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Wed Apr 7 2021 14:35:30

eBay Blocks Buyer Messages to Sellers

By: Ina Steiner

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eBay began blocking some messages sent through its messaging system, according to buyers and sellers. We began researching the issue when a seller reported the problem on Ecommerce EKG on Tuesday:

"eBay Messages are not being received. Confirmed with eBay Support. They see several messages from customers that never got to me the seller. First time discovered was today. This also was first week I saw the warning about messaging enforcement."

Buyers and sellers began reporting the issue on the eBay boards as early as Monday, April 5, some referring to a new banner on the eBay messaging page about getting tough on messaging violations. (eBay has long been concerned about people taking transactions offsite, not only because it's a technique used by scammers, but because of lost fee revenue.)

In this thread, a seller said they need information from buyers before fulfilling the order.

In this thread, a buyer compared eBay's messaging platform to email from 2002. "To clarify: Seller and I are messaging back and forth about a shipping issue," the customer wrote. "The only way I can message the seller at this point is to either initiate a new message from the purchased product page; or click REPLY on the last message they sent me.  So as a work around I did the latter, and copy/pasted the content of my last message to seller in the message to them."

At least one user even turned to Down Detector to report the problem, writing: "ebay messages are not working. Sellers can't read buyers messages and vice-versa."

What makes the problem so worrisome for sellers in particular: the possibility of negative feedback - and that proved to be the case according to this seller:

"I just received a negative feedback and the buyer stated in the comments "no reply to comms". I checked all my messages and found no messages in my inbox from this buyer.

"So I rang eBay and I've just got off the phone with eBay now and they can see that the buyer messaged me on their end but the message is not coming through to my inbox. It's definitely a site issue, which the call agent refused the accept!

"Is anyone else experiencing this? It's not fair on us sellers to receive negative feedback as a result of eBay's own site errors if you ask me...

"Just so unfair on me as I never received this message and I've now received a negative feedback due eBay's own website not working! 

"Will be interesting to see if anyone else is experiencing this same issue of sending and receiving messages on eBay."

So far, we've been unable to see any response from eBay about the issue and are unsure whether it's technical in nature or a new practice.

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by: railady This user has validated their user name.

Thu Apr 8 09:26:53 2021

Sounds to me like Bots Gone Wild ............  

Perminate Link for eBay Blocks Buyer Messages to Sellers   eBay Blocks Buyer Messages to Sellers

by: railady This user has validated their user name.

Thu Apr 8 09:29:45 2021

The warning about communicating with your trading partner off ebay has been there for ages, they just reworded it and maybe made it a little more prominent.  I bet they must have been tweaking the bot software to catch more supposed violators, but perhaps the tweaks backfired and are now deleting messages that  buyers are sending to sellers !!!  

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by: Geetar This user has validated their user name.

Thu Apr 8 10:02:25 2021

Here we go again! "they must be stealing from us. We are the smartest people on earth, why else would sales be going down?"

The best is getting product pics banned from uploading because it shows the Product dimensions.  Its so much fun getting a ton of messages asking the size. All because of these screwy, paranoid "smart people". You couldnt make this stuff up.

I eventually just gave up and dont sell those items any more.

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This user has validated their user name. by: cfrphoto

Thu Apr 8 10:34:20 2021


Well-written code will validate input. If not, hackers will reign

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by: toyman This user has validated their user name.

Thu Apr 8 10:43:32 2021

I have been on eBay since 1998. Always played by their rules, even if they changed them every other week. Over the years, their paranoia about losing sales/revenue has continued to expand to very unhealthy levels. The pressure to meet stockholders demands has caused all manor of ridiculous changes.

Now, it is at the point that there is absolutely NO information available about your Buyer, except the address sent in your Invoice. So, if there is a problem with incorrect shipping or partial refund for something damaged by the wonderful USPS (who are quite capable of damaging even a Tungsten steel safe), there is absolutely no way to actually work with your Buyer.

I had a couple of situations where I needed/wanted to send a partial refund to a Buyer and had to go through the Message system to get their PayPal account email, to send the money. Because emails were involved, I got a warning about using the system to go off line to make sales...which I had absolutely no intention of doing. So, I could either continue to help my customer and prepare for the wrath of eBay or , obey eBay rules and lose yet another potential repeat Buyer or bad Feedback. Nice choice.

