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Mon June 17 2013 21:45:18

An End to Postal Deliveries at Your Customer's Front Door?

By: Ina Steiner

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Just when you thought it couldn't get worse for small online sellers when it comes to shipping orders to their customers, along comes a congressman from California.

Many small businesses who sell online in lower volumes than their bigger counterparts find services from the U.S. Postal Service cheaper than other carriers. Sellers are continually worried about the impact of higher shipping costs on their ecommerce businesses. And they are already facing the possibility of an end to Saturday delivery.

Now Representative Darrell Issa would like to see the end of delivery at the door, a measure included in a new draft proposal he issued before formally introducing legislation. According to a synopsis, "The legislation will begin to standardize how mail is received around the nation by phasing out the expensive "to the door" delivery of mail, which only a quarter of addresses receive today, in favor of curbside and secure clusterbox delivery - the delivery modes more than 70 percent of the nation already receive."

Issa said the measure would save $4 billion or more annually.

While ecommerce giants such as Amazon, eBay and Google are considering ways to get packages into the hands of customers faster and with more convenience, Issa is looking at ways to scale back. His innovation? Allow the USPS to sell new services - such as fishing licenses.

Tuesday's Newsflash has the full story, let us know what you think of an end to "to the door" delivery.

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Perminate Link for An End to Postal Deliveries at Your Customer's Front Door?   An End to Postal Deliveries at Your Customer's Front Door?

by: JustTheFacts This user has validated their user name.

Wed Jun 26 08:45:39 2013

I think that USPS would save a lot of money if they could get rid of half of the power and control the Union has over them, which in turn would allow them to get rid of BAD CARRIERS.

Post offices have some of the WORST customer service and carriers than any other industry.

UPS, FEDEX, DHL etc would never be able to service if their agents and carriers treated their customers the way post office do.

Because they know they cannot get fired because of the unions, they have no fear of what they say or do.

Do you know that when carriers are CAUGHT stealing your mail, your meds, not delivering your reg or certified letters etc, they are not fired or even suspended, the worst that will happen (thanks to the unions) is they get transferred to another neighborhood to start up the theft or bad behavior all over again.

I am not opposed to unions in principle because the concept of them is good, however, they are so corrupt and only care about the power and control they hold and the dues the employees pay them.

They have no problem helping to keep BAD employees employed, besides every person they lose are dues they lose and that is what they care about most.  

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