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Fri Sept 25 2020 11:55:21

eBay Considers Radical Changes to Seller Stores

By: Ina Steiner

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eBay is surveying sellers about its eBay Stores offering, and some of the changes under consideration are radically different than its current offerings. In addition, the new approach may put pressure on third-party inventory-management services.

Currently, eBay offers five packages ranging from a Starter eBay Store ($4.95/month for an annual subscription) to an Enterprise eBay Store ($2.999.95/month).

One change would be moving toward a build-your-own-store package, as we described in today's Newsflash article.

The survey also presented 30 different Store packages with each showing different features and costs.

The survey itself, and some of the features described, were complicated. 

Given the challenges sellers already face in analyzing their eBay invoices, it is hard to imagine how they could determine if eBay calculated their fees correctly for any given month given some of the convoluted discount structures being considered.

For example, some of the discounts described are based on quarterly performance targets.

Some Discounts under Consideration

- 1,000 free listings if monthly sales volume on eBay exceeds $10K. Additional fixed price listings 10 cents each.

- Growth based discounts: 5% discount on eBay final value fees if quarterly eBay sales volume increases 20%.

- 20% discount up to $50 on self-service, cost-per-click ads for individual listings appearing in search results page and on View Item or Product pages.

- 20% discount on eBay final value fees.

- 20% discounts on eBay fees for listings placed on other eBay sites i.e. eBay Germany.

Some Benefits under Consideration
eBay also presented some benefits that are not currently available. 

 - Free returns insurance (worth $50 per month)

- Inventory insurance (worth $50 per month)

- Bronze data package: Buyer segmentation insights that help you understand your buyers Behaviors. 

- Silver data package: Sourcing insights/opportunities that help you understand what type of inventory is in demand on eBay and likely to sell quickly.

- Gold data package: Marketplace data APIs (eg: real time reporting on your traffic & performance, price competitiveness data, marketplace benchmarks, sourcing insights & opportunities data).

- Access to dedicated team of customer service agents.

- 1-to-1 personal account management: eBay head office lead, 10 hours per month.

Additional Exposure under Consideration
Some of the new plans under consideration describe added exposure, such as the following:

- Listings eligible for Daily Deals participation

- Ability to run Seller promotions (SME)

- Ability to display your eBay listing on other sites i.e. Google search/Yahoo etc. & pay a reduced fee for buyer traffic driven by these sites.

- Seller participation in eBay coupon deals events/ campaigns (you will be co-funding these)

- Live video streaming on store front, news letter targeting to buyer segments.

- Influencer driven traffic for your storefront.

Ramifications for Third-Party Inventory Management Services
Under some scenarios, eBay described the following options:

- eBay will offer cross marketplace inventory management, bringing efficiency in business management, eliminating the need for a third party provider.

- You can onboard inventory to eBay using inventory files from other marketplaces. 

That indicates eBay is considering offering more inventory-management services than it currently provides, with the potential to impact third-party services.

Let us know what eBay Store features you'd like to see and how much you'd be willing to pay for them.

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Perminate Link for eBay Considers Radical Changes to Seller Stores   eBay Considers Radical Changes to Seller Stores

This user has validated their user name. by: toolguy

Wed Sep 30 12:06:55 2020


1) NO, the chinese would FLOOD the site that is already flooded, the chinese love floods!

2) NO, I pay enough in fees

3) They do it's called "promoted listings"!

Perminate Link for eBay Considers Radical Changes to Seller Stores   eBay Considers Radical Changes to Seller Stores

This user has validated their user name. by: toolguy

Wed Sep 30 12:09:08 2020


Are you saying surveys are a waste of time?

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