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Tue May 18 2021 22:51:26

Amazon 'Simplifies' A-to-z Claims: Not So Fast, Sellers Say

By: Ina Steiner

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Amazon announced Monday it was simplifying the A-to-z Guarantee Claims experience and said it would help protect sellers' Order Defect Rate (ODR). But many sellers reacted to the news in the comments underneath the announcement - and they they expressed skepticism and displeasure.

Beginning May 24, 2021, Amazon will automatically verify customer claims and offer refunds on sellers' behalf for specific scenarios where Amazon can verify package delivery using the tracking information provided during order confirmation. 

How will this update improve my A-to-z Guarantee Claims experience?

Currently, you must respond to customer messages about delivery issues within 48 hours, review the issue, verify tracking, and refund the order amount to the customer (if eligible). If you do not respond in 48 hours, the customer is more likely to file an A-to-z Guarantee Claim, which may result in an account debit that would negatively impact your account health or ODR.

The automatic verification update will reduce the time and effort it takes to verify a valid claim. If the tracking information entered in Seller Central demonstrates that the customer claim is valid, we will issue a refund. We will carefully review all tracking information to protect you from unjustified claims.

Amazon provided some examples of Buyer A-to-z Guarantee Claims that can be automatically verified using proof of delivery, including when tracking shows a package is refused and returned to the seller.

"If a customer refuses a package on delivery, and we receive tracking information indicating that the package is returning to you, we will automatically refund the buyer and debit your account for the claim amount. It does not impacts your account health or ODR."

Sellers will have 30 calendar days to submit an appeal, and, it noted: "You need to provide proof for us to re-investigate the claim, for example, proof that your product was delivered to the customer."

You can view the full announcement and read sellers' concerns on this page on Amazon Seller Central - let us know if you agree with those concerns.

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Perminate Link for Amazon 'Simplifies' A-to-z Claims: Not So Fast, Sellers Say   Amazon 'Simplifies' A-to-z Claims: Not So Fast, Sellers Say

by: shut1968 This user has validated their user name.

Wed May 19 04:34:51 2021

Well that's some BS since just today they hit us with a refund and a strike for a returned package that shows it was shipped but never made it back and has shown no movement since the customer claims they dropped it off at the post office and it had a scan by USPS saying they had it on the April 26th and no movement since then.

Appealed and they said the defect and the refund to the customer was staying

Perminate Link for Amazon 'Simplifies' A-to-z Claims: Not So Fast, Sellers Say   Amazon 'Simplifies' A-to-z Claims: Not So Fast, Sellers Say

by: Mark4 This user has validated their user name.

Thu May 20 10:07:34 2021

Selling on Amazon has been become an absolute nightmare as Amazon continues to create monopolies for large companies by getting rid of all their smaller sellers claiming "intellectual property rights violations", that is why Amazon's prices are so bad anymore. Best one things can do if you sell on Amazon is move your inventory to   Walmart is welcoming amazon sellers with open arms, Walmarts selling platform is great, none of the Amazon A to Z BS and such.  Walmart actually cares about its sellers. If your a buyer you will get better prices on walmart.  

Perminate Link for Amazon 'Simplifies' A-to-z Claims: Not So Fast, Sellers Say   Amazon 'Simplifies' A-to-z Claims: Not So Fast, Sellers Say

This user has validated their user name. by: RKTOYS

Fri May 21 11:42:00 2021

Amazon simply does not look at any proof submitted by sellers.  The last time I had an A2Z claim, which was clearly a fraudster, the appeals robot closed my appeal within _minutes_ of filing.  They're an even bigger joke than eBay.

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