It's just the constant paranoia, that affects ALL their business decisions, that is making eBay a much less friendly place to sell.

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by: shut1968 This user has validated their user name.

Thu Apr 8 22:56:08 2021

Reply via email.. that's what i did when they block messaging through the site.. they always seem to go through that way.

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by: Michael in BC This user has validated their user name.

Thu Apr 8 23:34:03 2021

Shut1968 - it would be great to (as you say) "reply via email".  Top whom and how are you sending such emails ?  The thrust of this thread is that there is no way to communicate with a buyer other than through the eBay messaging system.  eBay provides only the buyer's "mail to" address, so  "reply via email" is not an option.  Please take a moment to read toyman's comment which is immediately above yours.

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by: spooky This user has validated their user name.

Fri Apr 9 10:05:59 2021

Last night March 8, around 8PM eastern time, I received 3 messages from eBay customers that were 6 days old. The messages were obviously sent last Friday March 2 but were held for some reason 6 days. The only thing in common is these were from a buyer and a potential buyer that had already involved 2 previous messages received. eBay is obviously excluding messages when more than 2 are sent. The AI at eBay is crazy bad. Whomever they have running their IT department should be immediately terminated

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by: leavingNY This user has validated their user name.

Fri Apr 9 17:56:30 2021

Censoring you = No free speech on Ebay

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by: poor_ebayer This user has validated their user name.

Sat Apr 10 08:39:14 2021

Ebay support chat transcript (names have been changed):

