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Sat Mar 2 2013 17:10:02

Four Winning Ways for Email Newsletters

By: Julia Wilkinson

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Email newsletters may seem a dime a dozen these days, but you want your dime to shine and not get stepped on (or deleted). Here are some fun and effective things sellers are doing with their newsletters, a couple of which AWeber's Hunter Boyle says not many marketers are taking full advantage of.

1) Appeal to Your Readers' Lifestyle

"We really try to make our newsletters reflect everything that is important to us, and this includes emphasizing not only our products, but also a way of living," says Natasha Shapiro, Communications Director of Brad's Raw Foods.

When you look at Brad's Raw Foods' newsletter, you really get a sense of the "whole gestalt" of green living. The graphics are colorful, a rustic barn scene beckons in the background, and illustrations such as crossed green leaves invite you to try Brad's products, like his Kale.

"We love featuring important company news and updates, upcoming and past events... great recipes and health tips, and so much more!" said Shapiro.

2) Give Readers Discounts and Promotions

Newsletters are also a great place to promote any special discounts or promotions that they happen to be running at the time, says Shapiro.

According to the AWeber Blog post, 6 Ways to Grow Your Etsy Shop With Email, your email subscribers can be your "VIP club" to shower with exclusive deals and gifts. You can offer your readers anything from a free shipping coupon upon signup to monthly specials and offers only for them.

Shannon Durfy, of Etsy Shop Bumbershoot Designs said, “We only offer discounts and specials to our newsletter subscribers. We are as generous as possible with [them], both in terms of free offers and in terms of newsletter content." If they can only get the deals as a subscriber, that gives your customers a powerful incentive to opt in.

3) Automate Followup Emails with an Autoresponder

Autoresponder technology isn't being used that much by AWeber's clients, according to Boyle. And yet this can be very effective: you can take a series of 2, 3, 4, 5 emails -  as many as you want; and set them up at one time. So when people join, if there are processes you want them to go through, you can do it with that, says Boyle. E.g., did you know about this? Or there's a popular product they haven't seen in a couple months. "You can make a "welome series," and you can create the series once and set it. It goes out to your whole list, and "it's a good way to help them come onboard."

4) Create a Popup Form

"I'd say a lot of our customers don't take full advantage of our service which has a web form generator," said Boyle. "It makes it literally a couple clicks to create a popup."


So try out one or more of those strategies, and you will likely find yourself steps ahead of your email newsletter competition.

Do you use an email newsletter for your business? What strategies have worked (or not) for you? Post a comment here!

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