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Thu May 30 2013 11:59:06

Collections Contest Winner Announced

By: Julia Wilkinson

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We have a winner in the AuctionBytes Blog/EcommerceBytes Collections Contest! It was not an easy choice; I was amazed at the range and volume of readers' collections out there. In the end, due to her vast collection, many good photos, and even her personal story, Judith Marcus' bronze, copper, and silver collection won the $50.

We first glimpsed Judy's collection in this earlier post about the contest. You can also see all her photos on the Collections Contest Pinterest Board

Judy said her antique brass and copper collection started very innocently with her winning a Chinese brass dish in a neighborhood raffle. ""Gee," I wondered, “How would this look polished up?,"" she said. "A little brass polish later, that old bowl shone like gold! I was hooked. From there, it was a slippery slope to more and more brass (bowls,teapots, crumber sets), copper, and silver (when I could afford it)."

Eventually, she started concentrating on items from the American Craftsman and Art Deco eras, as well as examples from the German/Austrian Secessionist/Jugendstil movement. Within the broader collection, she has  mini-collections of smoking items, tea sets (teapots on stands), and desk sets. "I never had a grand plan for any of this - I just collected what appealed to me," she says. "I still love everything I’ve ever had." Recently she's been selling some pieces off, and "it’s been hard to see them go," she said.

There were many awesome collections submitted. They all deserve acclaim. A couple later entrants were Robert's casino slot card collection: "These are the plastic cards issued by casinos to track your play in the casinos," he said. He says he has the largest collection of slot cards in the world, "with over 36,000 different and unique cards when you include all the  different variations of each card."

He actually publishes a catalog ( that lists information on every card ever issued worldwide with over 14,000 cards listed in the last edition.

We also got a couple photos of some very beautiful and unique Victorian bone holders from Susan. Susan, thank you for enlightening me on what that funky silver piece in my mom's collection was actually used for.

Congratulations again to Judy on being the winner, and a big thank you to everyone who entered! Now I'd love to get your feedback on the contest...would you like to see future contests, and if so, with what theme? What did you like best and least about this contest, and how can we do it better next time? Post a comment here!

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Readers Comments

Collections Contest Winner Announced   Collections Contest Winner Announced

by: Tiffee Jasso This user has validated their user name.

Fri May 31 00:22:24 2013

Interesting article. Thank you for taking the time out to host the event and write the article.  

Collections Contest Winner Announced   Collections Contest Winner Announced

by: FREDDY This user has validated their user name.

Fri May 31 07:56:39 2013

Very interesting. Maybe you should do this every year.  

Collections Contest Winner Announced   Collections Contest Winner Announced

by: Shawn This user has validated their user name.

Fri May 31 21:02:12 2013

Very nice, Judy! Congrats! You must need a lot of polish, so winning will be helpful. :o ;) :) Seriously, it's a fabulous collection.

Thank you for the contest. It was fun to share my collection and to see others. Those bone holders are crazy!

Collections Contest Winner Announced   Collections Contest Winner Announced

by: G-and-A This user has validated their user name.

Sun Jun 2 01:34:40 2013

This contest was a great idea!  The  only improvement I would suggest is a longer time period for submissions.  Thanks for sharing these interesting collections!

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