Escalation from eBay Helpbot
2021 - 04 - 10
10:29:38 UTC Jun Christine
Welcome to eBay Live Help, my name is Jun. I would be happy to help you today. Please stay connected while I review your query.
10:29:53 UTC poor_ebayers_store
Hi Jun
10:30:05 UTC Jun Christine
Hello poor_ebayer, How may I help you today?
10:30:40 UTC poor_ebayers_store
i want you to remove negative feedback, which i received because of ebay error
10:31:23 UTC poor_ebayers_store
Buyer complained in spanish that i am bad seller because i have not replied to his messages
10:31:44 UTC poor_ebayers_store
them messages arrived to me almost two weeks late
10:31:57 UTC Jun Christine
I understand how frustrating it is to get feedback you feel is undeserved.
10:32:05 UTC Jun Christine
Let me check your account to see on how we can assist you with this.
10:32:06 UTC poor_ebayers_store
this known issue with ebay messages and you know that!
10:32:13 UTC Jun Christine
Can you please confirm to me which item is this for?
10:32:43 UTC poor_ebayers_store
10:33:41 UTC poor_ebayers_store
I rule out every issue with buyers. This one i couldnt, because of not receiving messages.
10:36:13 UTC Jun Christine
Thank you for patiently waiting. I understand that you always tried your best to address each of your customers query.
10:36:16 UTC Jun Christine
I suggest contacting the buyer and trying to work out an agreement that satisfies you both. Once you've resolved the buyer's concerns, you can ask them to revise the feedback they left for you.
10:36:30 UTC poor_ebayers_store
I've replied to buyer today, though at this stage i am not sure if buyer received my message or will i receive his response.
10:36:54 UTC poor_ebayers_store
I've received this feedback because of ebays error!
10:37:14 UTC poor_ebayers_store
Yet you blame me
10:37:44 UTC poor_ebayers_store
Fix your faults, don't abuse seller!
10:38:14 UTC poor_ebayers_store
It is known issue with ebay messages and you know that!
10:39:22 UTC Jun Christine
I'm sorry but there's no known issue regarding feedback that we know of.
10:39:54 UTC Jun Christine
As much as I wanted to have this removed you would need to submit the appeal to our seller help page.
10:39:56 UTC Jun Christine
We launched a new dashboard so you can directly manage your Defect/Feedback requests.
10:40:00 UTC Jun Christine
We’d ask that you submit any Defect or Feedback requests through this new dashboard.
10:40:04 UTC Jun Christine
I’ll provide you with that link in a second, but please don’t click it until you’re completely finished this Chat. Feedback -
10:40:10 UTC poor_ebayers_store
issue is that message sent by seller on 31st of march arrived 10th of april
10:40:34 UTC poor_ebayers_store
then buyer sent another message and it arrived on 10th april as well
10:40:58 UTC poor_ebayers_store
then buyer wrote third message and it arrived on 10th of april as well
10:41:34 UTC poor_ebayers_store
buyer left negative feedback on 5th of april stating that he fed up waiting on my reply
10:41:51 UTC Jun Christine
Upon checking the messaged that the buyer sent was delivered and the same day as well.
10:41:59 UTC Jun Christine
That's what we can see on our system.
10:42:10 UTC poor_ebayers_store
because your system is broken
10:42:48 UTC poor_ebayers_store
buyer stating in feedback that he was waiting for my reply
10:43:20 UTC poor_ebayers_store
i had nothing to reply to because them messages have not arrived on time
10:43:22 UTC Jun Christine
I'm really sorry if that would be the case but you really have to contact the buyer ask them to revise the feedback or send the appeal to our seller help dashboard.
10:43:44 UTC poor_ebayers_store
i have to contact REDIT
10:43:54 UTC poor_ebayers_store
this is just ridiculous
10:44:02 UTC poor_ebayers_store
i have to pay for your bugs!
10:47:24 UTC Jun Christine
We hope for your kind patience and understanding regarding this matter that we're unable to manually remove this feedback as it does not violates our policy and we can see proof that you've replied to their message on the 30th of March.
10:48:14 UTC poor_ebayers_store
you violaated your own policy by braking communication
10:48:28 UTC poor_ebayers_store
this direct translation of feedback:
10:48:30 UTC poor_ebayers_store
I buy ipad mini and when it arrives a week later than what was offered, the battery does not last 2 hours, I contact the seller and he asks me for a screenshot of the time of use, after a week I have no answer, bad seller, sells defective products and does not give solutions, I'll never buy again.
10:49:26 UTC poor_ebayers_store
i had no way to provide solutions because them three messages with screenshots from 31st of march arrived today
10:51:25 UTC poor_ebayers_store
this is third message, direct translation:
10:51:26 UTC poor_ebayers_store
I sent the photo you asked for, on 03/31/2021, after five days I have no answer, can you give me a solution? . If I don't process the return, because you sold me an ipad with a bad battery.
