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Sun Oct 30 2016 11:29:14

Amazon Tracking Glitch Proves Costly to Sellers

By: Ina Steiner

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A reader tipped us off that an Amazon glitch involving tracking numbers has caused an uproar in the seller forums. Not only does it affect the Invalid Tracking Rate metric, which can result in less exposure and lost sales as a result, but in at least one case, it appears to have resulted in the loss of A-to-Z claims with costly results for the seller involved.

There are numerous threads about a technical issue causing Amazon to display valid tracking numbers as invalid.

Amazon moderators responded to reports about the problem, writing, "My research shows it is a reported problem. We will appreciate your patience while we work on it." One seller responded, "Does this mean its a glitch? I am worried I will lose privileges," but moderators did not provide any further information.

In this thread, a seller said they lost two claims and was never given a chance to respond:

"Two claims were won by buyer's as soon as they hit the submit button, was given no chance to represent my case. Both claims have entered tracking numbers + have signatures. The A-Z claim page shows no tracking number + the claims dept claims that tracking was never submitted. The order detail page for each order show tracking number, while the a-z claim pages shows no tracking number. omitting."

The tip from the reader stated, "Amazon Removes Invalid Tracking Rate Metric After Massive Uproar Sparked By Weeks Of Declining Sales And Continual Suspension Threats To Sellers."

We have not seen reports that Amazon removed the metric or is no longer counting it - let us know if you've been impacted and what you're seeing now. And of course, remember to check for technical issues on the Ecommerce EKG board.

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Perminate Link for Amazon Tracking Glitch Proves Costly to Sellers   Amazon Tracking Glitch Proves Costly to Sellers

by: MyLuxury1st This user has validated their user name.
Web Site

Sun Oct 30 17:13:20 2016

Recently I had an a-z claim where the buyer claims they never received the item. I had valid tracking but since I didn't get a signature; the buyer won. I appealed and my rebuttal point was that amazon states you have to have tracking; not signature which cost more and in which amazon does not give credit for.  In other situations amazon will say you need to have tracking in order to show that the buyer got it and then turn around and state that just tracking is not enough or that signature needs to be added. Adding signature cost a lot shipping hundreds of orders a month and the Amazon credit does not allow for it. I lost the appeal and the buyer received the item twice and not to mention their money back. Amazon then told me to contact the buyer to see if they would reverse it. As if they really would reverse it after they already received it free twice (because I took it upon myself to reshoot and tracking number stated they received it) and received their money back therefore receiving a free item despite tracking information received. Total rip off. But thats one of the things you have to deal with by selling on Amazon and there is no way to block buyers as once they do it; who's to say they won't keep doing it.  

Perminate Link for Amazon Tracking Glitch Proves Costly to Sellers   Amazon Tracking Glitch Proves Costly to Sellers

This user has validated their user name. by: Leafgreen

Sun Oct 30 23:22:05 2016

Selling on Amazon SUCKS! They are the most uncaring, robotic company.

Perminate Link for Amazon Tracking Glitch Proves Costly to Sellers   Amazon Tracking Glitch Proves Costly to Sellers

by: mcposty This user has validated their user name.

Mon Oct 31 16:09:13 2016

No one should sell on amazon. End of story.

How about they and ebay actually arbitrate and accept evidence?

Because they are criminals

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