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Sat Apr 21 2018 22:28:47

SmugMug Buys Yahoo's Flickr Image Hosting Site

By: Ina Steiner

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Numerous times we've written about photo-hosting sites making radical changes or closing down to the dismay of online sellers who sometimes lost their entire libraries of product images. (PhotoBucket was one of the services that gave sellers major headaches in the past.) 

The pending sale of Yahoo's Flickr service shouldn't cause  panic, however - if any seller even uses the platform for hosting their ecommerce photos. (One early disadvantage of Flickr that we noted in 2005 was that you couldn't put a Flickr URL in listings to have the image display.)

SmugMug is acquiring the "once pioneering photo platform," as Geekwire called Flickr, and for now, at least, Flickr photos are safe.

In a FAQ, "Will anything happen to my photos or will they be moved," Flickr wrote, "You'll still be able to access your photos as you do currently and they'll retain the same URL as always."

There is no plan to merge the products, and during the transition, users will continue to sign in using their existing Yahoo login credentials. However, they will have to agree to SmugMug's Terms of Service and Privace Policy. (You have until May 25, 2018 to either accept SmugMug’s Terms and Privacy Policy or opt out; if you opt out, you should download your photos and close your account.)

SmugMug was established in 2002 and charges monthly fees for photo storage.

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Perminate Link for SmugMug Buys Yahoo's Flickr Image Hosting Site   SmugMug Buys Yahoo's Flickr Image Hosting Site

by: Chicago48 This user has validated their user name.

Mon Apr 23 06:58:35 2018

I expect monthly fees to be installed for Flickr too.  I have a flickr account, love it, but won't pay for it.

These various pay to play sites have to realize that the consumer only has so much money.  I use AMZ's prime video to (pay for) and watch movies & TV shows.  I buy the packaged TV shows on Showtime/FX, etc.  Along comes Hulu and they want to charge 7.99 a month; then there's CBS stream charging 6.99 a month to see their shows; then there's HBO now, and the list goes on and on.  It's worse than having cable subscription.  If all the photo sites that I use charged to play, I would  have to drop from the internet.

On another topic:  Does net neutrality end today?

Perminate Link for SmugMug Buys Yahoo's Flickr Image Hosting Site   SmugMug Buys Yahoo's Flickr Image Hosting Site

by: zenbreeze This user has validated their user name.

Mon Apr 23 09:00:56 2018

UGH.  Spent a fun morning over this.  I deleted my yahoo account years ago.  or so I thought.  I got the email about smugmug.  I check.  My Flickr account was never deleted as promised.  However, I can no longer access my yahoo account. I can log in, then I get a message the account was closed.  Yes, I know that.  And I know yahoo was supposed to delete the account AND flickr.  It then tells me I can create a new account and transfer the information. I try that.  No way I can see to "transfer information".  So I delete the new account and sent a DM to Yahoo on twitter, having failed to find any way to contact customer service.  This bites.  All I want to do is remove my information.

Perminate Link for SmugMug Buys Yahoo's Flickr Image Hosting Site   SmugMug Buys Yahoo's Flickr Image Hosting Site

This user has validated their user name. by: RKTOYS

Mon Apr 23 11:20:08 2018

Just a suggestion.

It costs $12/year to register a domain and hosting services can be had for as little as $5/month.  The CPanel software many hosting services use even has drag and drop for image uploads.

Now you, not some pushy "service," has control of your images.  You decide what content is allowable.  You decide what sizes are acceptable.  You decide to whether or not to enable remote linking.  You decide what gets deleted (for real) and when.  And, best of all, no data-mining or advertisements or spam.

Perminate Link for SmugMug Buys Yahoo's Flickr Image Hosting Site   SmugMug Buys Yahoo's Flickr Image Hosting Site

by: Sierra This user has validated their user name.

Wed Apr 25 21:32:15 2018

I never really got into Flickr, but did use it some. Haven't used it AT ALL since Pinterest came along, so decided it was time for it to go.

I've spent about an hour so far trying to delete my Flickr account. The first one I logged into (didn't even remember that I had 2 Flickrs!) was one that I used rarely. But I got into it easily, deleted my pics, then deleted the account.

Then I tried to get into the other Yahoo account (the one I remember using), but I only had a vague idea of the User ID (it's one of 2 and neither worked with the various passwords I tried), so I tried to recover both it and the password. I ended up at an AT&T page which asked for my AT&T cell number or account number. I no longer have AT&T cell service, so I don't have the cell number or account number they're requesting. I don't know why AT&T is asking for this info ... when did they merge with Yahoo???

Messaged AT&T thru FB and the first CSR asked for my email address. I told them about the 2 possible ones and that it was an SBCglobal address that I was told I could keep forever and access thru Yahoo. Received a reply from a 2nd CSR asking for the FULL email address. Um, well, if it was with SBCglobal, then it was, right??? Clueless CSR! So I typed both possible addresses out and am waiting for their next reply.  

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