10:51:32 UTC Jun Christine
You can still contact your buyer to check on how can this be resolved for them.
10:51:47 UTC poor_ebayers_store
buyer is saying that message was sent on 31st of march!
10:52:36 UTC poor_ebayers_store
i can't because i don't know if he is receiving messages or will i receive messages from him either
10:52:54 UTC poor_ebayers_store
Also i don't have to stir fault that was created by you!
10:56:15 UTC Jun Christine
Please give me 2-3 minutes to further check your account.
10:56:31 UTC poor_ebayers_store
thank you
11:01:12 UTC Jun Christine
I'm sorry to keep you waiting.
11:01:41 UTC Jun Christine
I'll be needing to connect you to our relevant team for this negative feedback removal request.
11:02:09 UTC Jun Christine
No worries, I'll be providing the details that you've given already about the latency of receiving their messages.
11:02:23 UTC poor_ebayers_store
ok, thank you
11:03:24 UTC Jun Christine
Thank you. Please stay connected while I transfer you over.
11:04:03 UTC Pranjali
Welcome to eBay Live Chat, my name is Pranjali. Please give me a few moments to review what you've discussed with my colleague.
11:04:29 UTC poor_ebayers_store
Hi Pranjali
11:04:36 UTC poor_ebayers_store
ok, thank you
11:04:57 UTC Pranjali
Hello poor_ebayer, good morning.
11:05:12 UTC Pranjali
I have gone through the details and understand you are concerned about negative feedback for an item
11:05:29 UTC Pranjali
I would definitely look into this for you and help you resolve this in all way I can.
11:06:28 UTC Pranjali
I can see you have appealed feedback using seller help. Our expert team has reviewed the feedbackand found it is not removable as per our process.
11:06:52 UTC Pranjali
Every feedback and communication is monitored and we take appropriate actions after a proper investigation. Same will be the case in this situation as well.
11:07:11 UTC poor_ebayers_store
11:09:03 UTC Pranjali
poor_ebayer, I have checked the details and can see buyer has mentioned item is not working. In this regard; feedback left by buyer shows they are not happy with transaction, which is buyers experience as per transaction. Hence; I am afraid feedback is not removable as our process
11:09:21 UTC Pranjali
poor_ebayer, no one can be perfect and I am sure that other buyers can see your positives as well. Buyers do understand that there can be some negatives for sellers as well.
11:09:21 UTC Pranjali
I recommend you to communicate with this buyer and see if the feedback can be revised mutually.
11:09:39 UTC poor_ebayers_store
i'll post this on redit
11:10:12 UTC poor_ebayers_store
buyer tried to resolve it, but could not, because i had not received his messages
11:10:42 UTC Pranjali
Yes; you can also reply to buyers feedback
11:10:54 UTC Pranjali
Most of the time talking to the buyer helps come to an amicable agreement. That is the reason; eBay has provided a Feedback Revision request option to our seller
11:11:10 UTC Pranjali
I am confident that other buyers will not judge you based on this one interaction but the great track record that you have built for yourself over the last many years.
11:11:11 UTC Pranjali
As a buyer myself, I will make an assessment of a seller’s overall performance on the site, and not look at just one neutral/negative feedback comment.
11:11:33 UTC poor_ebayers_store
don't bring your typical BS
11:11:47 UTC poor_ebayers_store
you know it was ebay's error
11:11:52 UTC poor_ebayers_store
so fix it!
11:12:22 UTC poor_ebayers_store
it's know from other users as well that there is problem with delivering ebay messages!
11:12:34 UTC Pranjali
poor_ebayer; I am sorry but there was no such issue from our end in sending or delivering ebay messages
11:12:58 UTC Pranjali
Feedback left by buyer shows item is not working which is there expereince
11:13:13 UTC poor_ebayers_store
last message says explains that if i would of received messages, then negative feedback would never be left
11:13:25 UTC Pranjali
I can see that the Feedback doesn't violate our policies and it is the personal opinion from the other member about their transactional experience.
11:13:27 UTC poor_ebayers_store
read last message!
11:13:42 UTC poor_ebayers_store
you don't see because you don't look
11:13:57 UTC Pranjali
If buyer is agree to remove the feedback then ask them to contact us and we will remove the feedback
11:14:11 UTC Pranjali
If they didn't received any messages or checked on time
11:14:34 UTC poor_ebayers_store
i've no way to approach buyer now and say ''hey this is not my fault, but ebay error''
11:14:56 UTC poor_ebayers_store
does it sound be believable?
11:15:02 UTC poor_ebayers_store
does it right to do?
11:15:06 UTC poor_ebayers_store
11:15:12 UTC poor_ebayers_store
so fix your error!
11:15:47 UTC poor_ebayers_store
i'll put this on redit!
11:16:12 UTC poor_ebayers_store
i do everything the way yoyu want, yet still fall in to your trap!
11:19:31 UTC Pranjali
