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Wed Jan 2 2019 17:18:39

eBay to Launch New Seller Protections in 2019

By: Ina Steiner

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eBay will launch new seller protections in 2019 in recognition of the fact that sellers face fraudulent returns and false claims from buyers. 

Bob Kupbens, eBay VP of Seller & Marketplace Operations, revealed the plans during a New Year's Day podcast where he and Scott Cutler, Senior Vice President of the Americas, discussed the marketplace's 2018 performance and looked ahead to 2019.

"There's a big thing you'll hear more about in 2019 around trust," Kupbens said, "and basically what it means to be a partner and how do we make sure that if you're a great seller, we trust you."

"Scott's going to talk a little bit about that, but whether it's an item not as described or fraudulent returns or other things, we know there's some issues there and we're going to build some seller protections in in 2019," he continued.

Scott Cutler confirmed changes were on the way, though he provided no details. He said from a policy perspective, eBay would focus on seller protections in the New Year. "Recognizing that it is our sellers that power that environment and I think many of our sellers have felt as though we've swung the pendulum too far to only focus on buyers. Seller protections is another area that I anticipate us to make some great moves into 2019 that are sellers will feel and I believe recognize."

Kupbens and Cutler were also full of apologies for the technical problems that plagued eBay in 2018. We report on the podcast in today's EcommerceBytes Newsflash.

What changes do you think eBay will make to seller protections, and do you think they'll apply to all sellers? What changes do you think it should make to protect sellers from bad buying behavior, including fraud?

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Perminate Link for eBay to Launch New Seller Protections in 2019   eBay to Launch New Seller Protections in 2019

by: Laurie This user has validated their user name.

Sat Jan 5 19:42:18 2019

When eBay throttles your listings and makes sure they are not seen, they are restricting trade.  You are paying a fee for a service you are not getting.  That is a clear violation of a federal law every day on every level.  There are those who say that we "blindly" agreed to it in our "user agreement" which I do not concur because a clause in a contract that is illegal cannot be enforced

Perminate Link for eBay to Launch New Seller Protections in 2019   eBay to Launch New Seller Protections in 2019

by: Dellthorpe This user has validated their user name.

Sun Jan 6 00:12:11 2019

Again what ebay and paypal does is criminal and not civil. Everytime ebay/paypal steals from u report it to the FBI its a cyber crime and the FBI handles it. DO NOT TELL EBAY/PAYPAL UR GOING TO REPORT  - the y will delete your sellers  page. If u report them to the USDOJ or your state DOJ being the sewer trash ebay is they will lie through their tooth. One day a bad day for Devil and Pierre is the FBI waiting for them as they get to work. Paypal allows customers to steal from u and this again is criminal. Ebay and Papal r sewer scum.  The workers there r scum as well.  

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