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Tue Jan 12 2021 09:28:25

eBay Holds Seller Funds in Another Apparent Payout Glitch

By: Ina Steiner

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eBay is holding seller funds today in what appears to be another payout glitch. "Quite a few people are posting that eBay managed payments payout is being declined this morning. I myself am included, and it is a higher payout than usual," an EcommerceBytes reader reported on Ecommerce EKG.

One seller glommed on to a thread from December 2nd when eBay had experienced a similar payout glitch. "I am seeing one of these today where it says payout failed and eBay will retry," the seller wrote this morning. "Nothing has changed with my bank account. Is there anything I need to do or should I just wait for eBay to retry?"

Sellers are also reporting missing payouts today on industry discussion boards.

In the December 2nd incident, eBay initially failed to disburse sellers' funds but blamed the problem on banks.

As a result, many sellers spent a lot of time contacting their banks to try to resolve the problem until eBay published a post later that day acknowledging the problem was on its end.

Update 1/12/2021: An eBay moderator acknowledged the problem in the "Payments" section of its discussion boards and updated the thread at 1:23 to state: "Our payments processor has confirmed all impacted payouts have been processed successfully. Members should see their payouts processed as expected without delay. Please remember depending on bank policy it may be 1-4 business days before the bank will process these funds."

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Perminate Link for eBay Holds Seller Funds in Another Apparent Payout Glitch   eBay Holds Seller Funds in Another Apparent Payout Glitch

by: Silver Ice King This user has validated their user name.

Fri Jan 15 21:39:59 2021

@Westport Will

Again, no issues whatsoever.  Every charge accurate and all deposits accurate and on time.  We have been on eBay for many years and all is running smoothly.

I am glad to hear that you are having no issues with Mangled Payments as that shows they supposedly have the ability to play by their own rules, but for many Sellers on Ebay that is just not the case.  People are having issues tying quarterly reports to the daily reports or much of anything else which means that the programmers are so stupid and disorganized that one programmer is evidently looking at one part of Ebay to get the data they provide for the report while another writes their program to look elsewhere in the system and for some very strange reason, these numbers do not match.

If I were their auditing firm I would really be worried about how much erroneous information that Ebay is supplying them while having another set of numbers in another part of their system.  This is basically equal to keeping multiple sets of books so the auditors only see what Ebay wants them to see, not reality which Ebay has always been afraid.  This is why they still use the unaudited and grossly overstated GMV when reporting their numbers to Wall Street so they can keep those Wall Street idiots in the dark as to how their business is really being run.  Can anybody remember Enron??

I will lay odds that Ebay has contributed to lots of political campaigns and I am sure that those in a position in CA to cause Ebay many issues, including the Attorney General, are in no hurry to do anything to a campaign contributor  as they do not want to lose that money.  If there is any chance at all it is going to have to come from the National level that is not dependent on campaign contributions.  I am guessing that much of what Ebay seems to keep doing is in violation of banking rules and regulations and hopefully they will be caught and have to pay a huge non deductible fine as well as correct the problems that are discovered.

Perminate Link for eBay Holds Seller Funds in Another Apparent Payout Glitch   eBay Holds Seller Funds in Another Apparent Payout Glitch

by: ttesty This user has validated their user name.

Sun Jan 31 08:13:34 2021

This is simple - mangled payments gives eBay more cash (by sandwiching all charges) while they use it as a float to get interest and pay you back very slowly.
eBay only cares about themselves and shareholders.

With all the time that Mangled payments was tested, it still fails, so the rollout was too soon. I guess a class action suit will follow.

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