poor_ebayer, I understand what you have said, but I have mentioned there was no such issue in delivering messages. Further; bbuyer has left feedback about item which is there expereince
11:20:11 UTC poor_ebayers_store
you are lying too late
11:20:25 UTC Pranjali
This conclusion isn’t based on a judgment on whether your account deserves that Feedback. I am not saying that you did anything wrong. But if we removed the Feedback, it would become our opinion and not your trading partners
11:20:34 UTC poor_ebayers_store
it is well know issue, stated online elsewhere
11:20:41 UTC Pranjali
Unfortunately, no matter how many good experiences that you create, there might be a discrepancy along the way.
11:20:42 UTC Pranjali
We cannot remove feedback based on other buyers experience with you as each buyer’s feedback and experience is individual and unique.
11:20:44 UTC poor_ebayers_store
i experienced this myself
11:20:55 UTC poor_ebayers_store
as a seller and a buyer on another account
11:20:59 UTC Pranjali
Feedback is about trust. Allowing buyers to post their honest opinion of a transaction, even the ones that you may disagree with, shows that your Feedback score and ratings are an honest assessment of you as a seller.
11:21:16 UTC poor_ebayers_store
shut up and fix your ERROR!
11:21:22 UTC Pranjali
Feedback is not about messages or replies, it is about item and which we cannot remove as theer was no such issue
11:21:25 UTC poor_ebayers_store
enaugh of copy-paste
11:21:29 UTC Pranjali
Please refrain from using inappropriate language. If you continue to do so, I will close this chat session.
11:21:51 UTC poor_ebayers_store
yet feedback states that it's because i've not replied
11:22:06 UTC poor_ebayers_store
not replied to undelivered message by ebay!
11:22:55 UTC poor_ebayers_store
it's your error, fix it!
11:23:16 UTC poor_ebayers_store
Or transfer to someone else that's willing to rule out issue more than you!
11:23:21 UTC Pranjali
I am sorry but I trust that I have given you all the necessary information as per the guidelines and clearly displayed our position on your query.
11:23:22 UTC Pranjali
If you are not having any further concern, then I am afraid I will have to end this chat.
11:23:39 UTC poor_ebayers_store
transfer to other agent please
11:24:16 UTC Pranjali
No; as chats are distributed randomly, we cannot transfer the chat to another agents, as we are from concerned team
11:24:21 UTC Pranjali
Is there anything else, I can help you with?
11:24:37 UTC poor_ebayers_store
you been attached to me by another agent
11:24:44 UTC poor_ebayers_store
so attach me to another agent
11:25:09 UTC poor_ebayers_store
you are like broken answering machine
11:26:10 UTC Pranjali
As you do not have another concern, I have to end the chat now
11:26:22 UTC poor_ebayers_store
i have
11:26:32 UTC poor_ebayers_store
you have not resolved my problem
11:26:44 UTC poor_ebayers_store
third message from buyer:
11:26:47 UTC poor_ebayers_store
I sent the photo you asked for, on 03/31/2021, after five days I have no answer, can you give me a solution? . If I don't process the return, because you sold me an ipad with a bad battery.
11:27:25 UTC poor_ebayers_store
so that message according to buyer that was sent on 03/31/2021 arrived to me on APRIL 10TH!
11:27:38 UTC poor_ebayers_store
and you see nothing wrong with this?
11:29:07 UTC poor_ebayers_store
if buyer sends me three messages in a row on 3AM of 10th of april with screenshots from 31st of march is nothing wrong?
11:29:45 UTC poor_ebayers_store
you have not tried even to sort this out, just copy-pasted your lazy responses!
11:36:53 UTC Sundeep
Hi, I see that you have been transferred to me. I hope you're well today. My name is Sundeep from eBay Support and I'll be looking after you today. Do you mind if I take a moment to review your query?
11:37:28 UTC poor_ebayers_store
Hi Sundeep
11:37:32 UTC poor_ebayers_store
Yes please
11:38:19 UTC Sundeep
Just to confirm are you concerned about feedback?
11:38:28 UTC poor_ebayers_store
11:39:21 UTC poor_ebayers_store
Buyer left ngative feedback, because i have not replied to his messages, them messages arrived to me today, almost two weeks late.
11:40:23 UTC Sundeep
I really apologies for the inconvenience.
11:42:12 UTC Sundeep
I truly respect your sentiments, and I understand that it can be disappointing to face such issue after you have done everything from your end and yet things did not go as per expectation.
11:43:08 UTC Sundeep
I can see that they have also complaint about the item. I have checked the details and appreciate that you've tried to resolve the matter with your buyer by trying to contact them. You did the right thing by acting professionally and by trying to solve the buyer’s dissatisfaction.
11:43:20 UTC Sundeep
We do trust that you would have sent the item as described to the buyer on your listing. But as we do not handle items physically, we can not comment on the condition of the item and can not dispute the buyer's claim.
11:43:28 UTC Sundeep
