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Mon Aug 26 2013 17:58:19

Four Ways to Find Hot Sellers this Holiday Season

By: Julia Wilkinson

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I got a phone call this morning from eBay informing me the 2013 Holiday Resources area is up.The most interesting things to me are the lists of the 'hot products.' But there are additional ways to ferret out what will be flying off your virtual shelves this holiday season. Let's check some of them out:

- Popular Items: the list of items that are currently selling well on eBay. Look under Antiques, for example, and you'll see "Antique Chairs, Mid Century Modern Sofa, Rug Doctor, Bronze Star" (I assume they mean the military medal on that last one).

- This one can be a bit bizarre, but still worth checking out. Why bizarre? Because I suspect when large quantities of an  item are for sale it skews the results. Example: Put in "bag." You get "Hello Kitty black leather-like tote bag purse"; there are 114 available from this seller and 6113 sold.

Better to get more granular; if you sell a certain brand and want to see what in that brand is most wanted; put that in; e.g. "Coach bag" yields "COACH SIGNATURE STRIPE TOTE BAG handbag purse CHOICE OF COLORS Free Shipping."

- eBay's Holiday Resources Hot Products List: You'll get a digestible-sized list for each category; Home and Garden has only "Nespresso Espresso Machines, Keurig Coffee Machines, and Le Creuset Cookware."

- Terapeak. If you have a subscription, you can dig up all kinds of info, including the top-selling items for a given keyword for up to a 90-day consecutive period up to a year ago. Or look up your top competitors, or search for which subcategories are more active than others. (Under Women's Clothing, jeans are hot, and in particular, maternity jeans).

But hold the phone. What about the other sites? I won't examine them all today, but let's at least check out Amazon and Etsy.

- Amazon's Best Sellers:

Under "Toys and Games," something called "Cards Against Humanity" has been in the top 100 a long time (huh?).  Electronics? Kindle and Kindle Fires. Well, it's Amazon, isn't it?

What about Women's Clothing on Amazon? Not maternity jeans but something guessed it, the Spalding Women's Capri Legging.

And Etsy? Well, there is a lot of individual taste that factors in there, but there's something called the...

- Etsy "Handmade Top 10." Using our handbags metaphor, one bag that floats up near the top is a "Lemon Chiffon Everyday Canvas Bag."

And you were going to buy a Birkin for Aunt Betsy...thank goodness you found this for only $36! But wait, we're supposed to be selling, not shopping.

Which brings us to perhaps the biggest hot items selling tip of all: don't forget to list your items you already have in inventory. They can't sell for you if you don't list them, and spend too much time doing research!

What do you see as the big sellers this season? Do you have any on hand? What tools do you use to find top-selling products? Post a comment here!

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Perminate Link for Four Ways to Find Hot Sellers this Holiday Season   Four Ways to Find Hot Sellers this Holiday Season

by: truehandmade This user has validated their user name.

Tue Aug 27 07:32:53 2013

The Etsy top 10 list you link to hasn't been updated since 2011.  To find what sells on Etsy all you need to do is to read their Finds and other site written sections where a select few employees select a few favorite products to promote for several months at a time.  Big sellers on the site are those selected for these promotions for a very finite and repeated small group of sellers and stores.  All other sellers still have to do their own promoting and mktg off the site.

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by: Danielle This user has validated their user name.
Web Site

Tue Aug 27 11:06:53 2013

What do you see as big sellers this season?
My grandmother used to say ''there is a buyer for just about everything''. She was right. Being in a niche of unique and rare vintage items, I will continue to follow the motto. There is a growing market out there for my stuff.
What tools do you use to find top selling items?
Top selling items are in the ''ephemerals'' list. Buyers buy them because someone else did. The kind of items that die with the trend in a few weeks and is easily replaced and replaceable.

Selling online poses a few rather more important questions:
1) how and who can guarantee visibility? No online selling marked has done that successfully yet because they are poorly run and represent the skewed tastes and interests of a limited group of people (see the Etsy promotion methods, eBay algorythm that eliminates everyone who does not ship from China, Bonanza who claims and never delivers relying exclusively on people with too much time to spare who can stay on line and socialize, promoting each other's items between them))

I would appreciate as more valuable and interesting, a topic regarding venues which actually promote your items (even for a fee). Every Seller deserves the same exposure and the chance to sell.

Perminate Link for Four Ways to Find Hot Sellers this Holiday Season   Four Ways to Find Hot Sellers this Holiday Season

by: Small Guy This user has validated their user name.

Tue Aug 27 11:54:51 2013

Julia, Thanks for actually helping us by providing useful information.   (Ray)

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