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Mon Mar 18 2013 12:22:14

Are eBay Seller Meetup Groups Helpful?

By: Julia Wilkinson

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Are you a member of an online seller Meetup group, and if so, do you find it effective? In case you haven't heard, "Meetup" is a web site where people can create and join groups to meet offline (gasp!) and discuss shared interests or do activities. A friend of mine found her book club via a Meetup group. 

I recently heard from Sandy, an eBay seller who says she thinks it benefits sellers to have face-to-face contact with "live, like-minded people now and then." Sandy started her Meetup Group for Phoenix, AZ-area sellers last May.

"Some are strictly EBay, some, like mine, are for sellers on all the various venues," she says, so you can look for Meetup groups about Amazon, Etsy, eBay, RubyLane, what have you; or, as Sandy says, join a group that covers multiple selling venues.

There is a list of eBay-oriented Meetup selling groups here:

According to the list, and its accompanying map, the number one largest eBay seller Meetup Group is in Chicago (aka "Chicagoland"), with 546 members. Next comes the San Francisco Bay area, with 485 members, and "Dallas eBaybes & eMales," with 361 members. (As you can see from the Dallas group, Meetup groups have their own personalities, reflected in their names).

If you do not have a Meetup group for sellers based in your area, you can start one. That's what Sandy did for her Phoenix area.

If you're a member of an online sellers Meetup Group, I'd love to hear how it has helped you in your business. Or even how its benefited you in other ways - making friends, feeling less isolated as a stay-at-home worker, etc. Email me at or post a comment here!

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Are eBay Seller Meetup Groups Helpful?   Are eBay Seller Meetup Groups Helpful?

by: JOHNNY MASADA This user has validated their user name.
Web Site

Mon Mar 18 22:27:04 2013

I have sold long enough on ebay to realize I do not know it all.

 I would certainly advise anyone just starting out selling on ebay to join an ebay meetup group near you or start one if not available.

I also strongly advise joining the superb ebay and ecommerce Facebook groups that are out there.

     Asking "Dumb" questions is one of the smartest things you can do in your meetup group or facebook group as the answers and advice are free and the best you can get!

Are eBay Seller Meetup Groups Helpful?   Are eBay Seller Meetup Groups Helpful?

This user has validated their user name. by: bitbybit

Tue Mar 19 02:57:29 2013

Looking into a group in my city and found they were followers of Ask Griff. Well Griff isn't a sellers advocate so not sure if this meetup would be very helpful.

Are eBay Seller Meetup Groups Helpful?   Are eBay Seller Meetup Groups Helpful?

by: comet This user has validated their user name.

Tue Mar 19 13:26:01 2013

Just DO NOT ask questions on the ebay Forums--well--on MOST of them anyways!  The bots follow you 'round and delete your posts for no reason whatsoever;  some people are on there solely to be hostile;  and some advice is geared to make YOUR life harder since it makes the givers life EASIER to not have competition.

And ebay seems to feel that NO ONE connected on any way with ebay should have contact with EACH OTHER--wonder if they are trying as we speak to SHUT these Meet N Greet groups DOWN?  

Oh No!  These groups might give people IDEAS and we can't have THAT!!!!  And they might say how EVIL EBAY CAN BE!!!!!   Telling the truth--now THERES a foreign concept in ebayland!

They do sound like a good thing tho --how do they get new members if you don't live in a major metro area tho?   I wouldn't mind an online group as I live well beyond the Bright Lights/Big City.

Are eBay Seller Meetup Groups Helpful?   Are eBay Seller Meetup Groups Helpful?

by: PageMage This user has validated their user name.
Web Site

Tue Mar 19 17:47:07 2013

I'm one of the co-organizers of the SF group mentioned in your post.

For me personally as a seller, the personal interaction with members is just fantastic and my favorite part. I learn a lot from the experiences of our members and it also motivates me to do more and better.

I must also say that eBay has been very supportive of our group. We're lucky with our location obviously. But they support us by having eBayers attend fairly regularly, sometimes we have the meetups at their facilities, sometimes they provide presenters.

Are eBay Seller Meetup Groups Helpful?   Are eBay Seller Meetup Groups Helpful?

by: triciare This user has validated their user name.

Wed Mar 20 08:47:07 2013

Absolutely!  Thrifting with the Boys group has been extremely helpful. My sales have increased probably a good 20% because of my interactions there.

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