on sneakers and car parts - lord, they are the savior of the internet! (so what any of us write doesnt stop THEM at all).

As well if there was ANYONE that they should have come after - it should have been someone who actually went after them all the time (only because they come after me for no reason).

Yes, this blog is the biggest target, but not the "most dangerous" - but since it ended well - with the Steiners NOT being hurt in any way, and now being able to get what ever they feel are their "just deserts" - Im ok with the outcome of this event. Imagine the horror or possible tragedy that could have occurred if the people eBay sent out had 1/2 a brain! (though to be fair - no one at eBay does).

The Steiners have my support as well as every one elses here - and thats a measure of WIN too!

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by: micha This user has validated their user name.

Fri Sep 30 12:45:47 2022

Ina and David, you have my full support from Cyprus!
Thank you for everything you are doing for us!

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by: Steve OnlineSeller This user has validated their user name.

Fri Sep 30 15:24:36 2022

Dear Ina & David, I also have been a seller on Ebay for 22 years, Gold Power Seller ect... and today I took the time to register on your site to send you 100% of my support & Prayers. Just knowing what Ebay did to me, a hard working, Honest, Loyal seller in my years, they treated me so BAD that I had to win 2 cases with the BBB, and I did. They hurt so many awesome people that actually helped them build Ebay, and with no retribution to them in most all cases. I followed your case from day one, and I can say I am finally seeing "some" of the hammer of justice fall down on them. Ebay is not above the law, and you are truly the tip of the Iceberg of the rotten deals they have handed their sellers and I'm sure some buyers as well, and others like yourselves. I will pray that you bring Devin Wenig & other execs to justice, I truly believe he & others were behind it all, just by his cavalier personality that I could not stand. I will pray for you both and please know millions of us have your back when it comes to Ebay & their unlawful practices.  GOD Bless   Steve

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by: toastedmutt This user has validated their user name.

Sun Oct 16 12:13:23 2022

Dear Ina and David,

A little late due to hurricane Ian in expressing my support and hope for justice to finally be yours.

Wenig and Wymer should be barred from ever holding any position of leadership and/or financial responsibility anywhere in the USA or its territories. They are tainted with the heinous acts committed by their subordinates and must be held accountable.

Keeping you in our prayers as we have since this deplorable, disgusting and psychotic attack on your family was first revealed.


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