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Tue Oct 26 2021 12:27:11

Online Petition Demands Action from Etsy

By: Ina Steinre

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Etsy vaunts its mission to "Keep Commerce Human" - but where is the "human" when it comes to customer support, a seller is asking in an online petition to try to get the company to improve customer service for sellers.

Asia Stuart said she tried for a month to resolve an issue but was unable to get any human contact. "Etsy does not provide a phone number for sellers to call for issues and does not respond to emails in a timely fashion," she wrote in the petition on

The petition makes four demands of Etsy, including offering multiple ways to contact support - through phone, email, and chat.

"I'm done being helpless to Etsy's bad seller customer service policy," Stuart writes in the petition, which garnered 974 signatures as of Tuesday. 

"After having an issue with Etsy, I reached out to customer service for sellers a number of times. The emails have gone unanswered for over a month. I used the customer number and the phone menu directs sellers to send an email. I still went to buyer support and was told that there was nothing they could do, I would have to wait for an email. My situation aside, it is absolutely horrible that Etsy doesn't have any real way for us to contact support."

Another demand is for Etsy to provide advocates to work with sellers to help them navigate issues as they arise.

You can find the petition with the full list of demands on the website, where it is specifically directed to Etsy's Chief of Operations, Strategy and People Officer Raina Moskowitz.

Let us know what your experience has been with Etsy customer service and if you think it needs improving.

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Perminate Link for Online Petition Demands Action from Etsy   Online Petition Demands Action from Etsy

by: LDWCallsOut This user has validated their user name.

Wed Oct 27 09:48:41 2021

I've had some contact with Support via email as a seller, and about one issue as simply a community member.  The response is friendly and prompt about matters that don't involve the published rules and procedures for sellers.  Stuff like re-opening a long-closed shop, or changing your shop's name a second time.  If a question does involve site policies and prohibitions, your question might likely be ignored, or else sent an email reply referencing what is published on the site -- which is often vague and always unevenly applied among shop owners.  If the published Handbook, or whatever, had the answer in it, you wouldn't need customer service!

Etsy can't improve its customer service until there are standard policies that apply evenly to all sellers on the site.  

Perminate Link for Online Petition Demands Action from Etsy   Online Petition Demands Action from Etsy

by: Stone Cutter This user has validated their user name.

Thu Oct 28 16:41:04 2021

Having spent time on the Etsy forum, I came to the conclusion that I would never want Etsy to expand their phone support due to the amount of sellers who complain that buyers are not making purchases. The main reasons why sellers see slow sales are always for the same reasons which are not Etsys responsibility..listed below.

1) Consumer spending has slowed.
2) There is more competition than ever.
3) Sellers computer tech is outdated
4) Buyers are not interested in outdated products.

I recently had 2 cases against sellers who never delivered my purchases and would not respond to my messages. Through a link through Etsy, Etsy promptly gave me refunds for both purchases. It costs a bunch of money to support a tech staff, and while most shop owners give Etsy very little in profits, (with average product prices at $25.00), a simple phone support call could be too expensive..(keeping a tech person on the phone for 10 minutes could be the cost of what a shop gives Etsy in profits for one month).  

Perminate Link for Online Petition Demands Action from Etsy   Online Petition Demands Action from Etsy

by: Stone Cutter This user has validated their user name.

Thu Oct 28 16:47:58 2021

Also, a petition only works if there is something to bargain with, otherwise, it's just a waste of time. Sellers have nothing to bargain with...Etsy is already spewing with too many shops and when sellers leave, more shops open...Etsy has nothing to lose here. This petition is actually a stupid idea without any logic behind it.  

Perminate Link for Online Petition Demands Action from Etsy   Online Petition Demands Action from Etsy

by: Sierra This user has validated their user name.

Sat Oct 30 10:31:03 2021

As a long-time Etsy seller, and one who has occasionally watched the number of Etsy shops increase (but rarely decline) over the years, I can assure you that more Etsy shops are being opened every hour and, from the looks of it, nearly every minute! So, even if this petition (or any other) caused 10,000 Etsy shops to close, chances are good there would be 10,000 NEW shops opened within a month ... and probably within a week!  

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