Kindly understand that, feedback is something which is unique for every buyer and how they see a transaction went and how they wish to express their experience but surely within eBay's policies and guidelines.
11:43:34 UTC Sundeep
I can see that the Feedback doesn't violate our policies and it is the personal opinion from your buyer about their transactional experience.
11:43:43 UTC Sundeep
And sometimes it is just not possible to completely please every buyer and even the best sellers in eBay receive negative Feedback from time to time.
11:43:52 UTC Sundeep
However, for this feedback, my suggestion would be to reach out to your buyer and attempt to resolve their issue and see if they wish to revise the feedback they left.
11:44:07 UTC poor_ebayers_store
Last message from three that all arrived on 10th of april states that other two where sent on 31st of march
11:44:29 UTC poor_ebayers_store
Don't put your bugs on a seller!
11:45:06 UTC poor_ebayers_store
negative feedback states that i have not replied to buyer messages
11:45:08 UTC Sundeep
I can understand, but basically the feedback is about the item.  So, unfortunately on this occasion your feedback was not removable. Yet I can see that you have not replied to negative comment itself.
11:45:17 UTC poor_ebayers_store
which i received today
11:45:22 UTC Sundeep
Adding a reply can help clarify your point of view for future buyers who look at your feedback.
11:45:28 UTC Sundeep
You have the ability to market your customer service before a buyer even buys from you. And you can leave a reply to buyer's feedback to show what you did to resolve the buyer's issue.
11:45:36 UTC Sundeep
I am sorry to disappoint you, the feedback does not qualify for the removal from our end as it is the members opinion regarding the item and the service. Having said that, I'd like to remind you that the feedback left on eBay is monitored and we will only remove feedback if it breaches our Feedback Abuse policy.
11:45:51 UTC Sundeep
That way, I, as a potential buyer knows that you are proactively helpful and demonstrating amazing customer service and a negative received on an account does not put me off purchasing especially when I see how well a seller handles it.
11:45:55 UTC poor_ebayers_store
no feedback in this case is about me not replying in to message that never arrived to me because of ebay not delivering it to me
11:46:07 UTC poor_ebayers_store
stop copy-pasting!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
11:46:30 UTC poor_ebayers_store
you posting same mesaages as your colleage
11:46:52 UTC Sundeep
I can see that you have already appealed for the feedback from the seller help page. The decision you received by email is the outcome of your appeal in-line with our policies. This decision cannot be appealed a second time or overridden. I strongly encourage you to review the details of the email we sent. I will request you to communicate with the buyer, and send them revision request. Here it is the buyer who can change the negative feedback to positive.
11:46:54 UTC poor_ebayers_store
i've contacted support to fix the issue created by this company
11:47:13 UTC poor_ebayers_store
STOP COPY-PASTING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
11:47:27 UTC poor_ebayers_store
are you real human being?
11:47:36 UTC poor_ebayers_store
have you read what i wrote?
11:47:45 UTC poor_ebayers_store
have you read them messages?
11:47:53 UTC poor_ebayers_store
have you read feedback?
11:48:24 UTC poor_ebayers_store
not to mension that you know very well that there is issue with ebay messages system
11:49:05 UTC poor_ebayers_store
instead of fixing your errors and preventing them from spreading to the masses, you doing opposite thing!
11:49:46 UTC Sundeep
I am really sorry, if you felt that way. yes I have gone through your query, and the details of the case. I am afraid to share that the feedback doesn't qualify for removal. I can also see that our previous agent has also shared the outcome of the case We've provided you with all the available information regarding this policy/situation.I’m afraid I have provided as much assistance with this issue as I can. I hope that I’ve explained the policy clearly. Let me know, if you have any further query.
11:51:08 UTC poor_ebayers_store
First agent realized that there is an issue with messages delivery, but other two (including you) where just answering machines.
11:51:57 UTC poor_ebayers_store
It's black on wait, it's clear that dates don't match and that buyer left negative feedback because of not delivered messages
11:52:28 UTC poor_ebayers_store
transfer me to real person please
11:54:02 UTC Sundeep
I am really sorry for the inconvenience. I can see that the feedback is related to the item the buyer has purchased. I am afraid to share that there is no additional information for the case. I will have to end the chat.
11:54:05 UTC Sundeep
Thank you for contacting eBay Live Help. Have a great Day!
11:54:06 UTC
Chat ended by Sundeep

