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Mon Aug 12 2013 12:51:18

Back to School Best-Sellers

By: Julia Wilkinson

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What are some of your best-selling back-to-school items? (Yes, the season is already upon us!). I was looking at the kids' clothing category on eBay and noticing some strategies sellers were using and the brands that were selling the best.

Many sellers were selling big lots of mixed new-with-tags and excellent used condition items (aka "EUC"); this allows them to put the key acronym "NWT" in their auction and get all the hits from that, while still offering pre-owned items as part of the ensemble.

Here's one lot that sold for $180.50, with 71 bids:

This lot, titled "Excellent Boys Size 12 NAME BRAND Lot," has a total of 20 items, and the brands include Abercrombie, Adidas, NIKE, Aeropostale, Levis, and GAP.
Notice how in the picture, the seller has folded everything up and shown just a square of each item, so much of the clothing and its logo can be seen in just one frame.

Some of the brands of jeans selling for the most in the boys' category including True Religion (top prices from $150 and $119.99 on down), Gucci ($94 NWT), Burberry ($36.76), and let's not forget Levi's -- OK, well this one was a  vintage pair; you know how people go crazy for those.

(In case you didn't know, Levi's jeans co. stopped making the big "E" jeans in 1971; you can read about the history from the Levi's company site here).

In terms of girls' jeans, "Miss Me" brand sells for decent sums as well as "True Religion." Ralph Lauren Polo and Abercrombie & Fitch are also popular brands for both boys and girls.

Other than clothing, don't forget this is a great time of year to sell those extra or good-condition backpacks, calculators, textbooks, musical instruments, and anything else you can think of that might be beack-to-school related. (For books and textbooks, I'd look to Amazon rather than eBay, but many sellers put stock on multiple channels).

What's your biggest back-to-school score? Brag about it here!

[Edited for clarity on 8/13/13].

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Back to School Best-Sellers   Back to School Best-Sellers

This user has validated their user name. by: juliawww

Mon Aug 12 13:49:04 2013

I just had to comment that I had not even heard of the brand ''Miss Me''; maybe that's a reflection that my kids are older? ;) Anyone else aware of this brand, or sell it?

Back to School Best-Sellers   Back to School Best-Sellers

by: Bethofvt This user has validated their user name.

Tue Aug 13 08:45:42 2013

This writer didn't do her research very well. She has reversed what really happened with Levi.  They STOPPED using the big E in 1971. Anything with the little or lower case e, is AFTER 1971, not before as she stated.  Even her own reference which you can click on in the article confirms that. LEARN TO READ!! Especially if you are writing for a living.

Back to School Best-Sellers   Back to School Best-Sellers

by: Moonwishes This user has validated their user name.
Web Site

Tue Aug 13 10:09:41 2013

My children's sewing pattern sales have picked up and in general I usually will start selling more costumes and patterns with holiday gift potential too as sewers need a longer lead time to finish projects.

By the time ebay got going good, my kids were pretty much out of school and I never would have shopped for their clothes like what was displayed above!

Please remember in your posts that there are many selling venues now other than ebay! I get tired of all the posts that focus on ebay or use only ebay examples to prove or disprove what is being said. I continue reading for any nugget I can glean, but it is getting to be frustrating.  

Back to School Best-Sellers   Back to School Best-Sellers

This user has validated their user name. by: juliawww

Tue Aug 13 10:31:55 2013

Hi Beth, thanks for pointing that out. I totally had a senior moment. (In fact I did the research but got it confused in my head..shows you how long it's been since I've worn my old Levi's!). ;) At any rate, I made the correction in the blog above...yes, the BIG ''E'' is what went bye-bye-in 1971. Since then it has been the little ''e'' in Levi's.  

Back to School Best-Sellers   Back to School Best-Sellers

This user has validated their user name. by: juliawww

Tue Aug 13 10:42:59 2013

Hi Moonwishes...also a good point! Thanks! Where do you sell your patterns and costumes..just curious?

I agree, I could have used examples from other sites, such as Etsy...I do try to cover a range of sites but I agree that eBay comes up a lot! Would love to hear which sites in particular you'd like to have seen examples from.

Also, I am continuing work on a ''Seller Success'' series in the EcommerceBytes Updates...last Sunday's focused on two Etsy sellers..check it out if you haven't already! Next we are covering Bonanza, and I'd love to hear from readers who they think are successful sellers on other sites such as Artfire, eCrater, Sears,, etc. etc. :)
Thanks again for your comment. - Julia

Back to School Best-Sellers   Back to School Best-Sellers

This user has validated their user name. by: Marie

Tue Aug 13 18:14:39 2013


You know there was probably a better more adult way to point out an honest error.  Personal attacks are not necessary and warranted.  We are after all mere humans and from time to time make honest errors.  

Back to School Best-Sellers   Back to School Best-Sellers

This user has validated their user name. by: permacrisis

Mon Sep 9 21:10:24 2013

Hands down the best back-to-school bestseller is the Texas Instruments TI83,84,85 (and clone) Scientific Calculators that can be had cheap during the summer, or from many a house cleanout.  

They are a best bet as well as a bestseller-- they never go out of style.

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