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Wed Nov 7 2018 20:32:15

New Head of eBay Seller Experience Details Major Changes

By: Ina Steiner

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eBay's new Vice President of Seller Experience Harry Temkin revealed in an interview on Wednesday changes that will be coming to the marketplace and described how they will impact sellers. 

eBay CEO Devin Wenig brought his former colleague from Thomson Reuters on board last month as he tries to revive growth. 

With a background in financial information and technology, Temkin is tasked with helping Wenig achieve his vision of a more powerful central dashboard for sellers, called Seller Hub. 

Temkin envisions sellers viewing their listings in Seller Hub with realtime pricing data on one side and promoted listing settings on the other - and it's easy to see why. Amazon's marketplace success is in part due to fluid product pricing, but it also makes it an incredibly competitive place on which to sell. And making it easier for sellers to pay-for-play increases eBay's take rate.

Here are changes Temkin announced:

Multiple Top Pick (MTP)
eBay already provides pricing guidance, but MTP takes it further. eBay will display off-eBay "web-based" prices of products (low, mid, high), and it will display prices for the top 5 comparable products on eBay (taking into account sellers' policies). MTP is launching to a limited audience starting this week with a full rollout next year.

Price-too-high Notifications and Adjustments
Temkin wants a mechanism to inform sellers in realtime if their product prices aren't comparable to other prices (on or off eBay), and give sellers the ability to either have eBay adjust the price for them, or reduce prices themselves in bulk by a set percentage relative to the prices eBay found.

Seller Initiated Offers
Sellers will be able to initiate an offer to anyone who is watching their listings.

Buyer Initiated Offers
Buyers will be able to initiate an offer to sellers. For example, Product X is listed by multiple sellers at $50. A buyer willing to pay $45 will be able to send a notification to those sellers asking if any would be willing to sell at the lower price.

Listing 1.0 
Some of the features eBay foists on consumer sellers will be available as options to business sellers. For example, sellers will be able to choose to automatically relist items that don't sell at a pre-determined lower price or with the Best Offer feature.

Multi-user Access and Authentication
eBay will roll out multi-user access and authentication sometime in the first three months of 2019. This allows an eBay seller to give employees partial or full access to their account.

Social Sharing from Seller Hub
eBay made it easier for sellers to socially share listings using eBay's mobile app, and it will extend that functionality to Seller Hub. 

Seller Protections
eBay will work on seller trust issues in 2019 - "As the head of seller experience, it's my job to protect you as the seller," Temkin said. "It's a high priority to add more seller protections."

Temkin's presentation indicates more fluid pricing and paid promoted listings are priorities for eBay in the year ahead.

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Perminate Link for New Head of eBay Seller Experience Details Major Changes   New Head of eBay Seller Experience Details Major Changes

This user has validated their user name. by: toolguy

Tue Nov 13 22:25:54 2018


The main reason is the lack of money!

Others are for projects I want to do and haven't started them yet.

Others are items I haven't made up my mind on which one I want.

And a few of them the items are overpriced and I am waiting to see if the seller drops the price.

And yet a few of them are items I bought and haven't removed them yet.

I guess I could clean up my watch list and drop a few items off it. . .I could bring it down to 30 from the 40 I watch.

Perminate Link for New Head of eBay Seller Experience Details Major Changes   New Head of eBay Seller Experience Details Major Changes

by: rainbow This user has validated their user name.

Wed Nov 14 22:58:45 2018

hi again Toolman
thank you for proving my point. I'm sure you would love to get all sorts of emails with offers for items you have already purchased

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