Buyer message on 30th of March:

Hola, he recibido el ipad, y fisicamente esta bien y todo funciona correctamente, pero la batería esta muy desgastada y solo dura 2 horas no esta en buen estado, deberia de durar mucho mas, el porcentaje de bateria baja de 2 en dos muy rapido.

My reply same day:

Muestre la captura de pantalla de Ajustes -> Batería y Ajustes -> Tiempo de uso

Three buyers messages that arrived on 10th of April (with screenshots that i asked for dated 31st of March):

Baja del 100% al 61% en 13 minutos de pantalla encendida

Otra captura hasta el 13%

Envie la foto que me pediste, el dia 31-03-2021,despues de cinco dias no tengo respuesta,me das alguna solución? . Si no tramitare la devolución, porque me vendiste un ipad con la bateria en mal estado.

Actual feedback dating 5th of April:

Compro ipad mini y cuando me llega una semana mas tarde de lo ofertado,la bateria no dura ni 2 horas, me pongo en contacto con vendedor y me pide pantallazo de tiempo de uso, después de una semana no tengo ninguna respuesta, mal vendedor , vende productos defectuosos y no da soluciones , nunca mas comprare.

I have free returns on all item, if buyer wants to return it, i'll take it back. Though in this case, i've received negative feedback because of broken communication.

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This user has validated their user name. by: CanBrit

Sat Apr 10 12:13:33 2021

Can  Bot's read pictures? I just want you to think about that premise.

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This user has validated their user name. by: CanBrit

Sat Apr 10 17:32:11 2021

Well the reason for my previous post is, when customers ask for more pictures or ask a question. I send the message back with a photo.  Care to guess what is in the  picture. In this day and age, it pays to be creative.

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This user has validated their user name. by: CanBrit

Sat Apr 10 17:42:36 2021

Over the past few days I have had multiple message not reach their intended destination. I don't think eBay is intentionally doing it. They are just doing what they've done for the pat several years and that's to prove they are out of control of the platform.

This is a ginormous system not intended to be played with by the ignorant. I'm sure in the earlier days there were comments in the coding where changes had been made (pretty standard in the IT world.". time and date and  refence to the changes.
When you work in that world, you become very quickly versed in procedure. The only way this platform would or will ever work is to build a brand new one. They have the bucks, but they have to make sure that all of their exit packages are intact. That is a huge amount of change.  

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by: pace306 This user has validated their user name.

Sun Apr 11 00:12:36 2021

Its ALWAYS easier for eBay to blame the seller - its what eBay does - its the ONLY move they know.

The $2 CS agents script read. You can type almost anything and they just repeat their line ad nauseam.

They never bothered to READ what you wrote - just that it broke and that you didnt help the guy - that the email never got to you isnt their problem - nothing is - just making money ... sellers can "drop dead".

Thats why people (like me admittedly) call them VAMPIRES. They sit up on a cliff and swoop down when they need another victim.

Mr "SELLER PROTECTION" is %101 useless - although you can try to reach him via eBays Facebook page - but like the little girls they are (not politically correct ?) eBay just erases/removes posts. THATS probably the one thing they are actually good at.

So it goes in the mafia-land of San Jose. If they are so low as to steal tax funds from other CA counties - what makes "you" think they care about you? They dont.

But maybe the Seekingalpha idiots can help - they will buy more eBay stock cause "its the greatest and the p/e ratio is AWESOME". (same dopes that bought Enron and Lehman)

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This user has validated their user name. by: Lightning

Sun Apr 11 15:47:41 2021

@toyman  ''I needed/wanted to send a partial refund to a Buyer and had to go through the Message system to get their PayPal account email, to send the money.''

You never need to ''get their PayPal address'', and attempting to do so could appear to eBay that you are trying to sell off eBay.  

If your payment came in via Paypal (old system), you just go to YOUR Paypal account and find the payment.  There will be a refund link on the payment where you can make a full or partial refund.  

If you are in MP, you find the item on the Sold Item page, open the drop-down list that is to the left of each item, and there is a refund link on the list.  

There is a system in place to handle refunds, easier to just use it.

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by: This user has validated their user name.

Tue Apr 13 18:07:03 2021

That chat history is unbelievable - but typically.
I had the same messaging problem with at least 3 customers. I got the mails in on one after 5 days and on the other after TWO WEEKS. Me it has ''only'' cost money - as they wanted to buy more of some items. On one I lost $60 and on the other SEVERAL HUNDRETS. The third I don´t know.
I talked to an ebay customer rep in Germany - and he was well informed about the issue with their messaging system. But I had more the feeling that this ''slipped out'' of his moth by accident - than to confirm it.

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This user has validated their user name. by: CanBrit

Wed Apr 14 16:08:43 2021

I'll look you up on eCrater Jack.  Time to start papering new eCommerce sites before I get t my one done.

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