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Sat Aug 29 2020 19:17:58

eBay Sellers Go Up in Smoke over Payments Restrictions

By: Ina Steiner

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As eBay takes over payment processing for more sellers, there may be fewer listings in a few categories due to a hole in the Managed Payments program.

During Wednesday's weekly chat session, a seller by the name of Sniperwolves begged for help, explaining eBay was forcing him into Managed Payments. He said he had over $15,000 in smoking-cessation inventory that he's no longer able to sell.

"I sold approx. $4000.00 worth of these products since June 8th and have acquired a loyal following to purchase these products," the seller wrote. "I tried to list more product, but got a pop up that now I cannot list anymore items until I sign up for MP."

Sniperwolves encountered the following message when he tried to list more items on eBay: "Effective immediately, your ability to list new items has been interrupted. To continue listing on eBay, please register now at"

However, if he signs up for Managed Payments, he won't be able to list his inventory because sellers who are enrolled are restricted from listing smoking-cessation products, including nicotine patches and gum.

Another seller (ayeres_books) asked during the chat session: "Can eBay answer definitively whether or not sellers in Managed Payments are allowed to list adult books and magazines in the Everything Else category?"

An eBay moderator responded, "Adult-Only items are one of several categories not currently supported by managed payments (broader list here). Any listings that violate our policies will be automatically ended. We aim to add full category support to managed payments progressively through 2021."

The moderator linked to the Managed Payments restricted items policy, which lists the following restrictions:

Sellers enrolled in managed payments are not allowed to list the following items:

- Adult only items, including movies and video games
- Auction services
- Bullion
- Coins & paper money (only Exonumia, and Publications & Supplies are allowed)
- Gift cards & coupons
- Lodging, timeshares, vacation packages, and car rentals
- Memberships for campground and RV parks
- Motor vehicles
- Smoking cessation products including nicotine patches and gum
- Tickets for travel, events, or experiences
- Wine

The questions from sellers are not new, and coin sellers have been particularly vocal about the issue for at least the past 9 months. But as eBay places more sellers into the program, the issue is no longer hypothetical for some.
In February, eBay executives Marni Levine and Jordan Sweetnam had addressed questions about Managed Payments category restrictions. Levine promised the categories would all be included, though she didn't say how long it would take. "This will be 100% rolled out over time, so anything that's not included currently will be included." 

Sweetnam agreed, saying there were lots of regulations, but eBay was working on all of the payments requirements. It all takes time, but there's no incentive or reason for eBay not to support them, he had said.

During Wednesday's chat, sellers raised other issues, including those related to seller performance. One seller suggested eBay delay the date a buyer is currently allowed to process an Item Not Received (INR) claim to allow carriers to complete deliveries during the current situation.

Another seller said eBay's unannounced decision to anonymize buyer email addresses had disrupted his operations and asked why eBay had not provided any notice to sellers. 

eBay holds chat sessions each Wednesday, giving sellers the opportunity to ask questions and air their concerns.

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Perminate Link for eBay Sellers Go Up in Smoke over Payments Restrictions   eBay Sellers Go Up in Smoke over Payments Restrictions

by: Shanna This user has validated their user name.

Sat Aug 29 22:33:28 2020

Come on people, they only had 5 years to work out these problems.

Perminate Link for eBay Sellers Go Up in Smoke over Payments Restrictions   eBay Sellers Go Up in Smoke over Payments Restrictions

This user has validated their user name. by: The End

Sun Aug 30 08:07:27 2020

Smoking-cessation stuff is PERFECT for its own website.
And while I STOPPED smoking (cold turkey) of my own free will 30 years ago, there are people who will benefit from these products.
I will continue to push this concept : when you seek to comfort, heal and make happy, the rest of mankind, you will realize prosperity.
So, go make a website, study and execute Search Engine Optimization, and in a while folks will beat a path to your door.
Nobody needs Ebay (or Etsy).

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