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Wed May 15 2013 11:10:56

Etsy Advice on Promoting with Tumblr

By: Julia Wilkinson

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Sure, you've got down Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and probably a blog (or two), but are you effectively using that up-and-coming social media tool, Tumblr? The Etsy Blog recently served up a great post about how to use this photo-and-text based platform to promote your products. Although the advice may be geared toward Etsy sellers, it works for sellers on any selling site, be it eBay, Amazon, RubyLane. eCrater, or what have you. Here's a summary and a few ideas for sellers on any platform.

Keep the Name Simple

Some things to keep in mind: Cat Leth, author of the post, says to keep your Tumblr blog name simple; avoid lengthy names cluttered up with numbers. "" is more memorable than "," she says. Good usernames also pop more on the Dashboard, she adds. I went with a name I like to use for myself that's short and punchy: "JuliaWWW." This is also my eBay and Etsy username, so there's consistency there. But you may want your name to reflect your business's products, as in the vintage example above, or something like ""

Great Photos for the Photo-Intensive Site

Tumblr is very image-intensive. Posts are usually photos or images and/or text. Make your photo pop by using a great close-up or something really eye-catching; it will be competing with many other images on Tumblr.

"A bland photo won’t get noticed when it’s mixed in with hundreds of other posts," says Cat. "Avoid this by getting creative with the kinds of photos you post. Does an item in your shop involve an interesting texture or color? Capture that detail with a macro image," she suggests.

Help Communities Find You Using Tags

Cat notes that "the fashion, DIY, vintage, and handmade communities are huge on Tumblr."  By using tags on your posts you can help people in those communities find you. "Use the tag field at the bottom of each post form to insert tags for colors, item genre (accessories, dresses, furniture), materials that you use to create your items, where you made or bought this item — whatever terms you think other people can use to find your post," writes Cat. Also think about adjectives, she says, e,g, "antique, vintage, bohemian, handmade, or hippie."

I would suggest also thinking about brand names if that jives with what you sell. I like to sell Chanel, vintage and new, so I used the tag #chanel along with #fashion along with a photos of a Chanel jacket I am selling on eBay.

You can check out Cat's other tips in her post. Also, if you have problems figuring Tumblr out (it's a bit of a different animal from the other social media platforms), check out helpful plog posts and YouTube videos by searching Google for Tumblr and whatever feature you have a question about. As with any platform, it may take a little time using it to get the hang of it.

Still not convinced Tumblr is worth your time? Heed the words of my in-house social media expert on what the "younger generation" is doing: "People hardly use Facebook anymore. Everyone's on Tumblr." At least, that's what my 14-year-old computer-obsessed son says.

Are you on Tumblr and do you use it to promote your listings? Have any advice? Post a comment here!

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This user has validated their user name. by: Forestt

Thu May 16 20:42:42 2013

Tumblr is useless. Funny, they delete accounts that post links off Tumblr  but they allow all the porn blogs to exist.

Of course 14yo boys love Tumblr, it's full of porn!!!  

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This user has validated their user name. by: TheUglySweaterShop
Web Site

Thu May 16 23:57:09 2013

We've had a Tumblr blog for over a year. It works better for brand recognition than for sales for us, although our Analytics does say some click through and buy (not nearly the amount that do on Wanelo).

Mostly people just repost our images. And that is okay with us.

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by: G-and-A This user has validated their user name.

Fri May 17 14:54:06 2013

Think I'll pass on Tumblr.  I think (may be wrong) that Pinterest keeps porn off of its site.
Tumblr has also been criticized because a large portion of the platform's traffic is driven by adult content.[38] Tumblr is the perfect vehicle for image porn: It displays lots of photos in large formats with few words and lots of tags and referrals for viewers who want more in the same vein.[36] While mainstream advertisers with real money are sitting on the sidelines, porn bloggers are earning money by referring traffic to adult businesses through referrals and widgets.[36] In a study done by Web.App Storm using the free search keyword tool from, they found that the vast majority of search terms for the microblogging platform were porn related. Including three in the top ten.[37]

In addition, ''Tumblr Porn'' searches on Google have risen in pretty much the same dramatic fashion as general interest in Tumblr has increased.

36^ a b c d Edwards, Jim (12 September 2011). ''Why Tumblr Must Kill What Made it Big: Porn and Copyright Violations''. Retrieved 28 March 2013.
37^ a b ''Tumblr: A New Way of Blogging''. Retrieved 21 March 2013.
38^ Ta'eed, Collis. ''Is Tumblr’s Growth off the Back of Porn?''. Retrieved 21 March 2013.

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This user has validated their user name. by: Ina

Sun May 19 19:56:41 2013

Yahoo is buying Tumblr.

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